Friday, September 25, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: My Province, Manitoba, Is Making Face Diapers Mandatory In ALL Public Places In Winnipeg Effective Monday, September 28th, 2020 - Based On Nothing But Lies Of Course!

 I have been resisting the usage of 'face diapers' as much as I could over these last 6+ months since the Pallister regime that runs this province announced their bullshit "state of emergency" back in mid-March... 

But slowly but surely over these last few months, I have seen so many RETARDS here in this province bend over and buckle to the 'pressure' exerted by the criminals in the Jewish controlled media and more and more they have been donning face masks everywhere they went!   

I still refused to accept such enslavement of course and I had hoped that most people would see the obvious in that wearing FACE DIAPERS was probably THE most stupid thing they could ever do, as all that those face coverings did was restrict users' vital Oxygen supplies, and cause serious health issues as the users would be breathing in their own exhaled air that contained bacteria, viruses, and other material that their bodies were trying to expel simply by exhaling those dangerous particles back into the air!

But NOOOOOO... As time has progressed, I have watched as businesses everywhere across this formerly free province put up signs FORCING patrons to wear FACE DIAPERS or be refused entry into their premises.... I knew that the clock was ticking, and that the criminals in the Pallister regime that has already destroyed this province with their stupidity of lockdowns, 'social distancing' and forced isolation, would resort to a dirty handed method of 'forced and mandatory' face diaper wearing on EVERYONE... .

AND lo and behold, but just earlier today these Pallister scumbags passed a new 'ordinance' demanding that ALL Manitobans living in the city of Winnipeg to wear FACE DIAPERS in public places starting this coming Monday, the 28th of September!  Here is an article from the Canadian Press online news service, at, that covers shit horrific new turn for the worse for this province here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Manitoba makes masks mandatory for Winnipeg as COVID-19 cases surge

The Canadian Press

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 12:09 PM


WINNIPEG — Manitoba's chief provincial public health officer is making masks mandatory in indoor public spaces in Winnipeg, as cases of COVID-19 continue to surge in the capital city. 

Dr. Brent Roussin said Friday there are 54 new cases of the virus in the province — 44 of them are in the Winnipeg health region.

In response, the city has been moved up to a code orange classification in the province's pandemic response system.

Indoor and outdoor gatherings are also be restricted to 10 people.

"The more contacts each of us has puts each of us at risk," Roussin said. 

"We need to ensure we are making careful choices about who we are spending time with, the nature of that time, as well as the amount of people."

The mask mandate comes into effect on Monday. Roussin said it will be in place for at least a month. 

The restrictions will also apply to communities in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region surrounding the city.

Earlier this week, the province's top doctor said that in half of recent cases people had visited bars, pubs and restaurants.

Public health officials are consulting with the restaurant industry, Roussin said, and further restrictions could be coming.

For now, restaurants and bars can be open but people must wear a mask when they aren't seated at a table eating or drinking.

There have been 1,764 COVID-19 cases in Manitoba and 487 are currently active. Thirteen people are in hospital and six are in intensive care. Nineteen people have died. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 25, 2020.

NTS Notes: Honestly, that "Doctor" Brent Roussin, who to me is such a scumbag and a real criminal bastard who is purposely destroying this province with his COVID-19 bullshit should be in jail for what he has done and is continuing to do...

And this creature is so full of shit, as those '54' new cases that he claims has caused him to take this 'action' are bogus to start with, as they are ALL derived from the horrid "PCR tests" that are absolutely fraudulent and generate ONLY 'false positive' results!

I knew these pricks would resort to this level of evil, as they are now pushing the BULLSHIT that this province is in a 'second wave' of this non-existent 'scam-demic' and now through that 'fear porn' that this 'virus will kill you' bullshit, they are wanting everyone here in Manitoba to be FORCED to wear face diapers that ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WORK AGAINST VIRUSES, PERIOD!...

What we have here is so obvious.. The criminals running this world wide scam are indeed wanting all local governments everywhere across this nation and elsewhere to force their citizens to wear face diapers that will actually WEAKEN the user's own immune system by once again forcing dangerous particles, bacteria, viruses, etc, right back into the user's body itself!   

I knew this was coming, for the fuckers behind this entire scam-demic do need to see the suckers out there have their immune systems severely compromised by every means necessary, especially by the cutting off of vital Oxygen and regurgitation of germs in victims by forcing them to wear face diapers!  It is all part of their sinister planning and the fuckers in charge here in Manitoba are following their masters' orders!

And notice that this prick, Roussin, is stating that this will be in place for 'at least a month'... Care to bet that this horrible situation will be in place UNTIL we all here in Manitoba bend over and accept their DNA destroying 'vaccines' as the way to not have to don a 'face diaper'?

Yes, I knew this was coming.... And as of Monday, I do wonder what the pricks in charge will do to me when I do not wear a face diaper out in public?   It is enough to make me puke!

OK Manitoba, you get what you deserve by allowing this scam to continue unchecked.... Now the criminals are taking the next step in the madness by seeing our health destroyed by face diapers and putting that into a law that will probably be around indefinitely!  I for one knew this was coming, and all I could do was try to be a voice of reason out there but apparently few have been listening..

More to come


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