Sunday, January 31, 2021

As Promised: Greencrow's Report On The Vancouver PCR Test Truth Rally For Saturday, January 30th, 2021..

The so called PCR test or "Polymerase Chain Reaction" test that was first developed by the late Kari Mullis..... Every nation right now on planet Earth has been using this 'test' to decide if a person has this 'COVID-19' so called 'deadly virus' or not.... And as I have shown now for the last year, this "test" is total GARBAGE and should have never ever been used in the first place for detection of this non-existent contagion at all.

But here here are now at the end of January 2021, and our criminal governments are still hell bent in administering this totally fraudulent 'test' to patients, and get nothing more than 'false positive' results meaning that the patient has ZERO contagion at all.... The whole purpose of the 'test' therefore has always been to obtain those 'FALSE POSITIVE' results to drive the numbers game being used by these criminal pricks running this entire scam-demic to push the panic and fear into people that this 'contagion' is somehow real!  And sadly it has worked beyond these criminals' wildest expectations..

OK, That being said, I stated in today's weekend rant that I was indeed going to post up an article about a fabulous rally that was done  yesterday at the Vancouver British Columbia Art Galler, where those in attendance were rallying against the fraud "PCR testing" and wanting to demand the British Columbia government and their fraud 'health ministry' halt those fraud testings on people immediately.... 

And lo and behold, but my great Canadian colleague out of British Columbia, Greencrow, who of course writes her blog at 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies" did indeed attend that rally and filed her report today at her website at am, as promised, presenting Greencrow's article in its entirety for my own readers to see for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Vancouver Art Gallery - CTV Studios PCR Test TRUTH RALLY that was held on Saturday, January 30, 2021 Plus: RAH provides background and context

Sign Carried by Greencrow at
Yesterday's Rally was a Hit

Good morning again readers.  Many of you are eagerly awaiting my "Boots on the Ground" report from the Vancouver Art Gallery PCR Test Truth Rally that was held there yesterday starting at 1 p.m.  First of all, while it was lashing cold rain all morning...just before we began to march...It stopped raining.  I always take this as a "sign from God".  But it remained quite cold and so I did not take photos.  There were tons of people taking photos, including several that looked like professional I did not want to risk dropping all the crap I was carrying, including the big sign above which I had strapped around my neck and back.  If anyone sees photos or if I see them later I will post them.

I got there an hour early.  I was worried about time because the previous rally I arrived late and missed some important speeches.  In fact, I was the first one there!  So I just sat on a covered bench and began to people-watch which has always been a favourite occupation of mine.  My training and experience as a social worker added new insight into people observation and I can tell an awful lot just by facial expression and body language.

Soon, some of the regulars began to arrive and sat down near me and we began sharing information...which is one of the most important functions of these support and information sharing.  One of the regulars, a middle aged man, told me there had been some disention amongst the organizing group during the previous week so he was interested in seeing who would be showing up.  I shared with him my experience as a worker in a non-profit organization many years ago.  Non-profits have an Achilles heel and that is, as grass roots organizations they are formed by people who are powerless in the dynamic.  As we are all aware...power corrupts and it corrupts the powerless and the oppressed far quicker than other segments of the population. Many, but thankfully not all, powerless simply do not know how to handle power once it is given to them and so they infight and they bicker and they bully and sooner or later, if they are not very watchful and/or do not get excellent, aware leadership...they will implode.  I don't know if my listener got my drift or not...but I tried...and needless to say...I will not be getting involved in the organizational aspects of the movement...been there...done that.

Soon a small but sturdy crowd gathered under the shelter and the sound system was set up by one of the organizers.  People started to speak. I got to give two small speeches to the small crowd that was gathered at that point but which later quadrupled in size.  My first speech I just introduced myself and explained what was behind my Kary Mullis sign...a bit of his biography.  My second speech, I just told them about my battle flag [raised at the top of this blog]. I said the drawing in the circle was made by Leonardo da Vinci and was of "Vitruvian Man".  This was the mathematical analysis of the proportion of the human body first figured out by the Roman architect Vitruvius.  I chose it because it depicted man as "perfectly proportioned"--and in harmony with the fundamental circular shape of nature--the planets and the universe.  I said Da Vinci showed that we were perfect already and "did not need to be mutated".  Then I offered to give them copies if they came up to me after [many did].  I had printed off  20 enlarged two-sided copies of my battle flag.  Great idea for next time--I’m going to order up REAL cloth battle flags made with my design and either sell or give them out.

