Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Could The COVID-19 Vaccine Be Canceled Before The First Injection?

 Well... Onto even more information to blast away at this COVID-19 scam-demic..... I have almost completely now given up on the stupid ass RETARDED sheep out there, as every time I now approach any of those dumb fucks wearing face diapers and try to even start a simple conversation about how this is a massive hoax, almost ALL of those morons just turn around and walk away while a few actually become very belligerent and at times have wanted to "punch me in the mouth" for trying to reach them with common sense.... Honestly, you really can not fix stupid and that is exactly what I am seeing more and more every day!

Meanwhile, I have been looking at all facets of this scam-demic for nearly 500 articles at this blog now, and for this article I want to once again take a closer look at that deadly 'vaccine' that these fucking bastards do indeed want to inject us all with and turn us basically into worm-human hybrids!  And I therefore do want to present the following important article from Jon Rappoport, through his website at www.nomorefakenews.com.... This one is entitled: "Could The COVID-19 Vaccine Be Canceled Before The First Injection?" and I absolutely do have it right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves.. As usual I have my own thoughts and comments about this article to follow:

Could the COVID vaccine be canceled before the first injection?

Follow-up: the astounding failure of all three COVID vaccine clinical trials

by Jon Rappoport

September 29, 2020

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I covered this breaking story last week.

I analyzed a startling piece in the NY Times that torpedoed the major clinical trials now underway, headed up by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.

My readers, who know the devil is in the details, saw how absurd these trials are.

Now I want to go back and fill in a few new facts that round out the picture.

As a result of increased scrutiny and pressure, the vaccine companies couldn’t just say their experimental COVID vaccine produced antibodies, meaning there was a “proper immune response” to the vaccine. That wouldn’t be enough to win FDA approval.

No, they would have to create two huge groups of human volunteers, give one group the vaccine, and the other group a saltwater placebo shot.

Then what?

Then wait. Since these companies believe the coronavirus is everywhere, descending from the clouds and infecting millions of people, they would wait for some volunteers to “catch COVID-19.”

How many volunteers? 150. That’s the magic number.

At that point, the clinical trial would stop. Everything would stop.

The big reveal would take place. Of these 150 cases of COVID-19, how many occurred in volunteers who got the vaccine, and how many COVID-19 cases occurred in the volunteers who got the placebo saltwater shot?

Get it? In other words, this information would show how successful the vaccine was in protecting the volunteers from COVID-19.

What would the vaccine companies be hoping and praying for? A breakdown like this: only 50 COVID-19 cases in the vaccine group, and 100 cases in the placebo group.

Why? Because this would prove the vaccine was 50% effective in preventing COVID-19. And that percentage is all the FDA requires to issue an authorization for the vaccine—an authorization to shoot up all Americans.

Absurd. Preposterous. 150 volunteers determine whether 350 million Americans will be targeted for a vaccine. But that’s not the bottom line in this story.

Let’s return to the beginning again. The vaccine companies, forced to enroll tens of thousands of live humans in their clinical trials, need to decide: who will these volunteers be?

Will they be the elderly, most of whom are already ill with prior conditions, their immune systems already very weak—who could—as even public health agencies warn—keel over from any vaccine injection? Of course not.

The volunteers will have to be healthy adults. Yes. But that presents a huge and fateful problem.

Remember, these volunteers, after they receive either the vaccine or the placebo, will be sent back to live their lives while everyone waits. Waits to see who “catches COVID-19.”

What sort of COVID-19 illness? Very mild? Quite serious?

The answer is obvious. It can’t be “quite serious.” That would mean pneumonia. The vaccine companies could wait around for 10 years and still not record 150 cases of real pneumonia among these HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS.

No, the vaccine companies would wait for 150 mild cases of COVID-19. Meaning, nothing more than a simple cough, or chills and fever, and a positive PCR test.

(In this article, I won’t describe the MANY problems with the worthless and deceptive PCR test.)

Can you see it yet? The vaccine companies are in a box. They’re trapped.

Their whole clinical trial is DESIGNED to prove the vaccine can protect against MILD CASES of COVID-19. That’s all.




Verdict: the three major ongoing clinical trials of a COVID vaccine are useless. Regardless of outcome, regardless of what kind of vaccine is being tested, the designed protocol for the clinical trials makes the trials irrelevant, useless, and pointless.

Will scientists and doctors and civilians wake up and flood the FDA with objections, and force the agency to reject these clinical trials and these vaccine companies?

Can we spread the truth about these clinical trials far and wide?

“Let’s wait and see what happens” isn’t good enough.

Not by a long shot.

NTS Notes: I do agree with Jon on so many points that he presents  in this article..

However, I do believe that it is already a 'done deal' to have the sheep out there injected with their poisons, simply because the dumb ass RETARDED sheep are simply so heavily brainwashed and put into states of panic that the majority of them will actually DEMAND that they be injected with these deadly viruses and most will simply not even give a shit about its deadly side effects!  This is what happens when simple minded morons are inundated on a daily basis with COVID-19 bullshit brainwashing on a 24/7 round the clock basis!

And yes, Jon is right that the clinical trials are useless and are never going to follow proper protocols for testing and approving this new 'vaccine', but again it is the ignorance of the people out there that WANT this deadly concoction no matter what that is driving the push to have the 'vaccine' released to the public very soon and with absolutely NO safety measures at all...

Thus the day is coming very soon when these monsters will have their 'vaccine' released and we will see very shortly after the first injections where thousands of the most stupid morons and RETARDS imaginable coming down with horrific side effects and/or dying!   And the liars in the Jewish controlled media will be there to claim 'Oh well, that is the small price to pay to curing people of this ' deadly virus''... Sadly, most of the  brain dead out there will accept that sinister and evil claim by the liars in the media and continue to line up like mutton heads to receive their lethal injections as well...

The bottom line is simple.. Do NOT take their vaccines, period, end of story.. Even if they try to make them 'mandatory' find any means necessary to absolutely refuse their poisons being injected in our bodies... Our lives depend on it!

More to come


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Rose Fox said...

If they can lie about the PCR test why wouldn't they lie about a vaccine?

The purpose of this vaccine is not to stop or prevent covid. Covid is just the excuse to stick a needle in our arms and enslave us. So it doesn't matter if it "works" or not. It doesn't matter if testing doesn't meet the CDC's or WHO's standards. They will just lie that it does work and that it's some kind of magic bullet to get the lockdowns lifted if everyone gets the shot.

The vaccine won't be cancelled no matter what happens when they test it. Its purpose is to genetically modify, cull the unwanted, control and track people, not stop the spread of disease. If anyone ends up permanently damaged or dead during the vaccine trials, we won't be told about it.