Monday, January 18, 2021

Collusion: Humanity On The Brink - By Arthur Topham

It has been a long while since I last heard from a great Canadian writer named Arthur Topham... 

The last thing that I can recall in regards to Arthur was how he was RAILROADED by the so called Canadian truth police and the horrible Canadian "Justice System" that basically had him in court under what was equivalent to charges for 'inciting hate' through Canada's ludicrous 'Hate Crime laws'.... The Jewish criminals that run Canada wanted to definitely make an example of Arthur and they demanded that he be 'censored' heavily and has been instructed, on top of the other ludicrous punishment of a 30 day 'conditional sentence', to never say anything or write anything about these criminal pricks for the next 3 years period of time.... If he violates his 'probation' for the next 3 years, he could find himself in jail!!!...  

This so called 'trial' and 'sentencing' of Arthur Topham was absolutely horrendous and a violation of Human rights and freedom of speech, along with violation of several clauses in the Canadian Charter of Rights as well... But of course since the Jewish criminals are in full control of this country and especially its kangaroo court 'justice system', Arthur Topham has been punished for nothing more than telling the truth...

Well, luckily that horrible travesty of justice has not stopped Arthur Topham from writing articles, and one was in fact sent my way earlier today that I want to share with my readers here... This one is entitled: "Collusion - Humanity On The Brink" and I definitely want to share it here with my own readers to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:




Arthur Topham

January 18, 2021

The year 2020 is fast receding into a background of broken dreams and lost opportunities. 

As the vision of hope (once held when 2019 concluded) that it would bring clarity and cohesion to a world fraught with seemingly endless turmoil on all levels – social, political and spiritual – has now failed to manifest and worse still has become exacerbated to a point where we find ourselves on the actual brink of a pending global disaster that could destroy humanity itself, it’s time to reflect upon the course we are now taking.

It’s no longer a question of doom and gloom by all the naysayers of the world who have been watching and listening as they observed the fabric of life unravelling before their very eyes and events occurring that only moments earlier would never have been conceived capable of occurring by the bulk of the world’s population.

As 2021 opens up the eyes of the world are fixed upon the one nation that has dominated and inspired humanity since its inception in 1776 – the United States of America. The USA has been the beacon of light and hope and the symbolic focal point of individual freedom and sovereignty since it broke away from the European Oligarchy 245 years ago yet today its ramparts have been breached from within by an alien 5th Column hell bent on tearing apart the very foundations of its now floundering existence.  

Only one short year ago it would have been inconceivable to imagine that the current President of this great bulwark of democratic ideals – Donald Trump – would be censored and silenced by the very mediums of expression that the people deemed to be the zenith of mankind’s evolved consciousness and mode of self-expression. The Internet – the 20th Century’s famed cyber accomplishment and gift to the world; the bastion of free speech; the first great and novel bulwark against tyranny; the Achille’s Heel of all the forces for suppression and censorship of human expression – has now fallen prey to this same alien force operating throughout the West (including Canada) yet everyone still clung with insatiable hope and faith to the belief that American would never succumb to a similar fate given its 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.  

Now the world knows with unfailing certainty that even Presidents of great nations are not exempt from the mouse-wielding hidden hand ensconced in its Cyberian command post and capable of arbitrarily deleting anyone it decides is standing in the way of its dark and seditious agenda. 

Given this factual evidence now before our strained eyes and minds and given the fact that the rest of our faces are being subjected to the same arbitrary constraints of concealment, all of which are designed to mask, silence and blind ourselves to the monumental dilemma now facing the world as is waits in a state of suspended animation for January 20th, 20201 to arrive, the time has finally come when humanity must decide what its fate will be without having to heed the injunctions of any level of government. 

It’s time to face with open eyes and unimpeded mouths the realization that the world’s governing bodies are now all firmly held in the clutches of this same force; one that is colluding to destroy America and along with it all the remaining vestiges of once free and sovereign nations. 

Were Canadians an exception to this fateful plot to enslave humanity I would tell the whole world who it was that is operating behind the great mask of anonymity but my country, like so many others, has already succumbed to the hidden hand and the laws of the land forbid me to speak of those who must remain the 'Unmentionables' until freedom of speech is once again restored.   

