Monday, September 7, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Should You Need An "Exemption" To Say NO To A Face Diaper (Mask) Or A Vaccine?

I did not mention it earlier... But I was of course out and about yesterday getting a few grocery items at the local supermarket, and for a change I decided to enter that establishment NOT having the face diaper covering my face.. Instead I had it just hanging at the bottom of my chin.... I wanted to see the reaction and to find out if any 'Karens' would show their ugly faces and scream at me for not putting my health destroying face diaper over my mouth and my nose...

Lo and behold, but NOBODY came around like I have seen them do in the past to make sure that everyone was obedient slaves and that they had their germ filled face diapers over their ugly mugs!  I went through the entire store and through the checkout without anyone screaming at me for not having the diaper up, and other than a few usual ass clowns with their face diapers up having their usual look of fear that I could not help but notice as I went down the aisles, I went about my business and went out the door completely unscathed!  

The point is that in spite of the ludicrous 'rules' there is still nobody enforcing them as of yet, thank goodness, to the degree that we see elsewhere around the world, at least in these parts... But mandatory face mask enforcement is indeed coming for the constant brainwashing of the morons out there is still as strong as ever via the Jewish controlled media up here in central Canada....

Thus there is a question that I have recently wanted an answer to... Should anyone be forced to obtain an 'exemption' to be able to say NO to both 'face diapers' and of course the 'vaccine' that these fuckers are wanting to unleash on all of us???  And to answer that question, I want to turn to a brand new article that comes from the 'Vaxxter" website, at, that is entitled: "Should You Need An "Exemption" To Say No To A Mask Or A Vaccine?".... I have that entire very important article right here for  everyone to view and contemplate for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments of course to follow:

Should You Need an “Exemption” to Say No to a Mask or a Vaccine?

By Janet Levatin, MD, HMC, Holistic Pediatrician
In these times of mask mandates, saying no to unwanted mask usage has become difficult.
If you say no to vaccines, or chemotherapy, or statin drugs… or any medical procedure or intervention you don’t wish to have, no one knows you have refused as you walk down the street, browse in a shop, go to school, enjoy a day at the beach or as you attend a movie, play, or concert. It is your private business.
If people know you haven’t been vaccinated or if they find out you are a full-fledged “anti-vaxxer,” a lot of hatred may be directed at you. While many are aware of the dangers associated with vaccines, the majority still buy into the party line that vaccines are safe and effective and feel it is everyone’s “duty to society” to be vaccinated. After all, they believe that YOU need to be vaccinated to protect the HEALTH of others.
Mask requirements and mask mandates have completely changed these dynamics. You may have done your research and you may understand completely there is no science to support that a healthy person wearing a mask does nothing except make the mask-wearer ill. anything to stop the spread of viruses. You may even know that wearing a mask can increase or induce a variety of medical and psychological problems. For these reasons and many others, you may be refusing to wear a mask. And you may have already found out that this decision can lead to exclusion, derogation, and possibly even violent, aggressive acts.
It seems fairly obvious that the mask orders have been put in place to 1) control us, and 2) divide us, and they appear to be doing a good job. Unlike refusing vaccines, a choice that is invisible to others, declining to wear a mask is the first thing people notice about you these days. This immediately sets up a division and polarizes us before we even say hello. Smiling as a greeting has become a thing of the past.
I estimate that perhaps 50% of the population who thinks wearing a mask is a good idea has never stopped to think about the ramifications of their compliance. They wear the mask almost all the time, even if they wear it incorrectly. They are on board with the agenda and obediently comply. They are now referred to as “pro-maskers.”
The other 50% understand that wearing a mask is unnecessary, unhealthy, and ridiculous. Let’s call these people “anti-maskers.” Even though they understand the myth of the mask, most anti-maskers still wear a mask for a variety of reasons: They think it is the law; they are worried about confrontations; they want to be approved of as ‘good citizens’; they believe they are doing a ‘small act’ to make others feel ‘comfortable.’
While anti-maskers are not trying to force pro-maskers to stop them from wearing masks, the same cannot be said of most pro-maskers. They forcibly push the pro-masking agenda by denying mask-free shoppers entry into stores, terminating their jobs, refusing medical care, refusing access to travel and other events, and even resorting to verbal and physical confrontation.
To avoid the pro-mask, heavy-handed compliance rules, many people seeking a medical or religious medical exemption to avoid being coerced into wearing a mask against their will. The mask mandates come with a list of exceptions, especially medical conditions. A medical exemption is written to provide immunity to a political regulation…or at least it is supposed to. Exemptions to refuse vaccines have been used for decades and are codified into the laws of most states. But they are only written to apply to school-aged children and grades K through 12. Because the vaccine exemption laws were written more than 100 years ago for most states, vaccine exceptions do not apply to college, business or industry.
It is important to understand that up until now, mask recommendations are just that: recommendations. They are not legislatively-enacted laws and thus do not technically need to be obeyed.

