Monday, September 14, 2020

The End Result Of Ignoring Evil

We are at war.... Most people out there are simply too stupid, arrogant, brain dead, or as I have said "Retarded" to see that as a clear reality.... The criminals running this scam-demic are hell bent on having it all and in the process wipe out possibly 7 BILLION people around the world... These criminals are indeed monsters and have NO conscience, NO soul, and care not about everyone around them and only themselves....They want all of the rest of mankind to be nothing more than mindless drones and/or dead... They are ruthless and uncaring about humanity and therefore are indeed pure unadulterated evil.... Yes, we are at war, and sadly these monsters are winning that war thanks to the sheer ignorance of most of humanity and its refusal to fight back......

I am continuing my assault on this entire scam-demic with more material to arm those around us with information to spread to others... And right now I want to present the newest essay from one of my colleagues in the formerly free nation called the United States, John Kaminski, through his website at This one is entitled: "The End Result Of Ignoring Evil" with the subheading of "Weaponized Medicine Ushers In Totalitarianism" , and I have it right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Weaponized medicine
ushers in totalitarianism
The mask will set you up for the kill
and the shot will finish the job
Because we believe all those other lies that comprise mainstream American history, we can no longer discern what the truth actually is. Your entire perceptual apparatus derives from strategically directed propaganda creating the responsible American citizen personality you possess today. This means you still trust the government to recommend what’s best for you. You follow orders expeditiously. As a result, if you wear the mask, you will take the shot. And that will be the end of you as you used to be.
It’s pretty clear to anyone who can still actually think that the COVID plandemic was actually a distraction to camouflage the recalibration of the world’s financial system, which will forever conceal all recent financial crimes inflicted on an oblivious public by the powers that be. The larger plan will eliminate all commercial competition for everything, and impose a system in which private citizens will not be able to keep a secret about anything. This is all the worst that Communism can be, and is.
The people in control have convinced themselves — or rather, by our indifferent ignorance to their deceptions, we have convinced them! — that we can be manipulated into anything. Therefore they had no hesitation in going for broke and implementing total Communist control over all the people in the world by calling this mild flu they created a disastrous plague, and correctly calculating that most people won’t really know or care whether they are telling the truth or not . . .
. . . as long as they get their welfare checks.
You’ve been robbed and don’t know it
How unfocused have Americans become? When President Trump completely obliterated the value of American wealth by “creating” $13 trillion in emergency pandemic funding, he immediately rendered the money of all Americans worthless — vaporized by massive inflation — because now the government has enough cash to buy every single thing every single American owns or ever will own. I believe this is called Communism.
In America we are already controlled by advertisers who know how to keep us amused, entranced and distracted, so it is a relatively small step to convert us into puppets on unbreakable strings that are to be installed in our bloodstreams to control our brains, as well as what we think and how we feel.
Now despite all sorts of revelations about the inauthenticity of government lies concerning this lab created disease that has locked down the world, the social restraints remain in place without the slightest evidence that such drastic measures were ever called for, never mind continued indefinitely.
It’s one of a long string of lies that Americans have swallowed throughout their lives that have led their government to make bad decisions that only enrich those manipulators who are not even Americans themselves, which is why today the income breakdown in the U.S. is 2 percent fabulously wealthy and 98 percent impoverished paupers. If not striving mightily to make ends meet, we paupers are the increasing numbers of people standing by the side of the road now begging for food.
No matter where you look you find the stories don’t add up.
• They knew the names of the 19 hijackers the day after 9/11, but in the 19 years since, while they arrest people for not wearing these unnecessary masks, they’ve made no further progress in identifying the ringleaders who engineered the greatest attack on America in history. Imagine that.
• A much maligned fellow named Joe McCarthy created a stir back in the early 1950s by insisting the government in Washington was infested with Communists. This senator from Wisconsin was badgered into oblivion by the Jewish owned TV networks and newspapers who insisted he was delusional.
Now here we are in 2020 immersed in the opening days of Communist America, triggered by a false epidemic that caused a panicked populace to quickly trade their freedom for a security they didn’t really need, because the disease was only a cover story for yet another financial swindle of the entire world.
• Among the many acts of treason committed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and subsequent presidents, the worst was probably keeping the news from reaching the command structure at Pearl Harbor that a Japanese flotilla was on the way to bomb them that morning in 1941.
Predicted to kill millions
• When we get to the bottom of all these prearranged school shootings during the Obama administration — some of which never actually happened yet the public believes they were real because of the media misrepresentation that accompanied them and concealed the scams — we will better understand the mechanics of how the people of the world were duped into giving up their freedom because of their fear of the disease which disingenuous doctors predicted would kill millions.
Then, despite the overcooked statistics about the disease produced by a no longer independent media, they shut down the world to make sure the noncorporate commerce of the world was finally dead, so the government can now decide with irreversible finality who it will feed and who it will not.
