Saturday, January 9, 2021

Cannibal Planet

Yes, it is over in America... The last gasp of the great American republic has officially died and not 'with a bang' but with a 'whimper' as the American people have stupidly and ignorantly allowed criminal Communist elements to take full control of their Federal government in Washington DC.... I for one am truly so shocked and surprised at how EASILY the Communists were able to seize their 'greatest enemy' meaning the American nation without any bloodshed at all.....It was in fact too easy...

And as an epilogue to the fall of America, I want to turn to a new article that was released earlier today, by my great American associate, John Kaminski, who writes his essays at his website at His latest article is entitled: 'Cannibal Planet' with the subheading of "The trauma based mind control of malignant mainstream media, THE SWAMP ATE DONALD TRUMP!"... Here is that essay right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The trauma based mind control
of malignant mainstream media


Think of a brain enclosed by a giant fist, which squeezes, then relaxes, its grip on the squishy gray matter it can crush at any time it chooses. This is a portrait of your thoughts being massaged by the omnipresent hand of the giant banker in the sky who routinely rearranges the shape of your soul by atrocities that cause you to cringe and look the other way in fear and revulsion, yet in your nausea you keep silent in order to continue to receive the paycheck which you insist keeps you alive. And then you wonder why your kids grow up unable to tell you why they are in distress.

Yes, I used the pronoun “it” to describe a banker, for bankers are not really human and to them, you are not a “he” nor a “she”, but only a neutered number in a billionaire’s bankbook. To put it bluntly, you are to be completely expunged from the records of the world. This is the fate of all us idiot sleepwalkers who are soon to be disappeared by order of the very rich who have decided we are simply too poor to live.

That’s right, soon we will have to pay the government for the right to live unmolested (as if we didn’t already).

Nurse Nancy, Wicked Witch of the West, has just officially banished the words mother, father, sister and brother from the Congressional lexicon, further morphing us all into worker bees.

Most teenagers think the principal function of masks is to prevent kissing, which is as diabolical a plot as has ever been hatched, portending genetic disaster in the very near future.

It might seem funny to mention this formula for massive self destruction is mentioned in a certain holy book that recommends disappearing all other folks who disagree with its supposedly sacred screeds, which is really a formula practiced by most it not all the religions of the world. But it’s not funny at all.

The real news in Deep State Land is that the Swamp just ate Donald Trump, crushing all hope for the future existence of freedom. Or so his millions of stunned and seething fans believe.

How long have you known?

A rule of thumb I’ve always used is that dating from Albert Pike’s 1871 prediction of Three World Wars that we as generally semiconscious citizens are operating about 150 years behind the perps with all the money. This has never been more vividly demonstrated than the events which engulf us now — a perfectly executed plan to steal our freedom by terrifying us with a plague that doesn’t exist and finishing us off with a vaccination that actually is the plague which DOES exist.

As a former liberal, I’ve come to understand that people are liberals because they don’t really understand how things work, but pretend that they do. That is why their policies are so imprecise and why they inevitably decay and malfunction. And also why liberals need safe spaces where they can go to soothe their ruffled feathers after being routinely demolished for being unable to coherently explain their ideas.

But with a populace dominated by total strangers to complex thinking, this is not a big problem for the deviants who manipulate our minds.

Our real enemy are the major media who are owned by absolutely the worst, most grandiose megalomaniacs in the world, who twist the facts and trick everybody into making self-damaging decisions. Many centuries of bad choices by manipulated minds now propel us toward a worldwide catastrophe of death and dismemberment that is actually advocated and facilitated by the richest humans on the planet, attempting to actualize their deranged desire to be literal gods on the ravaged planet they have savaged.

Back in the day . . .

I happened to be driving a cab around 1970 on an Ivy League campus at about the time two Jewish provocateurs on the same campus named Donella and Dennis Meadows produced the Club of Rome’s landmark Limits to Growth philosophy that laid the conceptual groundwork for Big Pharma’s world extermination program that we are witnessing destroy us today.

In this momentous philosophy that has now taken control of the world, the basic line was that there were too many people on the planet. The white population of the Western world has been severely injured by another Jewish stratagem known as Zero Population Growth which guaranteed that Muslims from the Middle East with their prolific birthrates would one day dominate Western Europe. That day has passed.

The shadow of desperately violent Third World behavior is about to affect the U.S. in a big bad way as chippy blacks funded by George Soros and cheered on by the fanatical psycho Commie Kamala are committed to debauching all white communities. The roadmap to follow on this is the situation in South Africa, where blacks have passed laws legalizing the murder of whites and expropriation of everything you ever owned.

