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America Has Officially Fallen To Communism: Darkness Falls Upon America, And More Signs That COVID-19 Was Act Of War To Bring In "New World Order"

 I am actually quite saddened today.... I have been reading a lot of the alternative media reports over the last while concerning what happened yesterday when the peaceful protest rally in Washington DC was ruined by criminal "Antifa" (George Soros's group, who else?) infiltrators went on a rampage and purposely went out and tried to do damage to the US Capitol building and especially the US Senate just to create the false image that the protestors were there 'doing the damage'.... 

Of course the lying whores in the media right on cue picked up on this entire 'false flag' operation and have been running propaganda that the peaceful protestors were the 'fault' for the damage in Washington DC, but the reality is that it was the COMMUNISTS who did the damage with their usual agent provocateurs involved.... 

Anyways, the truly sad part in all this is the fact that now the American election of November has been stolen with the pussies in the US government selling out to the COMMUNISTS and asserting as of yesterday that the criminal Joe Biden who should actually be in a home for the feeble minded and/or in jail for his crimes against the American people is now 'officially' the next US President... And with that now set for his upcoming 'inauguration', the American republic has now fallen.... 

I have received so much information from so many readers in America over the last 2 days, and many sent me links, videos, comments, emails, etc asking for my two cents worth on this disaster in America and of course wanting me to post their material sent my way....I figure I should break away from my relentless attacks on the scam-demic and post at least one article here.... 

And one article sent my way in particular I found to be a pretty good summary of what has happened in the formerly free nation called the "United States" and I do want to share it here with everyone... This one comes courtesy of the "All News Pipeline" at, and is entitled: "Darkness Falls Upon America And Secrecy Fills The Air As Democrats Cement Their Coup - More Signs Covid 19 Was An Act Of War To Help The Globalists Bring In Their 'New World Order'"..... Here is that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Darkness Falls Upon America And Secrecy Fills The Air As Democrats Cement Their Coup - More Signs Covid 19 Was An Act Of War To Help The Globalists Bring In Their 'New World Order'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die 

While according to Ian Birrell in this December story over at the Daily Mail, Americans may never find out the truth about China and their ties to this 'pandemic' that has led to the 'ravaging' of small businesses in America, the fact that two inquiries into the origination of Covid-19 are being completely cloaked in secrecy, and the World Health Organization is allowing China's government in Beijing to 'vet'anyone investigating it, tells us much that need to know.

With Joe Biden completely 'owned' by China, so the likelihood of truth emerging about Covid-19's origin in the months and years ahead should Biden ever make it into the White House sadly ranging from '0%' to 'not a snowballs chance in hell', President Trump's last two weeks in office are absolutely critical if Americans want to learn the truth about this 'pandemic', or anything else for that matter.

Because with what's being called 'the week that will change America' having arrived, and it looking more and more like Democrats will not only control the White House and the House of Representatives but now the US Senate, too, anyone who thinks America will ever have a better chance than now to learn 'the truth' about many things hasn't been paying attention to the secrecy and fraud Democrats invoke everywhere they go, behaving just like their 'communist overlords' in China. 

So, despite the fact that, as Ian Burrell reports in his story, highly explosive emails from a group of top-level scientists and government doctors have revealed Covid-19 may have originated from 'human activities' in China (or US 'deep state labs'?) rather than naturally from animals, Burrell also reports that another email asked if this virus may have been deliberately engineered, with such a possibility hinting Covid-19 may have been a 'stealth attempt' to launch a biological attack upon America, an act of war. 

And while China would never ever admit to such a stunt, a 'stunt' that also helped Democrats in the 2020 election, allowing them to 'weaponize' fraudulent and mail-in-ballots against President Trump and the American people, the chance of Americans ever learning the truth about this virus, the lockdowns that followed, the 2020 election and all of the deep state crimes upon the American people will be disappearing completely should President Trump leave office in just weeks. From this Daily Mail story before we continue.: 

The documents also show that a key letter sent early in the pandemic from America’s top scientists to the White House had a line deleted that suggested the virus could have been ‘an unintentional release from a laboratory’. 