It seems like it will feed any refugee from anywhere in the world but will not feed any American taxpayers who don’t support these imported African arsonists now trashing cities all over the world.
All those lies we chose to ignore and/or believe have constructed the lie we are trapped in today, which is that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. In reality we have become — or perhaps have always been — a nation of sniveling cowards who rape babies and shoot people in the back while we steal their land or take their property.
And always remember: some individual cops might be genuinely great, but the object of all police operations is to protect the property of the banks, because that’s who pays their salaries. Anything that happens accidentally to the public, we already know so well, is always recorded under the inactionable phrase “collateral damage”, which the Jews always remind us is the cost of doing business, which we now know is always “their” business.
Ignoring evil
We like to pretend we know everything, but objective reality is constantly telling us we know absolutely nothing about anything that really matters.
That really matters? Well, those things that get us through the day and keep the ones we love safe, warm and happy. So the first thing is always having enough money to maintain your life and your family. And therein lies the tale of our demise.
Call it “the necessity of ignoring evil.” Or perhaps, “not saying what you really think because of the Jewish-imposed social penalties involved.”
You might not know this, but the first writers in history were the bankers, who way back then were also the priests. Funny how money and magic seem like natural born twins. I called the patriarch Abraham “the first banker” to a very religious guy who likes machine guns one day and he got very upset. But that’s a story for another time.
Writing from the very beginning was invented and developed by the keepers of accounts, and so all writing aspires to be. What we get, however, since the time of Voltaire and before, is what people want us to believe that is not necessarily true. Factor that in to everything you ever read. This comprises, and compromises, the totality of everything we know.
James Grundvig believes that the COVID “epidemic” was deployed as a cover story for the significant death toll that the activation of the 5G network will cause. So do I.
But the reason the world population followed along with the pandemic plan in such an orderly fashion was the repetition from all those other times where they knew their leaders were lying to them, but they decided not to object. They decided it was more prudent to lay low and not draw attention to themselves. This formula has led us to where we are today.
Relax, just take the shot
Aspects of the vaccine: false promises, obligatory poison adjuvants, prevents oxygen molecules from binding with your blood, can’t breathe.
Aspects of the mask: Reduced oxygen intake triggers oxidization, cancer, heart failure, can’t breathe. Isn’t that what George Floyd said when he was dying from a fentanyl overdose?
Relax. Just take the shot. Everything will be OK. Hasn’t your government always looked out for you? Really.
The people who run the world have inherited their lofty positions through crime. Their ancestors robbed potentates and princes allowing them to capture power in subsequent generations. Frederic Morton said as much in his puffy biography of the Rothschilds. So we should not be surprised that the people running the world today are an entrenched criminal class. It would be illogical to think they were not, no matter what kind of misleading education they have confused you with.
I have often said that the most important people in an election (other than the forces who are likely fixing it!) are the middle of the road dummies who barely pay attention to the political goings-on of their nation. They are the ones who can listen to a newscast several times a month, talk casually with the friends, and vote for absolutely anyone, the person who catches their eye or ear with a catchy phrase
America’s deformed democracy relies on deceiving the population, choosing acceptable candidates, defining the issues, and then manipulating the outcome. The Associated Press, recently become a Rothschild property, cannot be trusted to count the votes, nor can any electronic vote counting ever be relied upon considering its sorry history of computerized thievery in practically every election.
I would say at this moment that there is no aspect of the U.S. government that is not evil. Those who obsess about preserving the American way of life need to take a long second look at the carnage that government has wreaked on innocent people in every country on Earth.
Yes, I know it’s not a perfect world. It’s just that leaving so many important questions unanswered means with certainty that we do not know what is really going on.
And no one will tell us unless we make them tell us.
Death march
As a result now we are all marching toward the death house of population culling to please the masters of our destiny who care far more about the trinkets their bottom line can buy than they do about the babies who are left to be murdered by those whose twisted compulsions have overcome their own natural sense.
With what we now know about carcinogenic triggers in the polio vaccine, the phony epidemic that was falsely called AIDS (supervised by Dr. Fauci, I might mention), and the number of people accidentally maimed and killed by sepsis simply by visiting hospitals, it should come as no surprise that blind belief in your doctor can frequently be a fatal disease in and of itself.
What kind of electronic witches’ spell has been cast over the minds of the world to compel them to reflexively accept an improperly tested vaccine when one of the great secrets of modern medicine is that doctors’ remedies frequently cause more diseases than they cure?
This is the plan that makes Bill Gates gush and twitch with anticipatory glee.
What kind of moron are you for taking a concoction that they freely admit is not even a vaccine, but something that will alter your DNA and turn you into a genetically modified human being. It sounds like a new, more efficient model of Jewish slave than is now on the market?
And the day is soon coming when the monsters in charge of our government will ask you the most terrifying question you have ever heard: “Which will you choose? Your money? Or your health.”

