Sunday, September 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Sunday, September 27th, 2020: Even MORE Cases From The Fraud PCR Tests, And Still NO Deaths? Again, The Fraud In All Its Glory!

 I just finished today's weekend rant barely 10 minutes ago, and I am going right back into tackling the fraud 'scam-demic' full bore with exposing the fraud and lies of today's Manitoba Official COVID-19 report... The scumbags in charge of this scam-demic for Manitoba released their "numbers" a few hours ago, and after going through them once again carefully,  I could not help but to notice the usual of "more cases" and yet nobody is actually dying from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all! 

OK... Onto their 'numbers' and once again as I always do I want to present them right here for everyone to see in the usual 'alphabetical order':

(a) Now there is a grand total of '1880' cases of this 'deadly virus' in what is now approaching a full 28 weeks since the criminals in charge issued their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March.. This is an increase of '51' new cases from yesterday's report of '1829' total cases for that time frame..

(b) Now there are '13' cases of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals.. And '6' of those cases are in Intensive care units as well.. This is an overall increase of 'one' case from yesterday's total of '12' cases in Manitoba's hospitals..

(c) STILL (and no shock here..) there are "19" overall deaths 'from' this 'deadly virus' in the last nearly 28 weeks time frame... No increase in this death toll now in the last few days, and ALL of these 'deaths' had severe underlying health issues that were the real cause of their demise...

(d) Now there are '1272' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus'.. And no shock to me that this is an increase of ONLY ''7" recovered cases from yesterday's report of "1265" recovered cases for the nearly 28 weeks since the state of emergency declaration...

(e) Now there are '589' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of '44' active cases from yesterday's total of '545' active cases... ALL of these 'active cases' are suspect at best as they are derived from the horrible PCR tests that are hopelessly inaccurate!

Well.. NO surprise here at all as they are busy jacking up the number of  'cases' to create the illusion of this 'second wave' BUT not even bothering to emphasize that NOBODY is really dying from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all!  Am I shocked by their approach?  Absolutely not for this has been their game all along!

OK, Time to once again look closely at their 'numbers' and rip each and every one of them apart right here, and in the same alphabetical order as above:

(a) Yes, they are going to pump up this total number of cases and use this number to try to generate fear in the people here in Manitoba.. But realistically '1880' cases in a province with a population of 1.35 MILLION people is just a 'blip' and NOTHING in comparison to those in this province that have suffered from REAL respiratory illnesses over the last 6+ months time frame... But again, it is COVID-19 24/7 round the clock for the Jewish controlled media liars here in Manitoba, and thus the fear mongering continues... And did I mention that ALL of these '1880' total cases come from the fraud "PCR tests" as well?

(b) I have to laugh at this number of hospital cases, for the fact that a REAL 'health crisis' such as a REAL pandemic would have the hospitals here overloaded with patients.. What these criminals continue to do is to throw a SUCKER who was stupid enough to be tested and then claimed to be 'positive' for this 'virus' into the hospital on a periodic basis to keep the illusion of 'hospital cases dying of this virus' alive!  Meanwhile a reality check once again shows the hospitals in Manitoba nearly empty and with nearly zero of these "COVID-19" patients to boot!

(c) THIS IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE ONLY NUMBER TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT.. I cannot stress that point any more than when I continue to emphasize its importance on a daily basis...This laughably ridiculous claim of "19" deaths overall for nearly 28 weeks time frame is so bad and so in your face ludicrous, and yet they are out there screaming that '19' people have  'died' from this 'deadly virus' and refuse to even bother to point out that ALL of these deaths were FROM OTHER DISEASES that each and every one of these victims suffered from!  That coupled with the fact that 18/19 of these 'deaths' were extremely elderly patients as well and you have evidence here that NOBODY IN MANITOBA IS SUFFERING FROM THIS VIRUS AT ALL!  

(d) This number shows the clear evidence of manipulation in all its glory.... Only '7' recovered cases in the last 24 hours, and barely '50' over the last week as well shows that these monsters are purposely delaying the release of recovered cases to pump up the 'active cases' number.... This is fraud, and when this scam finally ends I do want the criminals to answer for this type of manipulation of their 'numbers'!

(e) Just like in (d), they are indeed continuing to manipulate this 'active cases' number by pumping it up via the inaccuracies and deceit of the fraud 'PCR tests' that give 100% false positive results..... Therefore the reality here is that almost ALL of these '589 active cases' are frauds and the reality is that nobody is actually carrying this 'deadly virus' at all.... In fact, I look at this and will state once again that NOBODY IN MANITOBA IS SUFFERING FROM THIS VIRUS AT ALL!

*I do want to state here clearly that I stand firmly behind ALL of my statements above and will challenge anyone to show with evidence that I am wrong... I have spent months now looking at their "numbers" and am not going to back down with my statement that these criminals are nothing but liars, manipulators, and hypocrites, and are running a horrific scam on the people of Manitoba, as well as the entire world, that continues unabated.

OK, I hope that many of the 'naysayers' that claim that I should stop with these daily reports sees the point in all this... All anyone has to do is to follow my daily report on the numbers, and they too can see how these criminals are twisting and manipulating their 'numbers' to create the illusion of this scam-demic here in Manitoba as part of their plans to keep the good citizens here living in FEAR and PANIC.... 

I do find it so disgusting and unnerving that not more of the people here are standing up against this criminal act of deception and lies... But instead all I see are gullible and stupid sheep here in Manitoba that do not bother to look closely at their 'numbers' like I do and instead are out there lining up to be 'tested' at those 'facilities' that will randomly choose which ones of the SUCKERS will be testing 'positive' for a 'virus' that still to this day has NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EVEN EXIST for the fact that it still has never been isolated in any laboratory anywhere around the planet!  Honestly, as I have said many times here, you simply cannot fix stupid!

And of course the real 'deaths' from this scam-demic continue to pile up and are never discussed by the criminals running this entire scam here in Manitoba.. I am of course talking about those who have sadly had enough and have succumbed to the fear and panic by taking their own lives via suicides.... I dearly want to make sure that these deaths are avenged and that every one of the Pallister criminals responsible for those deaths by continuing this scam get exactly what they deserve.. A good public hanging of each and every one of those criminals would indeed be a decent start IMHO..

More to come


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