Mask Exemptions

Can we claim medical or religious exemptions to avoid wearing masks? Will an exemption work? Will laws be put into place that take away our right to say no? And more importantly, why do we even need to ask these questions?
I assert that we should not even need to say why we are choosing to not wear masks. Not wearing masks should be the norm, and wearing them should be an exception.
Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers simply want to live in the world in our natural state, breathing the pure air that nature provides us and living with the uncontaminated body we were born with. It is a false narrative and an agenda to control our every move when we are required to submit to invasive procedures to protect the health of others. Especially when those measures can make us sick or even kill us.
Here are few things you can do to fight against both mask and vaccine mandates:
  1. If you have any media contacts, encourage them to at least present both sides of the issue. If the media followed mask illness and vaccine injuries in the same way they have promoted “safe” use of masks and vaccines, the truth would immediately eliminate all mandates…and wake up the masses.
  2. Contact your state and federal legislators frequently. Once is not enough. Let them know that you do not support mandates for masks or vaccines and that you are watching how they vote on these issues.
  3. Talk to individuals who are wearing masks because they think they “should”. Encourage them to stand stong in their beliefs and to not wear a mask. I do not wear a mask. If I am challenged, I say, “I have a condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. I would like to shop in your store/eat in your restaurant. I hope that’s OK.” If they refuse, I take my business and my money elsewhere.
  4. There are several lawsuits currently underway to take legal action against the forced mandates. Help those groups to raise funds to support their advocacy work and their legal action.
  5. Join local activist groups to network with like-minded people in your community and with organizations that align with your point of view. There is strength in numbers and you will find you are not alone.
Pro-maskers can wear their masks and anti-maskers must be able to go without masks without suffering unwanted consequences. We need freedom from fear-mongering and propaganda that are creating schisms in our society that may not be reversible. The bottom line is we need to fight for and defend our freedom of choice.
Get involved. Every person is needed in this battle for freedom. Protect the rights of your great-grandchildren. Once your right to refuse it gone, it will likely be gone forever.

NTS Notes: I do agree with the conjectures put out by this article, especially the thought that since many idiots out there are convinced by the brainwashing that their 'masks' protect them from this 'deadly virus', then WHY force mask wearing on those who simply do not want to wear them?  This simple question has always been a quandary to myself, and everyone should indeed be asking that exact same question every time they have to go to a business or establishment that has now tried to make it 'mandatory' to wear face diapers!

I therefore must agree with the conclusions stated in this article that face diapers are being shoved on our faces for both a method of control and as a method to divide all of us!   And the point that we should have the freedom to choose if we want to wear a face diaper or not should be allowed as our right and the right to defend our freedom of choice...

I also agree with the statements made in this article about 'vaccines'.... Most people out there still do not even bother to research 'vaccines' at all and their horrific side effects... AND much like forcing  people to 'wear face diapers', WHY would these same criminals want to force vaccines on all of us, if the vaccines do protect those who have  been 'vaccinated' from any diseases and especially against those who simply do not want to take the shots at all?   That is another quandary and another one that people should be asking themselves...

The 5 points at the end of this article are key for this fight against 'mandatory' mask wearing.... I personally can not wear a face diaper for too much time due to my bad sinuses and difficulty breathing through that gawd damn diaper.....It will be interesting if the local government here in Manitoba does indeed allow 'exemptions' to their upcoming face diaper law indeed...

More to come



Rose Fox said...