NTS Notes: I agree with everything that John states in this article.. I have covered many of the facts that he presents in full detail in so many articles at this blog as well....

I have had many discussions with John at his residence in Florida... And both of us agree that this is a war and one that we must win for the alternative is way  too frightening to imagine...

I for one will never ever take their vaccines, no matter what... I have seen too much evidence now that shows that their concoction is truly diabolical and will be used to change our very DNA and thus turn us all into mindless controlled drones... I do believe that has been part of their planning all along besides wiping out nearly 7 BILLION people in the process....

Please spread this article around to everyone you can..... People so desperately need to stop living in fear and start getting very angry and rising up against the criminals and their tyranny... There is still time to win this war, but time is now definitely against us!

More to come



Rose Fox said...

>"I for one will never ever take their vaccines, no matter what... I have seen too much evidence now that shows that their concoction is truly diabolical and will be used to change our very DNA and thus turn us all into mindless controlled drones... I do believe that has been part of their planning all along besides wiping out nearly 7 BILLION people in the process...."

I've been wondering how we'll be able to avoid their mandatory vaccines. They have many ways to bully us into taking them. For example, people who are depending on government money (this is why CERB was extended) can just be cut off if they don't get the shot. Once they abolish cash they will have control over everyone else. They could send cops with nurses door to door, either you take your shot or you get the snot beaten out of you and thrown in jail or a quarantine gulag. There is already one such gulag in Canada that I'm aware of, it's in Alberta. They are certain to start by using immunity passport apps on people's phones, in fact the Toronto Sun had this article today touting one:

China successfully controls its citizens using phone apps which include an immunity passport, contract tracing and social credit app. Chinese citizens can't go anywhere without having their phones scanned to check for vaccination status and social credit points. This is why I switched to a flip phone.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has any ideas about how to avoid a mandatory vaccination. So far I haven't been able to find anything useful.

JT Custer said...

Rose invites ideas about how to avoid a mandatory vaccination. I have two.