Laugh nervously if you must, but this is coming to a neighborhood near you, White America, thanks to the people you have just elected to control you with barely a murmur of protest.

One cannot help but notice the similarity between the behavior of financial kingpins trying to control the world in whatever era they exist, and the depraved recommendations found in the Talmud, Zohar and other creepy Jewish “religious” tomes.

Have you figured out yet that the only people who are really successful in the USA are Jews, and people who act like Jews and suck up to Jews in the process?

And who are the Jews? Someone you can never know, or they’ll kill you for it. It says so right in the Talmud.

Silence about this subject is suffocating the world.

In other news . . .

Finding somebody else wrong doesn’t necessarily make you right. But it can keep you alive.

Celeste Solum says that PNT, a position, navigation and timing for precision targeting and kill system, is replacing GPS. She says we are headed toward human-to-machine interface devices by 2025, followed by 6G and AI-human.

They’re withholding food, water and medication to nursing home patients in England.

Did Jews live in Atlantis, later become the Phoenicians and later but still before the widespread practice of actual writing seed all the populations of the world with their mastery of navigation?

Or is this all just a bad dream, much like our present election snafu where the population is being coerced to accept a blatantly rigged election, which would only be consistent with the continuing disasters manufactured by our blatantly rigged Congress, executive branch and judiciary, really, throughout American history.

In any culture at any time the bankers have always operated the leaders, no matter what they are called and how they are chosen. It has been a very long time, if ever, since the bankers actually lost a battle. 1837 would be my guess.

At least in modern times, real leaders don’t choose themselves; real leaders are chosen by the financial elite to protect their money and create subservience wherever possible.

The shadow of past corrupt American chief executives looms large in the analysis of our present leadership squabbling over who gets to live in the White House and continue to supervise Big Pharma’s satanic lockdown and fleecing of the entire population of the planet all at once.

Hillary and Huma

Prominent among the fake news mainstream media exhort us to ignore are the contents scumbag Anthony Weiner’s laptop, supposedly reducing hardened New York City cops to tears watching what nearly president Hillary Clinton and her lover Huma Abedin (Weiner’s wife, now ex-) allegedly did to a little girl.

This whole tangent of the power elite’s connection to missing children has been deemed “fake news” by mainstream media which the power elite own. Same with all U.S. military invasions.

The forces of evil are in control of the world and we are in their grip, totally but not perpetually. Don’t expect them to release us from their control for we are too profitable to them to do that. But they will take everything we have, or try to, unless we are able to stop them.

Vaccine hysteria

If you get the shot, please say goodbye to everyone before you get it.

If you don’t realize the Jews are running everything then you are unwittingly participating in a scam to destroy yourself in the long run by participating in their unhealthy practices, which after hundreds of years of clever consolidation they have honed into subtle tools of mass murder disguised as health care.

You are witnessing the supreme example of it now with the lockdown of the whole world and a vaccine given without proper trials being mandated by governments eager to comply with the lucrative perks that come with efficiently making old people disappear.

By their thought-free acquiescence mask wearing morons march to their own time-bomb objective of their own destruction.

Tattoo this onto your forehead:
America is run
by a foreign power

Americans are a bunch of malignant narcissists who don’t really care about their country or each other. And they’re too stupid to really realize that their country is run by criminals corrupting and swindling anything that moves.

Unknowing and unweeping we shuffle into the future under the yolk of a tyranny of lies which we are forced to believe. All who disagree will be eliminated. Thus ends the storied history of human individuality, and dark new chapter of thoughtless kamikaze pilots all controlled by the central source now begins, to the everlasting sorrow of the universe which had such high hopes for humans.

Universal conflict with the powers that be has now begun.

The new curriculum

People embarrassed about their own immoral behavior are not likely to criticize it when they observe it in others, which is why politicians can get away with anything.

Patterns of predictive programming I am beginning to see in my mind as predisposing if not guiding us to all the perceptions we have and all the decisions we make. Notably, when polls over the summer of 2020 showed Biden slightly ahead of Trump, and yet Trump was getting 10,000 a night at his campaign events while Biden, when he was not cringing in a senile stupor in his plush cellar, could barely attract a dozen spectators to his appearances in major cities. This is a clear case of obvious reality negating whatever media commentators might want to call it.

The real winner of this election was calculated unreality, produced by computerized imagery so vivid and convincing that totally made legitimate third-dimension reality completely disappear. To wit: the color of Biden’s eyes.

All lesbians, homos, transgenders, Communists, socialists and anarchists are all really Jews because they all preach the destruction of the social order. All Jews favor the destruction of the social order. They all seek to pervert everything. They all should be thought of as one colossal anti-human group that should be shunned by all for the purpose of completely eliminating them from the roster of humanity.