I completely agree with the idea that we SHOULD not be forced to wear masks. However, the article claims that masks are only a "recommendation" when this is clearly false, at least in most of Canada. The tyrants used municipal by-laws to avoid having mask laws debated in (shuttered) Parliament or provincial legislatures. Municipal politicians are often more corrupt than their provincial and federal counterparts. But by-laws are still laws, which is why Canadians are being fined, jailed or even executed (old man in Minden Ontario) for not wearing them.

Re "what we can do". Options 1-3 are not viable in my opinion. Talking to the paid-off jews media in Canada is like talking to a brick wall. You're more likely to end up on the front pages being vilified as a kook and a menace to society if you talk to them. We do have alternative media which cover a few covid related stories but for the most part they fall in line with the bribe takers.

Talk to a Karen in a grocery store? You do so at your own risk. You're most likely to be verbally abused, assaulted and have the police called on you. As I've stated before, they are enemy collaborators. In war you don't just walk up to the enemy and try to convince them to join your side. These are oxygen deprived cult brainwashing victims, they aren't rational so don't expect a rational response.

#4 is a big one which we can do. I just finished donating to Vaccine Choice Canada which is the lead plaintiff in a massive lawsuit against the federal, Ontario and Toronto municipal governments for their mishandling of the covid-19 outbreak. There are other deserving groups fighting against this scamdemic who could use some help.

#5 is something else I recommend. If there aren't any groups protesting in your area you can still join and support them online via their websites. I hate Facebook but some of the groups only have a presence there.

Finally, an FYI. Vernon Coleman is finished with JewTube and from now on he will be hosting his videos on Brand New Tube. Here is his latest one:

Howie said...

Why don't you use your exemption from mandatory masks.The Province of Manitoba website clearly states that masks should not be worn by those who have trouble breathing.You don't need to provide proof. Print a copy and carry it in your wallet.

P.S. I commend you highly for your excellent blog.


Thinking....... said...

This is an interesting read.
There is a part in there about those who wear masks can
be more aggressive. Oddly enough all the protests I have seen with those who do not wear a mask are peaceful.
When you look at the BLM protests in the US boy, is that a different story and they wear masks. Many of those protesters are white. I think they might even be worse. I have seen some nasty things happen with those protesters. So the aggressive part has a lot of merit.

And just to give you a giggle.

Wear a mask while having sex, Canada’s top doctor suggests

Dr Theresa Tam advises the WHO
So now when I am out in stores and I see a couple shopping I try to imagine them doing this. I never wear a mask, so they always wonder what I am laughing at. Every time I laugh, when I think about it. I just can't really imagine anyone in their right mind, doing that. So that has become a new hobby of mine. I now laugh all the time. Now those who wear masks, amuse me to no end. My bad. It is Tam's fault I do that. Ever hear that old saying, when your laughing, it makes people wonder, what you are up to? I now have a compulsive laughing disorder, thanks to to Tam.

Rose Fox said...

>"There is a part in there about those who wear masks can
be more aggressive."

That's because when the monsters and tyrants were choosing a lie to foist upon the world, they carried out psych tests for 10 years to see which lie would cause both governments and the public to become more authoritarian. Pandemic was the hands down winner because people become militant and will follow any idiotic "health" regimen out of fear when they feel their health is being threatened by some nebulous pathogen.

>"When you look at the BLM protests in the US boy, is that a different story and they wear masks. Many of those protesters are white. I think they might even be worse. I have seen some nasty things happen with those protesters. So the aggressive part has a lot of merit."

That's because those so called protesters are not BLM, they are Antifa. Though there's little difference between the two, that includes the fact that both of these terrorist groups are funded by Soros and the other monsters. Antifa have been around since the 1920's and have always hidden behind masks. Both groups are hard core communists. I've noticed that the numbers of blacks in these riots have decreased and Antifa members have replaced them. That's because many blacks are denouncing BLM.

>"I now have a compulsive laughing disorder, thanks to to Tam."
It's hard not to laugh at someone whose face looks like it's melting off of her head, and who couldn't get laid no matter how many masks she wears. She's heavily in bed with WHO and its terrorist director-general with the un-spellable name. I wonder if she wears a mask when she's in bed with the WHO? Here's an interesting article about her "qualifications":