Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020: Newest Ploy - Targeting Schools And Children With This Scam? What A Bunch Of Pricks!

 I am so supremely pissed off today after reading some of the 'reports' that the criminals in charge here in Manitoba are doing now to increase the fear mongering in so many gullible people.. .They are now claiming that this 'deadly virus' is 'running rampant' in Manitoba's public schools and especially in young children.... I find this disgusting, as these pricks have long stated that children were basically not harmed at all by this 'deadly virus' and were able to 'fight off' this 'virus' much better than elderly people did... Thus I look at this as further fear mongering only and using it to generate more fear porn just to keep this entire scam-demic alive for as long as they want... Honestly, what a bunch of fucking pricks!

Well... I just got today's "Manitoba official COVID-19 report" and as usual, they are pushing the overall case numbers higher, and there is ONE more death has been registered as I had predicted, but of course it is an extremely elderly person once again with severe underlying issues already.... Thus the scam is once again right there for everyone to see for themselves in plain sight!

Anyways, onto today's "official numbers" and as usual, I have them broken down in alphabetical order first here for all to see for themselves:

(a) Now there are "1674" total cases in a full 27 weeks since this province issued its 'State of emergency' declaration back in mid-March.. This is an increase of '42' cases from yesterday's grand total of '1632' cases in that same time frame..

(b) Now there are '11' cases in all of Manitoba's hospitals... And there are '5' of those '11' cases in the Intensive Care Units as well at those hospitals... This is an increase of '3' patients in both the hospitals and the ICU units from yesterday's total of "8'...

(c) One new death from this 'deadly virus' pushing the grand total in the 27 weeks since the state of emergency to '19' total deaths.. This is an increase of '1' death from yesterday's grand total of '18' deaths....And this latest death is once again an extremely elderly person who definitely had severe 'underlying issues' already that actually caused his/her death..

(d) Now there are '1238' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus'... This is once again a slight increase of '4' cases from yesterday's grand total of '1234' recovered cases in the full 27 weeks' time frame...

(e) Now there are "417" active cases of this 'deadly virus' for Manitoba... This is an increase of '37' active cases from yesterday's total of '380' active cases.. And ALL of these 'active cases' are suspect at best due to the "PCR testing" used to derive these active cases..

There does appear to be a bit of confliction in today's "official" report, as some variations of this report from different sources are showing one new death, while others are showing the number of deaths as steady at only '18'... If a correction in their numeration does take place, I will update this report accordingly..

Meanwhile, those are today's official numbers, and of course they are upping the active cases number, but are not showing the real truth that nobody is actually dying FROM this supposedly deadly virus at all... Am I surprised?  Hardly, for this seems to be their pattern in these reports all the time..

OK, Time once again to look at each of their 'numbers' closely and rip them apart as I always do.. And thus here is my analysis of each of their numbers, and as usual in the same 'alphabetical order' as presented above right here:

(a) NO shock to me that they are upping this total case number, as apparently they are now going to push the fraud that this is the 'beginning of a second wave' of this 'deadly virus'... But no matter how you look at it, this '1674' total number of 'cases' over 27 weeks is such a bad joke and an insult to anyone's intelligence... A REAL 'deadly virus' would have had tens of thousands of patients for this province alone and not this pathetic "1674" laughable number over a 27 week time frame!

(b) I knew they would eventually start throwing a few SUCKERS that went to those fraud 'testing centers' and stupidly allowed themselves to be tested as 'positive' to be thrown into the hospitals to continue the illusion that the hospitals are somehow 'fighting' this 'deadly virus'... But '11' cases in all of Manitoba's hospitals is such a bad joke, for the fact that in a real 'health crisis' with a 'deadly virus', the hospitals would be overflowing with real patients!

(c) As I stated above, there is a bit of uncertainty at the moment in the status of this 'new death' from this supposedly 'deadly virus'.... Some reports are showing NO new deaths, while a few others are claiming "1" new death as an elderly PCR testing that is hopelessly inaccurate and ALWAYS gives nothing more than 'false positive' results.... But there are indeed suckers born every minute, and the gullible fools out there are still lining up to be 'tested' at those fraud 'test facilities'!

(d) Once again, the pricks in charge are manipulating this number of recovered cases, for they cannot admit to the general public here in Manitoba that nobody is actually dying FROM this supposedly 'deadly virus' and that all actually do recover unless they are plagued by other serious health issues... And this manipulation will only grow in scope as they are now pushing this 'second wave' is upon us now bullshit!

(e) And of course they are pushing this 'active cases' number to create the illusion that there are more people out there right now in Manitoba carrying this 'deadly virus' when the reality is that they absolutely are NOT... Every one of these 'active cases' has been derived from the fraud 'PCR tests" and thus I am sticking to my guns when I claim that NOBODY here in Manitoba is carrying this 'deadly virus' at all!

Yes, the total cases number and the active cases number are on the rise, and purposely... The fuckers in charge are now going to have the compliant Jewish controlled media scream that a 'second wave' is now upon us, just to generate more fear into the gullible and retarded idiots out there..

And I saw in their report that between yesterday and this morning there was a record number of RETARDS in this province that went to those bullshit testing centers to put their lives into the hands of these criminals that would pick and choose who is 'positive' or not... Some 1703 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba, and all could do after seeing that figure was to give myself a 500mph face palm to my head.. .Honestly, are people truly this stupid?  Obviously, yes...

AND of course I saw the reports of a massive upswing in 'cases' in all of Manitoba's schools, and it made my blood boil... These pricks were targeting senior citizens over the last while to get their death toll up, but now they are targeting children just to try to get their active cases number to explode!  Again, these bastards in the Pallister regime are nothing but a bunch of pricks for stooping this low..

I also do want to close this report with a reminder for everyone to remember those who have actually died thanks to this entire scam-demic... I am of course talking about those who sadly took their own lives through suicide, and that number alone for this province is many times in magnitude greater than this '18' deaths that they falsely claim are from this 'deadly virus'.... I want to make sure that the good people of this province remember the Pallister criminals and how they are fully responsible for all of these sad real deaths, and I want to make sure that Brian Pallister and his cronies get exactly what they deserve for causing those deaths...Hanging all of them would be a decent start IMHO..

More to come



Johnny Draco said...

I noticed that the majority of this scam is targeting White countries only. Furthermore, the majority of people in all the protest marches are White people.
In all White countries, with a huge population of non-whites,my question is, why no non-white marchers protesting?

Johnny Draco said...

No lock down, no face covering,no social distancing,no fear porn,no closed businesses, no closed beaches, no militarized police in Bulgaria.