These revelations come as evidence of China’s cover-up grows, alongside fears the World Health Organization, widely criticized for its failure to challenge Beijing at the start of the pandemic, is letting the regime dictate its inquiry into the origins. 

The WHO has allowed China to vet scientists taking part in the probe, while also appointing to its ten-strong team the British charity chief Peter Daszak whose funding for research on bat viruses in a high-security Wuhan laboratory was stopped on safety grounds. 

So with China doing everything in its power to cover up what some are arguing is an act of war upon the United States of America, while Biden prepares to do China's bidding should he take over America's Commander-in-Chief position, the fact that the mainstream media is ramping up the fear level surrounding Covid-19 by continuing to scream about the SUPER-Covid 19 'mutation' spreading from coast to coast here in the United States is another sign they're preparing to kick things up another level in this takedown of freedom and America. 

And while we're not in the position to officially declare that Covid-19 is a bioweapon, Iran, Russia and surprisingly China have all pushed the 'Covid-19 bioweapon conspiracy theory' while the Inter Press Agency News Service had published this story titled "Could the Coronavirus Be a Biological Weapon in the Not-Too-Distant Future?"

With recent reports that Russia is developing a 'super-deadly' ebola bioweapon more proof that country's will create such a weapon to unleash upon the world if it helps them to accomplish their geo-political objectives, as Ronald Reagan's son Michael Reagan had warned in this story over at the Norfolk Daily News, Covid-19 is nothing less than an act of war upon America. From his story.: 

Our politicians and leaders still don’t get it

They don’t seem to understand — or care — that China has already declared World War III

The Communist Party thugs who rule China with a heavy hand didn’t have to invade Japan or drop an A-bomb on anybody. They just had to drop a deadly virus on the world. The coronavirus, COVID-19, the China Virus — it doesn’t matter what you call it. 

We know it came from Wuhan, China. In my opinion, it was put out into the world deliberately, not by accident. 

In any case, the China pandemic has killed more than a million people around the globe and more than 240,000 Americans. 

Efforts by governments to defeat it with strict lockdowns have destroyed the economies and social life of dozens of countries, closed schools and thrown tens of millions of people out of work

In the United States, power-mad politicians like Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have used the fight against COVID-19 as an excuse to control the lives of their citizens

Meanwhile, president-elect Joe Biden and the authoritarian disease experts advising him are threatening us with a national mask mandate and a six-week national lockdown next year

The China Virus — more correctly, the strict, arbitrary and often un-scientific war waged against it by power-mad Democrat politicians and their public health czars — has already done us serious damage.  

People are stressed and spooked out of their minds. Businesses are bankrupt. Schools are closed. Suicides are rising. So are opioid deaths. 

The people of America and the world are suffering and dying from the Wuhan virus and the lockdowns, but China is paying no price for its global crime against humanity

Does China really have such a hold on corporations, governments and politicians around the world and in the United States that everyone is afraid to hold them accountable? 

Is any U.S. president ever going to stand up to China? President Trump hasn’t really punished China for unleashing a deadly plague on the world. 

Don’t count on Joe Biden. He’s been the best friend the communist Chinese government has had in Washington for decades. In the face of our country’s weakness, China is only going to get more aggressive. 

Please read the rest of Michael Reagan's warning here. So with Joe Biden sure to only embolden China even more should he get into office, and Democrats sure to 'bury' all of their crimes for eternity should President Trump not expose them now, we once again ask ANP readers to contact President Trump and ask him to go ahead and 'declassify everything' while he still can, before it's too late and the truth is buried forever. (You can also call their comment line at 202-456-1111 or the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414)

(ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER: Due to unexpected medical and emergency repair billsplease consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this 'Info-war' for America at this most critical time in US history, during a time of systematic 'big tech' censorship and widespread Democrat corruption.)

With the mysterious deaths of scientists, microbiologists, chemists, holistic doctors, infectious disease experts and many more professionals filling the headlines of the independent news for much of the Obama administration, we shouldn't be surprised that people are dropping dead mysteriously again as Joe Biden nears office, with 5 Republican politicians dying mysterious deaths in recent days. 

