Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Life In COVID-Land Where The PCR Testing Is A Complete Fraud - Another Testing Debacle!

 I decided to change up my titles for my attacks on the entire scam-demic for a change... I have been putting up in the headers "The COVID-19 Bullshit" for some 400+ articles at this blog, and I figure it was time to change that wording to "The COVID-19 Hoax".... It still means the same of course, for all we are dealing with is probably the greatest FRAUD and HOAX ever perpetrated on all humanity!

I have been especially going after the fraud "PCR testing" for the last while with article after article showing proof positive that the 'tests' that these criminals have been using to find 'positive cases' of this "virus' that STILL to this day has never been isolated in ANY laboratory world wide and therefore still has NOT even been proven to even exist at all, are totally inaccurate and should never ever be used for detection of ANY disease, period.... 

The fact that the "PCR tests" have been proven again and again to be useless and in fact should never be used for any 'testing' is as fact, and yet I am so troubled on a daily basis to see RETARDS out there lining up at 'testing centers' across this city to allow themselves to be subjected to THAT exact "PCR testing"! These RETARDS that to me are simply too stupid to live are in fact putting their lives and their very future in many cases in the hands of criminals who will in fact randomly choose who is to be labeled as a 'positive case' for this still unproven 'virus'... Honestly, how stupid and moronic are people these days?

OK, I have become a fan of a great video producer out of Ohio, who goes by the name of "Pamela Popper"... I have already put up some of her great videos here at this blog that attack this COVID-19 fraud, and I do want to present her brand new video that was just released earlier today, entitled: "Another Testing Debacle" that is a must see by everyone for it goes directly after the fraudulence of the so called 'PCR testing".... Here in fact is that video, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Like I said, Pamela Popper has indeed turned into a valuable ally in this fight against these pricks and their fraud scam-demic.... 

I do hope that her videos continue to survive on that hideous 'Youtube' site... If not, I absolutely do want to see her continue her work over at 'Brandnewtube', and I will be putting the links up to those videos here of course...

And I absolutely do want to see what happens with the lawsuit in Ohio, as well as the one in Pennsylvania... If the lawyers are successful and have the outrageous 'restrictions' against the citizens there lifted, then there will be a domino effect happening where other states will follow and rid themselves of the restrictions as well... That effect may even spread up here to Canada!

Thus we have further proof that the PCR testing is nothing more than an unmitigated disaster and should NEVER be used as a 'standard' for determining the presence of ANY 'virus' at all... And yet we see the ass clowns up here in Manitoba continue unabated with their fraud testing, which to me should be halted immediately!   

More to come


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greencrow said...

Unfortunately, the "pricks" are making Brandnewtube upload very slowly. They can do things like that to their competition. That's ONE reason we call them "pricks".