Saturday, September 26, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, September 26th, 2020: A Record Number Of "New Cases" But STILL NO DEATHS? Anyone Else See What Is Going On Here?

I am still so extremely pissed off at the people in my province, Manitoba, for allowing this scam-demic to go on as long as it has... And now thanks to the inaction of the sheep out there, the criminals in charge are indeed upping the ante with their 'second wave' bullshit and using that as their excuse to force the people of Winnipeg to have to put on FACE DIAPERS this coming Monday, the 28th of September... I sometimes do not know whether to laugh or to cry at the sheer ignorance of the public out there!

Anyways, another day and once again those fuckers in charge here in Manitoba just released their daily "official Manitoba COVID-19 report" and once again the number of 'cases' is  rising but there are STILL NO REAL DEATHS FROM THIS 'VIRUS' at all!  But of course their criminal emphasis is now in pumping up the 'cases number' and to hell with anyone really dying of this supposedly 'deadly virus'!

OK, Onto their 'numbers' for today, and as I always do I want to present their 'numbers' right here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now there are '1829' total cases in the 27+ weeks since the Manitoba criminal government announced their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March.... This is an increase of '65' new cases from yesterday's total of '1764' total cases....

(b) Now there are '12' cases in Manitoba's hospitals, and there are '6' out of those '12' hospitalized cases in Intensive Care Units as well.... This is a decrease (!) of '1' case in the hospitals from yesterday's total of '12' total cases...

(c) STILL ONLY '19' deaths that they are claiming is from this supposedly 'deadly virus'... There has been no change in this 'death toll' for the last few days at least, and ALL of these '19' deaths ALL had severe 'underlying health issues' that were the real cause of all of their deaths..

(d) Now there are '1265' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba in the 27+ weeks' time frame... This is an increase of '7' recovered cases from yesterday's grand total of '1258'....

(e) Now there are '545' active cases of this supposedly 'deadly virus', which is an increase of '58' active cases from yesterday's total of '487' active cases... ALL of these 'active cases' are suspect at best as they have ALL been derived from the PCR tests!

Well, I am beginning to see a NEW pattern here, where they are now screaming that we are in this 'second wave' and are pumping up the total number of cases as well as the active case number just to justify that lie... And thus these criminal bastards are going to keep this scam going for a very long time!

OK, Time once again to look more closely at each of their 'numbers' as I always do and rip each and every one of them apart to expose their fraud even further... And as usual in the same alphabetical order as listed above right here:

(a) Yes, they are definitely pumping up this number and using it as their propaganda to scare the dumb ass sheep out there once again.. Mind you, this grand total is derived as always from the fraud 'PCR testing' that always gives false positive results...... And it has to be constantly pointed out that this '1829' total cases for over 6+ months is such a bad joke in itself, for a REAL 'deadly virus' would have this total number most probably in the tens of thousands for the last 27+ weeks time frame!  This '1829' grand total in fact does indeed pale in comparison to the number of REAL respiratory diseases for this province alone in that 27+ week period of time!  But it is all about the 'numbers' as these criminal pricks will use these 'numbers' to scare the gullible people here in Manitoba for as  long as they want this scam to continue!

(b) I do wonder why people cannot see the manipulation at its finest just by looking at this number alone!  Lets do a reality check here, for a REAL "deadly virus" outbreak for this province alone would have the hospitals overloaded with patients, and not this pathetic number of '12' in total!  But again, most people will ignore this number as the criminals running this propaganda will only focus on 'overall cases' as well as 'active cases' instead..

(c) THIS NUMBER ALONE PROVES THIS IS A SCAMDEMIC!  How many times have I said that already?  But it is true, for a real 'deadly virus' would have hundreds if not thousands dead for the last 27+ weeks.... And it has to be constantly pointed out here that ALL of these '19' deaths ALL had serious health issues that were the real cause of their deaths!  That and some 18/19 of these 'deaths' were ELDERLY people with the median age of 85+ as well (The other death had terminal Cancer!)..... Therefore these criminal pricks can continue to pump up the other numbers, but this number proves this is indeed all a massive FRAUD!

(d) Continuing to manipulate this 'recovered cases' number I see... But they cannot keep this number down much longer, for the fact is that NOBODY is actually 'dying' FROM this supposedly 'deadly virus' and unless they are extremely old, frail, or had other terminal health issues, they ALL recover!  "Deadly Virus"? Not a chance!

(e) Yes, the Jewish controlled media is absolutely focused in on this 'active cases' number now and is using it to drive the fraud propaganda that there is still this 'deadly virus' out there... But they do not tell the truth of course that every one of these '545' active cases are derived from that bullshit and fraudulent "PCR testing" that is giving 100% false positive results in ALL cases... I therefore look at this and continue to state the fact that NOBODY here in Manitoba is actually suffering from this 'deadly virus' at all!  It is all a con!

Well, there you go.. Today's report, and I am not at all shocked by what I see... In fact I do expect these fuckers to jack up the number of cases even further over the next few days just to claim that there is this "new second wave" that is now hitting Manitoba.... It is indeed all a scam and they are going to continue to beat down the citizens of Manitoba even further over the next while..

AND lo and behold, but it is now approaching the beginning of October and normal 'seasonal Influenza season' is now upon us... I will bet ANYTHING that these criminal fuckers will dig into the cases of REAL Influenza and reclassify those as "COVID-19" cases as well... It is diabolical and therefore I will not put it past these pricks to do exactly that..

And thus Manitoba is suffering once more and new 'restrictions' have been brought back in to put everyone into a new state of fear once again.... I can just imagine the mental anguish that everyone is suffering from in this province alone as this scam seems to never end...

And therefore in closing I once again want to make sure everyone remembers those who have been broken by this scam-demic and sadly took their lives via suicides..... That number alone is many times in magnitude greater than that fraud of '19 deaths' from this 'deadly virus' that still to this day has NEVER even been isolated anywhere around the  world to even prove that it exists at all..... Thus the Pallister criminals in charge here in Manitoba must PAY DEARLY for those deaths by suicide, and I do want to see each and every one of those criminal pricks HANGING for this horrendous crime.... Let us make sure that these bastards do not escape justice when this scam is finally exposed for all to see...

More to come


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