The world now stands faltering and teetering on the brink of global disaster. May God in His Infinite Wisdom and Power bless America and Canada and the rest of His Creation in the trying times ahead.

NTS Notes: I am so glad that Arthur Topham is still out there and fighting like hell against these criminal pricks....

And there is NO wording in this article that pertains to the Jewish scumbags and criminals, and therefore they cannot associate this one with their horrendous 'Hate crime' bullshit...

I will indeed bring forward more of Arthur's articles at this blog if and when they do become available.. There is NO room for censorship in this nation and it is about time people did take a firm stand against the criminal pricks that are indeed pushing that censorship on us all and using the fraud of 'hate speech' to enforce it...

More to come



John F. Zahn said...

Take a look at Jim Stone's web page. We need to verify is Ontario / Canada going in lock-down! There is no source!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Where else can I find work by Arthur? Missed him so much over the years; his is a voice to attend to; like Kaminski he is an incredibly skilled literative political writer with the (((proper insight))).

Case in point; the material that got Arthur in trouble, the specific articles, I also had fully posted. No one bothered me.

Thanks for the post.

BTW. Have you tried doing what I do when I am under the weather? (Been almost 2 years now) Get a bottle of good whiskey (Mmmmm. Bear Face. Very round), some lemons, honey, "butter rum mix" which is goopy and spicey. Mix the stuff up, pour in boiling water. Crawl under a blankie with some form of entertainment and drift away. The drink should be a tad on the stiff side. A weekend of such medication and you will be back on your tiptoes.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Jeez in Ontario they are even salting the ice rinks!
Canada is just screwed over this Covid Crap.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

John they are going to go full bore. Frigging dumbly apathetic manipulated Canadians who blindly hated Donald at the behest of our government run media, they did not, do not, see what Trump was trying to do. He was defending all of us in his stance against these Communists/globalists/(((whatevers))).

Ontario's rules are purposefully confusing. The chaos aspect of this social breakdown. Most of the sheep are just fine with things from what I have seen. Chaos factor. And in making errors due to conflicting rules can bring on more police/military presence and ... er... application of such. They have been going mad in PQ, even breaking into homes where even small families have been snitched on.

Full bore ahead. Today an ON politician came at me for saying Canada is Commie leaning; he got quite unpleasant very quickly. They show their arrogance and ignorance very quickly. ANyhow, I need to sleep.

Northerntruthseeker said...

John Zahn... I have been watching the Canadian news over this last week, and I have found NOTHING (yet) to support Jim Stone's claim..... Yes, what Jim Stone is claiming may be for ONTARIO alone, but Doug Ford has not come out with what Jim is stating at all in any news reports that I have seen....

I will definitely keep searching... But so far there is zero evidence that Jim is right about that one, and I wish that Mr. Stone had posted the link to the source article that he got for that statement..

traducteur said...

The USA has been the beacon of light and hope and the symbolic focal point of individual freedom and sovereignty since it broke away from the European Oligarchy 245 years ago

Compare this grovelling hero-worship with the reality:

"The British, French, Spanish and Portuguese were colonial powers, but those European colonizers were never as brutal and ruthless as the US, whose rule (if rule is the right word) was more akin to the policies of Attila the Hun than European colonialism. The US has never entertained any sense of colonial stewardship, unlike the British in India who built railways, imparted the English language, put up statues to Queen Victoria and so on and so forth. The French also imposed their culture, language, and politics on their colonial possessions in the Caribbean, Africa, and IndoChina. This is not to deny the fact that the goal of European colonial rule was basically about sucking the wealth out of their overseas possessions and imposing a harsh regime of exploitation. But the traditional European imperial policies of the 19th century pale in comparison to American high-tech imperialism, where drone-strikes, mass murder, economic rape, and a penchant for turning nation states – Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen – into territories, were, and still are, regarded as being acceptable and normal."

Mr. Topham deserves our sympathy for what he has had to endure at the hands of his venomous little Semitic tormentors. But he undoubtedly views the USA through rose-coloured glasses.