By the end of my second speech Odessa and the other organizers had arrived.  Odessa Orlewicz gave a very candid speech where she said that this march was only to be about the Fraudulent PCR test and no other topics were to intrude.  I then felt slightly embarrassed to have spoken about my battle flag, Da Vinci and  But Odessa was adamant and soon I saw why.  A big tour bus pulled up on the street and parked within 10 feet of where we were standing.  Some people started to disembark and they were protesters--but they had signs depicting Fundamentalist Christian themes.  Apparently these "protesters" had been coming to our demonstrations and watering down our messages with their fundamental religion signage.  Kind of like BLM/Antifa/ but morphed.  Very clever. Very slick! But Odessa, using some very blunt language, told them that, in spite of the fact that she herself was a Christian...THEY were not welcome to join our march.  But later I saw them lined up with their signs at our destination...the CTV Studios.

The organizers, mainly Odessa, made sure the focus was on the PCR test.  So my large Mullis sign was a big hit.  The usual...were fabulous!  You could just feel their support...particularly now that THEY have to wear the stupid face masks...even while bicycling!  I spoke to several of them and thanked them.  We Vancouver Lower Mainlanders are very fortunate to have an enlightened and uncorrupted [so far] police force.  But I am sure that the perpZ and their local political assets ARE WORKING FULL TIME TO REPLACE THE VPD POLICE CHIEF,WHO OBVIOUSLY IS ALLOWING US TO MARCH WITHOUT POLICE HARASSMENT.

Before the march began I had an opportunity to speak with a woman about my age who had travelled all the way from Vancouver Island [Chemainus...where my partner and I sail to every summer].  "Jan" said she came over by ferry at the cost of $100 each way...and put herself up in a downtown hotel.  Now THAT is dedication!  She said that the previous time she had taken the ferry over for a demonstration she had been badly harassed by Ferry security for sitting in the Ferry onboard cafeteria sipping her tea without a mask on!  [Ferry passengers are allowed to pull down our masks while eating...but they want you to eat and hanging around breathing the normal quantity of air!]  Jan told me that, not only was she approached by Ferry security and told to put her mask on and leave...but she was phoned by police afterwards and again warned...apparently they got her license plate number and then her phone number later from that!  This is truly a fucking tyranny folks.  Can you then imagine just how pissed off the perpZ and their assets must be that 300 unmasked protesters [at least] were able to march, under police escort, down the middle of the downtown Vancouver streets and then gather for an hour outside of the CTV studios...then march back to the Vancouver Art Gallery and stand in single file along the sidewalk facing Georgia Street and wave our signs at the oncoming traffic?  This libertarianism is unheard of anywhere else in the Western World?!  How long will it last???!!!  THAT was the question we were all asking one another in amazement!

The streets and even the cars and busses were full of masked sheeple.  I held my sign up close enough for them to read the small print.  Some times the response from the drivers and passengers was an angry "finger" raised in my direction...but sometimes I saw the passengers slowly reading my sign and then making eye contact with me.  There was in ineffable sadness in their eyes.  It was heartbreaking....and Very tiring...but overall Saturday was a Good Day.  Our group is fabulous.  The "boots on the ground marchers", like myself were so grateful to be around other friendly, open and high spirited.  We all gave each other hugs.  It is so wonderful to be surrounded by sane people who “get it”

Oh yes, I almost forgot to report...Mark Donnelly, our celebrity activist, former Canadian anthem singer for the Vancouver Canucks,  was there and led the anthem for us and I gave him a hug just before we started to march.   Odessa Orlewicz and Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson  [NOTE:  Important Correction here.  I believe the other woman who spoke in front of the CTV building was Organizer Susan Stanfield and NOT video journalist Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson who may or may not have been at the rally...I sometimes confuse the two women.] were also there but not Dan Dicks of Press For least I did not see him.  Many other familiar faces of the core organizers were there...and put in yeoman service setting up, providing megaphone loud hailing for our chants and general organization.  One thing I can say for sure...our group is VERY WELL ORGANIZED--and very powerful when we're on the march.