1. I'm not surprised that a person who is apparently a woman doesn't even hint about guns. If you'll notice, the government sends people with guns to enforce their tyranny. They don't do it by honest information and reason. They do it by FORCE. The only reason we're not already treated like Ukraine in the Holodomor is because we have a lot of guns. But at some point, we have to actually USE them! A great and true quote said about a week ago by the TexasVet (on GAB and WorldTruthVideos) is this:
"We can vote our way into Communism, but we have to shoot our way out of it."
Let me tell you that the voting-in was done before we were born. We didn't know it, but if we voted during our lifetimes, we voted to continue it.

A difference between most women and most men is the following. If the enemy comes to your house, a woman runs and hides (a sure way to lose it all). A man heroically kills the enemy or heroically dies trying.

2. The jews in power exempt themselves from all the tyranny they do against us, of course. When the USA had Prohibition in place against alcoholic beverages, the jews were exempt. The jews are exempt from paying interest on money borrowed from the jew banksters. The jews are 99% exempt from prosecution for pedophilia, I hope you have noticed. And the jews are exempt from taking vaccines. So, here's idea Number 2. Pretend to be a jew!

For me, pretending to be a jew is too disgusting to contemplate. I will shoot to kill any and all who try to force anything on me against my basic rights, which certainly applies to an injection.

I estimate that we need only about 10% of people to say and do as I do to put a stop to forced vaccinations, as an example. After a good number of justified killings as I describe, neither the jews nor their tools will step up to be the next dead injector.


Rose Fox said...

>"I'm not surprised that a person who is apparently a woman doesn't even hint about guns."

I didn't mention guns because I'm in Canada, where only black gangsters and cops are allowed to have guns. I would never be allowed to buy one legally and I don't know any gangsters who would sell me one. I'd already have one if I could get one. I'm considering buying a crossbow or other projectile weapon. Even a good hunting slingshot will stop someone in their tracks from a few feet away.

>"A difference between most women and most men is the following. If the enemy comes to your house, a woman runs and hides (a sure way to lose it all). A man heroically kills the enemy or heroically dies trying."

I'm not most women. I was raised to be self-sufficient and thrifty. I've been alone for many years, with no family. I've never had the option of relying on anyone to protect me. I've had to defend myself from apelike marauders a few times, since I live in a neighbourhood full of them. I keep various types of weapons hidden around my apartment, as well as stashes of food, water and other necessities. I wouldn't hesitate to assault or kill someone who tried to break in to my apartment.

Since the covid hoax started I've begun prepping. I'm prepping for power, food and water shortages so that I will survive if I'm stuck in my 16th floor apartment without power and water (it happens all the time anyway). I'm also prepping for the possibility that I will have to flee my home to escape the state's attempts to bully me into being vaccinated. I think that the groups of people they want dead will be deliberately poisoned with a different version of the vaccine from what others receive. Then they will blame the coronavirus for the murders. I'm a member of one of those groups, so I'd be literally fleeing for my life.

JT Custer said...

to Rose Fox:
Admirable comment.
However, I know Canadian men who have guns, and I am talking especially about a man who agrees with me on jews, race, etc., and friends of his. Plus, there are millions of other Whites with guns bought for hunting and whatever. Recently, the jewed Canadian govt said it wanted guns to be turned in, right?, amounting to a voluntary confiscation, and most men are NOT turning in their guns. Perhaps you simply waited too long before realizing you really ought to have armed yourself.

Rose Fox said...

>Perhaps you simply waited too long before realizing you really ought to have armed yourself."

No, I looked into getting a gun license years ago. I would never pass a background check because I'm a real loner who hasn't been able to work for 10 years (hit by a car) and so I have no references whatsoever. I would also be denied for medical reasons. I'd love to have a gun but unless I find a way to buy one illegally it will never happen. In the meantime I'm looking at getting another projectile weapon like a crossbow.

But yes I'm aware that there are still some White Canadians with guns. I grew up in a rural area where everyone was into hunting moose, bear, deer etc. My crack about gangsters and cops applies to places like the shithole where I live, Moronto. Not many Whites with guns here unless they're cops.