If the media can convince you that Donald Trump’s landslide victory was really a close win for Joe Biden, then it can convince you of anything.

What I can’t understand is why everybody can’t see the people who claim to be in control of us are doing everything in their power to make sure we don’t live very much longer.

I’d say that makes them our enemies, and we should stop fooling around — principally, stop listening to mainstream media — and get rid of all them, permanently, in any way we can.


Throughout history it is written that monsters always eat their own.

There is no pandemic. This is a Communist lockdown of your mind.

If not by a robot doctor wielding a lethal syringe or a raging black meth-head anarchist trying to burn down your house, all normal human beings of any race are now in danger of being devoured by the state that claims to be our friend. Remember that both the politicians of the state and the thugs who are coming to kill you are both paid by the same Jewish billionaires.

So the Swamp ate Donald Trump, and it’s coming to eat you, too. It’s about time you knew.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: Another spot on essay by John Kaminski IMHO...

Yes, what John says is definitely on the horizon for the American people.. Most of them will not even know what hit them until shortly after that pedophile criminal treasonous prick Joseph Biden gets 'inaugurated' as the next US President on January 20th... It will take a few months after that before the first of the twisted sick goals that both him and that heinous bitch called Kamala Harris come into effect, and then there will be horrific changes for all Americans and most will be wondering 'what the fuck just happened?' as their lives will be changed permanently..

And people still do not get it... Communism is and always has been a Jewish construct... The 'tribe' were the ones running the show back in 1917 in the former Russian Empire that were able to overthrow that empire thanks to criminal Jewish bankers' money injected into their cause by evil Jewish Wall Street bankers as well as money coming from the privately owned Jewish bank called the Federal Reserve.. Many still cannot even realize that the overthrow of Christian Russia by these monsters eventually led to the mass extermination of an estimated 60 million white and Christian Russians over the next 3 decades under the reign of terror and genocide unleashed by those monsters on the Russian people..

Thus the big question is will this same 'reign of terror' be unleashed on the American people and especially white Americans very soon?  Very possibly, for people forget that the sicko Kamala Harris herself has stated many times that she wants to see the end of 'White America'.... And since this foul creature knows that criminal Joe Biden is mentally unfit to be President, she could indeed assume the Presidency within MONTHS after Biden is 'inaugurated' and have her own 'reign of terror' unleashed on the American people and fully supported and funded by criminal Jewish groups...

And lets have a reality check here; The overthrow of the American republic, the scam-demic and its horrific vaccines, and the incoming surveillance system of control, were all preplanned decades ago.. Therefore it does beg the question as to whether or not all of this circus that we just witnessed concerning outgoing President Donald Drumpf was just 'for show' and part of the twisted game playing on the American people to keep them off on tangents, disillusioned, and unable to focus on what was really going on?   Very possibly, for the fact is that the criminal Jewish elite are always running the show and Drumpf was always under their firm control doing exactly what they wanted....  Therefore, to me,  the idea that Drumpf was going to "drain the swamp" was always part of the circus act and was all for show.... 

The bottom line to me is this.. America, you are now totally screwed, and the worst is yet to come.. If there is a need for a real revolution aimed at restoring the republic and ending the Jewish elite plans for domination, that time is now..

More to come



Frank Frivilous said...

Okay, so I take it that you don't believe Trump was in on it and totally betrayed his supporters?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Seriously???? Have you not even bothered to read the article???? Of course Drumpf was in on it...

I recognize sometimes the writing wording for some commentators, and this "Unknown" seems to always be a pain in the butt with ludicrous comments sent my way..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you. I agree with most of your prose but the premise was the "Swamp ate Trump", which implies to me that you believe he was an outsider. The argument in the aftermath of this colossal shit show is whether Trump was in on it from the beginning which isn't at all obvious due to the extraordinary measures being taken to eliminate him. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

OBTW, I do not know who the "Unknown" in this thread
might be. I am the "Unknown" from SC.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if some of these so-called "White Nationalist" sites are secretly run by racist AshkeNAZI and Sephardi Jews to do their usual mind control, misinformation, disinformation, and sway and influence public opinion con games they are so good at. But as a Japanese man with a big dick, I and thousands of my countrymen around the world have found it very useful and effective to have lots of sex and babies with Jewish women to "put it to the Jew man" as it were. It's time for all Gentiles of all colors to start fucking Jewish women good and hard to breed out and dilute that Jew gene once and for all. They invented eugenics, so now it's time to dismantle their master race / Talmudic doctrine. FOREVER:)