The next rally I will be attending will take place on Saturday, February 20th, 2021 I believe.  I will post more details as the date comes closer.


Greencrow continues:  Now I am presenting a series of reports and an op-ed from regular BC contributor RAH.  Some of the news he reports is connected with and background for the issues that we rallied against yesterday.  Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:

      BC Patriot

Hi gc:

I am near the end of this video....this is Off the charts BRUTAL what they are doing to Canadians...(2) horrible stories via Laura Lynn channel.

Op/Ed re Trudeau and Travel Restrictions:

Update: I have a "boots on the ground" situation ...a friend from BC who is stuck in Costa Rica.

I am in daily communication with him and will provide updates.

Re: Trudeau and latest Travel Restrictions WTF is going on? As I have noted several times, I highly recommend a review of  KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov lectures from 1980's etc. He warned the West that they had already  been deeply infiltrated by the Communists. The West never "got it", Communism 1.0 was the senseless slaughter of millions in Bolshevik Revolution  and WW1 and WW2. aka simply Banker Wars.

Many of those that survived end up under Communism.  Communism 2.0 was what Bezmenov warned.(4) stages:  "..psychological warfare /Cultural Marxism..... "rot from within".



(iii) CRISIS 


WE, in 2021,  are now well into COMMUNISM 2.0. If in doubt review the classic Communism indicators of the dying Middle Class and how we are moving to a 2 class system of 1% SUPER WEALTHY and 99% equally poor.

Sounding more and more familiar? Billionaires have gained $$$ Trillions during this bogus COVID scam without firing a shot and barely lifting a finger. Huh???? Recall Wealthy Wall Street Bankers funded Bolshevik Revolution, WW 1 and WW2.....actually Bankers have funded wars for centuries.

The winners tax their citizens to pay the debt, the losers are raped and pillaged. Win-Win for Bankers.

I've also stated several times that, under "ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS", after slaughtering and enslaving millions...they are coming after the rest of us. Their fiat currency/monopoly money system was that huge...and l----o--n--g overdue for a cra$$$$h...that nobody heard and they are using COVID as the cover. THE PERFECT SCAM. 

They have DEMORALIZED and DESTABILIZED us since WW2 with CIA-run the [Women's Liberation Movement] Hippy Movement...civil rights...LGBQT...abortion...multiculturalism and more recently "white privilege", "BLM" and "systemic racism".  Being incessantly accused of and deemed de-facto guilty of any/all of the aforementioned--is Cultural Marxism. It is weaponized psychological warfare...a typical Communist tactic of divide and conquer. 

Before COVID, I told colleagues that (and based on Monetary system was due for a collapse) I had a spidey sense that "something" HUGE on a massive Global scale would occur soon...could be in my   lifetime, but certainly no later than the next generation. Guess What...I was RIGHT! 

Re Travel and Trudeau's latest move:

Trudeau and other "leaders" are simply ramping up the Fear Porn agenda, but "Warden" of Prison Canada...aka Trudeau...rubbed salt in the wounds with more of  the Communistic DEMORALIZATION tactic. Out of the blue, with zero consultation, he slams the door on Canadians who would take a break in Spring to travel to warmer Southern climes. 

So far, the USA is not on the 'No Fly" list...but bet that is coming.

Trudeau is knowingly engaged in psychological torture, via slow arduous method.  Soon travel to Disneyland, Hawaii etc. will be forbidden. People inside Canada will lose hope that this will ever end....UNLESS THEY TAKE THE VACCINE!!! 

Canadians currently outside Canada will be used as examples of what may happen to anyone at any time via Government whims. Suddenly, returning Canadians will be hit with $2,000 out of pocket costs per person because...???_______?????...Trudeau says so???? What's next? 

Amazing how people don't reflect on how ludicrous the concept of Government has evolved...where one person has the literal power of life and death over captive citizens jailed within invisible borders, based on "Emperor Has No Clothes" whims devoid of any substance and logic.  But [his diktats] can be proven to be DEMORALIZING and DESTABILIZING..leading the CRISIS, just as Bezmenov warned. The Communistic NORMALIZATION (aka"solution") phase translates into being literally forced to take an UNproven DNA-altering toxic witches' brew vaccine.  

