Thursday, September 17, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Newest Vernon Coleman Video - Everything That Has Happened Was Meant To Happen!

Well... I am finally done with work and family requirements for today, and it is time to relax.... I am now able to sit down and surf the Internet to both keep up with what has been happening in our sick COVID-19 bullshit scam-demic ruined world, and to post a few articles at this blog....

And of course, I ran across Vernon Coleman's latest video and I do want to post that video up here for all of my own readers to view for themselves... This one comes from that UNCENSORED video site called 'Brandnewtube' and is entitled: "Everything That Has Happened Was Meant To Happen" and I want to share that video with my own readers here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

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*This figures.. The buggers behind Blogger are now screwing around with Brandnewtube videos... This brand new 'blogger' will not allow Brandnewtube videos to be loaded? And only wants "Youtube" videos instead!

If that does not come up automatically as a video with your server, here is the link to that video here:

NTS Notes: I absolutely agree with Vernon Coleman as he continues to rip and shred the bullshit of wearing face diapers... I had to endure that stupidity myself earlier when I had to go and pick up a few groceries from the local supermarket and much to my chagrin almost ALL patrons to that store are now wearing face diapers!

And yes, Belarus has indeed refused to bend over to the criminals in the Rothschild controlled IMF and impose ludicrous and bullshit "COVID-19 restrictions" on its nation's people....  It is indeed pure bribery, and sadly countries like my own Canada has indeed accepted that criminal bribery and has imposed horrific lockdowns and restrictions on their own people...

Vernon Coleman is absolutely right about how most people are absolutely unaware that this present scam-demic was designed and planned DECADES ago, and after some trial runs (Zika Virus, Swine Flu, SARS, etc) where they learned how the sheep would react in each case, they finally had everything ready for this present scam and unleashed it on us over 9 months ago.... It has all been part of their plans and they absolutely want most of us  all dead....

Vernon Coleman also talks about the fraud of 'Climate Change' which I have been blasting away for years now as one of the  greatest hoaxes in all human history... .Obviously these monsters realized that the Climate Change fraud would not work, so they decided to run with this scam-demic instead...

Yes, everything that is happening to us now under the guise of this 'deadly virus' bullshit has been planned for decades and sadly too many sheep out there cannot see that as obvious... Sadly most are simply too stupid and ignorant now and will blindly accept what is planned next which is the criminals' deadly vaccines.....And everything is absolutely going as planned to that eventual goal...

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Freeborn said...

Please God the muzzled morons die in their beds with their masks on!

U wonder how Miles Mathis has his doubts re-infiltrators or "antis" as he calls them. I think Mathis has always asked the right questions but that doesn't mean he always comes up with the right answers.

Vernon Coleman is a prolific writer and has hundreds of books to his name. I have two of them and I picked one up the other day: The Truth They Won't Tell U (and Don't Want You To Know) About the EU (2005). On page 40, Vernon drew attention to the Illuminati plan to:

1. Abolish all individual governments.
2. Abolish all private property.
3. Abolish inheritance.
4. Abolish patriotism.
5. Abolish religion.
6. Abolish the family.
7. Create a World Government.

Everything Coleman is saying in this latest video confirms that the Plan is now proceeding apace and that if humanity doesn't wake up the totalitarian Rockefeller/Rothschild boot will be stamping on our faces for all eternity!

So, given Coleman's consistency and clarity I think Mathis is wrong to single him out as an "infiltrator". Moreover, he is probably wrong about Icke and Eustace Mullins (RIP) too.

Mathis spends a lot of time painting beautiful women. He has written some insightful essays about how US intelligence promoted Modernism and writers like Scott Fitzgerald.

However, as to which of these researchers will be more use to us in the Resistance during the current crisis - my money's on Coleman! His videos are having worldwide impact - deservedly so. The man is a legend in his own time. His libertarian credentials and concern for the quality of human life are laid bare in these poignant "Old Man in a Chair" talks.

Many thanks for posting NTS.

Alvearium said...

As John Kaminski once said: "those writers who use Hitler as an example of the greatest arch villain of all time are merely displaying their own brainwashing".

Sorry but I do not trust a first decontextualized and a second false quote...

Check this:

Coleman said: "It was Adolf Hitler, who was a master at mass manipulation and the use of subliminal techniques. And it was Hitler who also commented that it was good fortune for governments that the mass of people did not think".

Also written at:

This Coleman is not worthy.