Monday, January 25, 2021

Bombshell Must See Video: Doctor Simone Gold Destroys The COVID-19 Vaccine! Share This With Everyone!

Ever so often a fabulous video does come forward that blows the entire scam-demic to smithereens... And I have a real good one that is not only a must see by readers, but one that should be passed around to even the most brainwashed out there....

I was sent the link to a fabulous video earlier today from my great friend in the formerly free nation called the "United States" and I do want to present it here for all of my readers to watch... This one comes courtesy of video service 'Remnant TV" and is entitled: "Dr. Simone Gold - The Truth About The CV19 Vaccine"... Here is that link for all to see and watch here:

NTS Notes: This is indeed a fabulous video and definitely one to spread around....

And of course you will not find this kind of work via that horror called 'Youtube' and yet another reason for people to fully abandon that 'video service' for the pricks that run that garbage doing their 'censorship' of the real truths out there....

I will continue to present links to some fabulous videos if and when they do become available at this blog.. So stay tuned..

More to come


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