Let's just add it it all up and call it what it actually is..."PRE-MEDITATED GENOCIDE". Ultimately, Trudeau's strategy is that Canadians will increasingly suffer from individual and collective Cabin Fever, more so as Winter will soon be behind us and life-affirming Spring arrives soon. 

However, the current Cabin Fever prison is Canada.  I predict Trudeau will continually tighten the noose in boiling frog fashion and we will have more and more travel restrictions, certainly internationally and more and more domestically..

I hope I am proven wrong but pattern recognition is key. season is winding down, mortality drops dramatically and yet they are ramping up vaccines, again torturing the gullible public with bogus "shortages". It is highly likely the vaccines will effectively drag out the FLU season and the vaccine side effects [such as death] will be blamed on COVID and its variants.

Stir and repeat the previously noted DEMORALIZATION and DESTABILIZATION phases....they are crucial to CRISIS and theNORMALIZATION end game. Finally, the END GAME is clearly to increase psychological warfare on everyone, from Newborns to 110, from any/all angles--till there is literally ZERO resistance to vaccination.

Expect more shit and abuse from Red China's biggest fan...Comrade Justin Trudeau.  He has tasted blood...and he is just getting warmed up!!!

On the Nuremberg...


BC Patriot

Greencrow concludes:  Thanks VERY much for your report and op-ed, RAH.  Well worth the wait.  And it perfectly dovetails with my closing remarks to follow:

One of the updates reported in speeches by both Odessa and Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson concerned the multitude of law suits that have already been filed against the WHO, international organizations, national and regional governments and the mainstream media all over the world.  The PerpZ are now moving into the "Crimes against Humanity" and "Genocide" territory...and that is no doubt why RAHmentioned the Nuremberg Trial [1] that followed WWII.  There WILL be a Nuremberg [2] trial after the CovID HOAX is beaten---and the lists of the accused are already being drawn up.  Resulting from investigations by the Canadian legal contingent that will be assembled to try mass murderers at those upcoming trials...charges will be laid against Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet of Criminals--for crimes against humanity and...shortly...mass murder.

The Class Action Law Suits already filed are slowly wending their way through the various judicial systems.  Reminds me of the old legal saying: The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly...But they Grind Exceedingly Fine."

Another important quote along this line is:  "The Moral Arc of the Universe is Long...but it bends towards justice.

Stay tuned. 

NTS Notes: Kudos for Greencrow for attending that rally and getting in a few words for the audience in attendance as well..

I know how difficult it can be at times for Greencrow to venture down for those rallies and especially when she walked in the rallies against this scam-demic previously, due to her health problems... This shows that this woman has a lot of spunk and should be applauded for her efforts...

And  yes, the focus of this entire rally was to expose to those in attendance the truths about the fraud PCR testing and for those in attendance to call on the British Columbia government to HALT those tests immediately as they are indeed nothing but complete frauds...

And of course many will ask what about here in Manitoba and the possibility of large rallies as well.. The problem is of course the weather as right now it is the 'dead of winter' here on the bald prairies and with air temperatures at times in the -15 to -20 celsius range, it is extremely difficult to get ANYONE to gather at the Manitoba Legislature and not have them freeze their asses off...  That, and the criminal Manitoba government still has their 'law' in place that prevents gatherings of more than '10 people' at any time, and that law was put into place PURPOSELY to prevent any opposition to the Pallister regime pushing more of their criminal acts against the citizens of this province under the guise of this fraud 'scam-demic'...

I do hope that people do get the message here... The PCR test is a total sham and nothing but a massive lie... Its sole purpose is of course to artificially drive up the number of 'positive cases' of this fraudulent 'deadly virus' that still does not even exist to this day (No isolation means no contagion..), and sadly the people everywhere have fallen for this sham..... It is time for  people to wake up and demand their own governments to halt these fraud 'tests'' immediately!

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks, NTS:

We are very cognizant of the fact that, due to our Canadian winter...AND the oppression of police in other jurisdictions, Vancouver and--to a lesser extent--Victoria, BC are currently the only anti-Plandemic HOAX demonstrations taking place. But we have you guys in our thoughts as we march and know you support us. Your solidarity means a lot.

If I get any photos or videos of the event I'll share ASAP.


Robert said...

Force is the ultimate arbiter in all things.

greencrow said...


I have made a few corrections and updated the post on the Rally. See my post of today for details. THX.