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The COVID-19 Bullshit: Mayors, Governors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Kings, Queens, Popes, Potentates - They Are ALL Responsible For Allowing This Scam To Continue!

I have been keeping tabs on the horrific and worsening situation "down under" in both New Zealand, and now especially in Australia.... I put out a recent article showing how the fucking criminal bastards in Australia's enslaved state of Victoria had the unmitigated gall to actually arrest a pregnant woman for doing nothing more than speaking her mind via 'Facebook'!   To me, I find it especially maddening that the people of the state of Victoria in Australia are just sitting back like fucking dumb ass sheep and doing absolutely nothing to stop such tyranny.....I do hope those who sit back and live in fear and are too pussified to do anything will enjoy the deadly vaccines that are indeed coming...

But what especially aggravates me is HOW the so called 'leaders' of our nations have allowed the fucking criminals from that Bill Gates controlled and run and most evil World Health Organization control their nations and dictate to them how to run their nation and their peoples' lives during this fraud scam-demic...

It is especially sickening to watch here in Canada, for example, how that Justin Trudeau shit for brains has allowed that MAN, Tan Yongshi, who is impersonating one very ugly woman named "Teresa Tam", to control our nation and assert its foul authority over all Canadians and using this 'scam-demic' to assert that authority...  And of course I do wonder WHY the Canadian people are not in open rebellion and demand that this 'Teresa Tam' be thrown into prison for the rest of that miserable and ugly creature's life for its horrific ruination of this country!

And of course the US government continues to place itself at the mercy of the evil CDC which has dictated how that nation was to lock down the American public now nearly 6 months ago,and subsequently nearly cripple the US economy in the process... And the US government let this happen knowing that the damage done would take decades to fix if not never!

And I am not alone in wondering what the fuck ever happened to our nations'  leadership and why they do not step forward and do what is RIGHT for our people.... For according to the following new article that comes from Jon Rappoport, through his blog over at, he too is wondering why these snivelling idiots and morons that call themselves 'leaders' are allowing these monsters in the criminal WHO to run and destroy their nations!  Jon's article is entitled: "Mayors, Governors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Kings, Queens, Popes, Potentates" and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to see here for themselves.. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Mayors, governors, presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, popes, potentates

by Jon Rappoport
September 2, 2020

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Based on my vast experience as a translator, this is what these leaders are saying:

“We’re too stupid to know what’s going on. So we rely on our public health officials. What they recommend becomes law or edict. Right away.”

“We’re in the process of committing economic suicide. We would ask you to join us, but there is no asking. You’re in, whether you like it or not. And the ‘we’ is a bit of a misnomer, because as leaders, our paychecks are secure. Also, ‘in the process of committing’ isn’t entirely correct, because we’ve already accomplished the aforementioned suicide. Apparently, one can achieve the act of self-destruction multiple times.”

“For example, we re-open our economies, expand testing with worthless tests, rack up false positives, and then on the basis of these meaningless case numbers, we move to lockdowns again.”

“Don’t blame us. We’re too stupid to know what we’re doing. Of course, we SEE what we’re doing, but there is a distinction between seeing and knowing. 

Our people are sorting out that distinction now, and we’ll get back to you with clarifications, as we can.”

“There are two issues we need to explain. First, the CDC has announced that only six percent of COVID deaths have been caused by the virus alone. In all other instances, the elderly victims were already suffering from multiple and serious health conditions. We’re aware that these prior conditions, plus the inflicted terror of a COVID diagnosis, plus the ensuing isolation from family and family, have been sufficient to cause death in 94 percent of ALL persons labeled ‘death by the virus.’ NO VIRUS IS REQUIRED. Startling, isn’t it? But we ignore all this. Why? Because we’re told to.”

Second, as the New York Times has revealed, up to 90 percent of all cases of COVID, defined by a positive test, are indeed meaningless, because the quantity of virus in people’s bodies is so infinitesimal, no harm would come to them and no contagion from person to person would occur. We also ignore this matter, because we’re told to.”