According to this recent story over at the Washington Standard, 5 Republican lawmakers have died mysterious deaths in just over the past week alone. With several of those deaths being reported to have been caused by Covid-19, as Michael Snyder reports in this story over at The Most Important News, as the days of 2021 move forward, we should all watch and see if the pattern continues, and more Republicans suddenly pass away.

Warning us also that America seems to be on the fast-track towards national suicide, what happens to this country in the days ahead if Joe Biden gets into office and immediately fast-tracks an extremely liberal agenda, including attempting to disarm the American people? From this story

Have you noticed that quite a few prominent Republicans have been dropping dead lately? At a time of the year when most people are at home celebrating the holidays with their families, Republican lawmakers have been dying one after another. Of course important people die all the time, but to have this many Republican politicians die so closely to one another is definitely unusual. I believe that 2021 is going to be a very strange year, and it has definitely gotten off to a very strange start. 

Is there a connection between any of these deaths? I have no idea. Some will say that these deaths are an indication that the pandemic is worsening, but not all of the deaths above were attributed to COVID-19. Considering how tense the political environment in this country is right now, I think that it is worth watching to see if more prominent Republicans suddenly drop dead in the days to come

On January 6th, vast crowds of protesters are expected in Washington D.C. as Congress gathers to count the electoral votes. Numerous Republicans in the House and the Senate have already announced that they will be challenging those results in several of the most critical swing states. 

In anticipation of the protests, stores in the heart of Washington are being boarded up and lots of signs have been posted warning protesters that firearms are prohibited. 

Nobody is sure exactly how many protesters are going to show up, but at this point authorities in D.C. are bracing for one of the biggest protest days in the history of the city. Needless to say, having so many Trump supporters in one area will be a magnet for all of the radical groups on the far left, and on The Most Important News I documented numerous violent attacks against Trump supporters during past protests. 

And the day before the protests, voters in Georgia will go to the polls to determine which party ends up in control of the U.S. Senate. Those results could heighten tensions even more, and the potential for lots of chaos is definitely there. 

This is the most divided our nation has been in modern American history, and for a very long time I have been warning about the tremendous civil unrest that is now here. The left does not want to “get along” with the right, and the right does not want to “get along” with the left. Instead, both sides hate one another with a passion, and that is going to continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. 

But as I have discussed previously, a house divided cannot stand, and America’s days are surely numbered. When our nation was founded, a single set of values and principles united us. Sadly, today we have completely abandoned those values and principles. 

Now our nation is filled with tremendous hatred, and deeply hating one another is a recipe for national suicide.

So with January 6th now here and the very real potential of all hell breaking loose in the days and weeks ahead no matter what happens politically, we'll continue to stress absolute preparation, with the very real possibility that things could turn 'kinetic' in America as we come to America's 'Day of Reckoning' as we hear in the only video below from Mike Adams. 

NTS Notes: Please note that of course what is stated above was written BEFORE the actual 'protests' in Washington DC yesterday that turned into an unmitigated disaster for the American people as the criminals did absolutely infiltrate those peaceful actions to make the protestors look like 'thugs' and/or 'terrorists'... But the gist of the entire arguments that the entire scam-demic was indeed a planned 'act of war' against the American republic and its people to bring in the horrors of the criminal elitists (no surprise to me that they are mostly all Jewish) plans for a "new world order"...

And yes, the CHINESE part in all this can NOT be overlooked as more and more reports and evidence keeps surfacing as to how much effort and money has been poured into America from that criminal regime for the planned overthrow of the American republic.... It is a fact that criminal Joe Biden is so far up the ass of the Chinese Communists that he is indeed beyond hope and truly is a traitor to America...

And the reality is of course that there NEVER was a "Wuhan Virus" for that is and always has been a figment of imagination and purposely propagandized by the compliant lying whores in  the media outlets.... The facts remain that the 'contagion' has never been isolated anywhere and thus even proven to exist... What it is and always has been was a war against the minds of people world wide and sadly that war has now reached the fruition that the criminals wanted with the COMMUNIST  take over of America...

To me, the only hope now for America is for the people to stop sitting back and continue to live in fear of a 'virus' that does not exist... Get out from cowering in fear and actually do something to save what is left of your republic.... That time is now!

More to come


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