Saturday, September 12, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Video By Vernon Coleman - We're Fighting For Our Lives

I posted an interesting article the other day entitled: "The Infiltrated Revolution" as it was sent my way for my own assessment by my colleague John Kaminski in the United States.... I looked at that article by Miles Mathis, and I decided to put up an article at this blog to ask others what they thought about the material it contained, and if it had any validity.... The results I got were a bit unexpected as several commentators thought I actually agreed with the material (WHY then did I put it up at this blog as a question??) while a few others gave my their own two cents worth and showed me evidence that this "Miles Mathis" himself may be a "disinformation agent" himself.....

The fact is that I do NOT agree with a lot of what that 'Miles Mathis" had to say, and after reading a few other articles from that person, I too am wondering if HE is the real 'disinformation agent'!  I therefore am going to leave that article up just to show that there are indeed 'disinformation agents' in our midst, and especially with this scam-demic still going strong.....

Meanwhile, I see that Vernon Coleman has released a new video, and I do want to share it with my own readers here... This one comes from the "Brandnewtube" server and not that gawd awful "Youtube" and is entitled: "We're Fighting For Our Lives" and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves.. .I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, this is the same 'Vernon Coleman' that "Miles Mathis" is claiming a disinformation agent... I honestly have been listening to his 'Old Man In A Chair' videos that are tackling the entire 'scamdemic' head on, and all I can say is; If Vernon is a 'disinformation agent', I do not see it at all!

I will therefore continue with the "Old Man In A Chair" series of videos as they are indeed very important in this war against the criminals that want us all living in so much fear and want us all vaccinated with their poisons... Vernon Coleman has been so spot on in his statements that we should never ever take vaccines, and his videos therefore should be shared by everyone...

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Penny said...

I've found nothing to question Mr Coleman's activity at this time.
So thanks for sharing his latest- He did exit Youtube due to their extremely heavy handed censorship from what I understand. Youtube is an issue. On that I can agree

Thinking....... said...

To date any of the video he has put out, I found all his information to be very well researched and right on the money. He does a great job and his presentations are always easy to listen too.

Rose Fox said...

I read Coleman's website rather than watching his videos anyway, both because he was being censored and because I prefer to read rather than watching videos. Everything he says is pure common sense to me, and he has a long history of correctly predicting things about the medical industry and society. On his website he also has pamphlets that can be printed out and distributed.

For covid Dr Coleman been making some pretty practical and sensible suggestions, like stocking up on canned goods. I've noticed in the past few months that grocery prices have skyrocketed. I'm on a fixed income. The math is easy. Buy now while I can still afford it, to stave off starvation in six months or less. If prices don't go up I can still eat the food later on.

One of his newest entries on his website echoes what I've been posting here for a while about Christmas and the lockdowns going on forever. The entry is called "This Fraud is Now Blindingly Obvious". Apparently the UK has been placed in lockdown again with a similar level of oppression as is being practiced in Australia now. Canada will be next.

"However, I fear there is a real chance that these new laws will stay.

I fear they want to cancel Christmas this year. Heaven forbid that we should celebrate a religious festival or have any fun. Most retailers rely on Christmas sales. If town and city centres are destroyed for another couple of months then there will be no shops in 2021.

And if cafes, pubs and restaurants are shut for another month or two then most of them will die for ever.

None of this is accidental, in my view.

And, in my opinion, none of it is due to the coronavirus. None of these new laws is due to covid-19. The evidence shows that covid-19 is, relatively speaking, now almost insignificant. The British government’s figures show that less than 1% of weekly deaths can possibly be connected to covid-19.

Similar figures for other countries – such as Australia – confirm that we are being bullied, harassed, oppressed, silenced and punished because that’s what they can do – not because it’s what they need to do."

Now that seems sensible to me - unlike the drivel from Mathis, who's nothing but a contrarian and a kook who can't stand it when someone else knows more about something than he does. I still thank NTS for posting the Mathis article. It's an excellent example of the work of a true agent of disinformation, trying to steer people in the wrong direction for the purpose of self-glorification. Whenever you see an article like that one, the first thing to do is look up the author and see what others have to say about them.