“Ordinarily, these two major developments would lead us to proclaim, ‘Go back to work, go back to your lives, take off your masks, it’s all over.’ But we don’t make that proclamation. We carry on as if nothing has happened. Why? 

In order to remain consistent, and because we’re told to. We’re that stupid.”

“There is a third issue, now that we think of it. The US and the UK, back in March, were considering open policies. No lockdowns. Then a demonstrably failed computer modeler named Neil Ferguson, from the Imperial College of London, stated that 500,000 people could die in the UK, and two million could die in the US. On that basis, with no investigation of Ferguson’s abysmal track record, both countries went to lockdowns and the first round of economic suicide. Other countries followed suit. Why? We leaders of these countries understood the economic and human consequences, but we didn’t GRASP the consequences. The distinction, here again, is in the process of being sorted out.”

“In the interest of full disclosure, there is a yet a fourth issue we must place on the table and enter into the record. You see, at the beginning of this whole business, in Wuhan, we really have no idea what researchers did or didn’t do, in their lab, which resulted in them announcing they had discovered a new coronavirus that was causing a serious outbreak.”

“We’re not permitted in these labs. There is no video of the step by step process which occurred in the Wuhan lab. There were no non-conflicted independent observers. Bottom line: we don’t know whether a new virus was actually discovered.”

“We do know no traditional large-scale electron microscope studies have been performed, using tissue samples from, say, a thousand patients who were supposedly afflicted with the epidemic disease.”

“We also know the researchers started with a piece of RNA they simply PRESUMED came from a virus. One more…oddity.”

“We also know the researchers stated that pneumonia was the cardinal feature of the new epidemic. Yet, going back decades, about 300,000 people a year in China die from pneumonia. That means millions of cases of pneumonia occur every year in China.”

“We also know that if these researchers in Wuhan had looked through the windows of their lab, they would have seen a deadly haze. This is called air pollution. In Wuhan, and other Chinese cities, the lethal mixture of early industrial age and modern industrial age polluting toxins is unprecedented in human history.”

“This pollution causes all sorts of lung infections, including pneumonia, which, again, was said to be cardinal feature of the NEW epidemic.”

“We know and yet we don’t know, if you catch our drift.”

“We can add things up but the conclusion evades us.”

“We see but we don’t understand.”

“However, bear with us. There is much to sort out and clarify.”

“The light WILL shine through the darkness.”

“You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”

“Thank you for your service.”

“That is all.”



NTS Notes: Jon does miss the key point in all this... The real power in the world is of course the Jewish elitists and THEY are the ones who run our nations, our economies, and the peoples' lives.. These arch-criminals are guaranteed the main thrust behind this entire scam-demic and they are the ones who most definitely ORDERED every one of the so called 'world leaders' to obey the dictates of the WHO.... Sadly, since most of the world leaders are nothing but pawns and fully controlled by these ultra-criminals, all they can say is "Yes, my masters.. I will do exactly what you command!"

Thus to me, all of our leaders that have allowed this scam-demic to continue are nothing but chicken shit pricks who should be thrown out of office immediately ... In fact many of them IMHO should indeed be hanged for allowing the level of destruction to our nations, our economies, and even our lives, that may never be matched in all of human history....

It is therefore up to the PEOPLE to do something and to take our nations back.... Get out there and defy all of these fucking restrictions every chance you can... Get out there and talk to anyone and everyone and try to get them to stop living in fear of a 'virus' that even as Jon shows, has still never been isolated to prove it even exists!... Get out there and protest, and join those upcoming protest marches and rallies in your communities, if there is one, this coming weekend....

Always remember that our leaders must answer to the will of the people.. For them to instead answer to those who think they are masters of this planet makes them nothing but criminals and it is up to the people therefore to have them removed from their positions of power and replaced by those who do answer ONLY to the will of the people.... And remember that we are the many and they are the few....

More to come


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