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COVID-19 Face Diapers (Masks) Could Cause Lung Problems: Chinese Study

I have been busy most of today taking care of a LOT of personal business... But now that those essentials are completed, here I am once again surfing the Internet late this evening.... And once again I have received one heck of a lot of material sent my way via emails, comments, videos, etc, and I do want to thank all of those contributors for their efforts towards my own work at this blog..

One article link was in fact sent my way earlier today, and it comes from writer Stephen Chen, through the "Inkstone News" website, at, that is entitled: COVID-19 Face Masks Could Cause Lung Problems: Chinese Study" and I definitely want to share that article here with my own readers... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID-19 Face Masks Could Cause Lung Problems: Chinese Study

Could wearing a Covid face mask cause potential lung problems? New research finds they can cause wearers to inhale plastic fibers, but we should still wear them.

Wearing a face mask could cause lung problems due to the inhalation of plastic fibers, a new study has found.

But the potential health risks of Covid masks are outweighed by their benefits.

“It is a minor problem compared with protecting humans from Covid-19,” said the Chinese research team from Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus is believed to have originated.

In the peer-reviewed paper, published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials earlier this week, a wide range of maskswere tested for plastic fibers.

While this latest study offers food for thought, the one clear takeaway remains that masks are the most cost-effective way to fight the virus.

A recent German study found masks helped reduce the number of new Covid-19 infections in the country by around 47%, 20 days after masks became mandatory, The South China Morning Post reported last month.

The best performing was the N95 respirator, which released about half the number of fibers as other masks.

The scientists from Wuhan’s Institute of Hydrobiology counted the plastic fibers shed by masks over a month, using a laboratory device that simulated human breathing. They found that masks containing activated carbon produced the highest number of fibers, at nearly 4,000.

Those were followed by surgical masks, cotton masks, fashion masks and N95 masks, the brands of which were not specified in the paper. Some of the fibers were several millimeters long, considerably larger than typical particles floating in the air.

The health side-effects caused by broken-off fibers were unclear, so although people should be informed of the inhalation risk, they should continue to wear masks, the researchers said.

While the N95 mask released the least amount of plastic fibers, wearing one for a long period of time could cause fatigue because of oxygen shortage, it has been warned.

In many countries, including the US, the N95 masks were reserved for use by frontline health workers or industrial employees. They are made to higher standards with a stronger structure and filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

While the N95 is regulated by the US Food and Administration (FDA) because it is classed as a medical device, most of the masks worn by the general public during the pandemic don’t come under any regulatory oversight, The New York Times reported.

Previous studies about the risk of plastics discovered microplastics in the lung tissue of some patients who died of lung cancer in the 1990s. Since then, other studies have examined the potential lung damage caused by plastic materials.

According to research, plastic degrades slowly, so once in the lungs, it tends to stay there and build up in volume.

Some studies have found that the immune system can attack these foreign objects, causing prolonged inflammation that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

The institute’s study also found that reused masks produced more loosened fibers. The worst structural damage was observed after applying alcohol.

Used masks have also added to litter and recent studies have warned of their contribution to water pollution, potentially adding to the consumption of harmful plastics by humans and animals.

Stephen Chen

Stephen is a contributor to Inkstone. He covers science and its impact on society, as well as the environment, military, geopolitics and business for the South China Morning Post

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I am not in the least bit shocked at all by this report, for I and others have been saying for the last year that face diapers are indeed useless and actually detrimental to our health..

And one of my great Canadian bloggers, Penny, who of course writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" has also picked up on this article and its findings in her own article... Here is the link to that article here:

Lets face it, the usage of face diapers has always been part of the criminal agenda, for the fact that the pricks in charge KNOW full well that the wearing of these gawd awful face coverings have horrific consequences to the wearer's health... Now we find the facts that the fibres in the material of the diapers themselves can accumulate in lung tissue and lead to horrific respiratory problems and even CANCER in the long run...

This is further evidence that wearing face diapers is not only useless but can do horrific damage to the wearer.. But apparently that may be exactly why the criminals in charge are indeed forcing people to don these horrible face coverings, for they know that it will only lead to MORE people getting sick!

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