Sunday, September 20, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Sunday, September 20th, 2020: Still Pumping Up The "Cases" Number, BUT Nobody Is Dying FROM This Supposedly "Deadly Virus"!

 It is now Sunday, and well over 6 months into this scam-demic 'state of emergency' and 'lockdowns' in this province with seemingly no end in sight... I continue to be so deeply ashamed of my fellow Manitobans in their inability to even see this scam for all it is, and instead continue to cower in fear over a 'virus' that still to this day has NEVER been isolated and thus even proven to even exist!   All I see around me are people with so much fear in their eyes and are simply beyond any hope of waking up at this point.. When I say that people are simply too stupid to live, I am definitely seeing that right here in Manitoba!

OK, enough of ranting... I got handed today's "official Manitoba COVID-19 report" that the criminals in charge here in Manitoba continue to spew out on a daily basis.. And once again all I see are blatant lies, lies, and more lies..... More cases and yet nobody is dying is the dead giveaway that we are dealing with one of the greatest frauds in all human history! 

Anyways.. Onto the 'official numbers' and as usual I will present them here in my usual "alphabetical order" for all to see:

(a) Now there are "1586" total cases for the province in the last 6+ months since the 'state of emergency' announcement back in mid-March...This is an increase of '28' cases from yesterday's grand total of '1558' cases...

(b) Now there are '11' cases in all of Manitoba's hospitals, and '3' of those cases in are intensive care units at those hospitals as well.. This is an increase of '1' case in the hospitals over yesterday's total of '10' cases...

(c) STILL ONLY '16' deaths from this supposedly 'deadly virus' in the last 6+ months since the state of emergency declaration back in mid-March.... NO change in this '16' figure in almost 3 full weeks, and every one of these '16' deaths had severe underlying issues that actually took each and every one of these lives!

(d) Now there are '1216' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for the last 6+ months time.. This is an increase of '5' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '1211' recovered cases...

(e) Now there are '354' active cases for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of '23' active cases from yesterday's total of '331' active cases... And ALL of these 'active cases' are suspect at best as they are derived from the horrendous and totally inaccurate 'PCR testing' that the criminals continue to stupidly conduct in their 'tests'...

Well, NO shock at all to me that they continue to try to pump up the number of 'cases' but leave wide open the obvious fact that NOBODY is or has actually 'died' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all.. And yet few even look at that number of 'deaths' and scream 'What the fuck is going on here?' which they should have been doing all along!

OK, time once again to further look deeper into all of their 'numbers' and rip them to shreds.. I will do so here in the same 'alphabetical order' as shown above:

(a) They can keep adding to this  'case number' for the last 6+ months, but the fact is that '1586' over a 6+ month time frame is absolutely pathetic and does not even come close to the number of those who have suffered in the last 6+ months from REAL respiratory diseases!   And of course this number is increased through the fraud 'PCR testing' that is hopelessly pathetic and gives ALL 'false positive' results!  But this '1586' number will be out there on the Jewish controlled media outlets to generate FEAR, FEAR, and more FEAR into the gullible and stupid people out there!

(b) Once again they decided to throw another SUCKER into the hospitals and  try to claim the hospitals are 'busy' with 'COVID-19 patients' when the reality is that almost all of the hospitals here in Manitoba continue to sit absolutely empty..... And what about the 'overworked' health care workers?  They are also sitting around twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing!  I am shocked that not more of them are not coming forward and helping to expose this massive fraud!

(c) I do not know whether to laugh or to cry when I see this pathetic number of "deaths" that these criminals continue to falsely claim is from this 'deadly virus'.. This '16' number alone proves that this 'pandemic' is such a massive fraud, and ALL of these '16' deaths ALL died from other issues and/or were extremely elderly with severe health issues as well... Pathetic is an understatement here, and this number alone PROVES that there is NO 'deadly virus' out there at all!

(d) I said that these bastards would continue to manipulate this 'recovered' cases number, and I am always proven correct... The facts are that NOBODY is dying FROM this 'deadly virus' at all, and all cases do eventually recover fully... The trick to these criminals is to 'delay' this number of recovered cases to create the  illusion that there are so many out there that are 'carrying' this virus and thus are 'dangerous' to others!

(e) Just like in (d), they need to pump up this 'active cases' number to generate the fear  factor... And of course every one of these '354' active cases are derived from the horrendous PCR tests that are 100% inaccurate!  Thus there is in all probability NOBODY here in Manitoba actually carrying this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all!  It is all propaganda!

Well, there you go.... More cases, and yet no deaths... Anyone else see the problem here?  It is staring everyone in this province right in their faces from all of these daily reports, and still the people here are sitting  back and cowering in fear, which to me is so ludicrous and atrocious.

And sadly I see the reports of still some 1200+ MORONS AND RETARDS in this province stupidly lining up on a daily basis to be 'tested' at those fraud 'testing facilities' where they stupidly put their own lives in the hands of criminals who conduct the 'PCR testing' fraud and then randomly select who is to be labeled as 'positive' for this 'deadly virus'!  I sometimes feel like going up to each of these morons and punching them in the face for being too stupid to live!

And thus this scam continues, and the REAL deaths from this scam-demic do continue to mount and never  be published by the criminals in the Jewish controlled media or by the provincial government.... Those are of course the innocent lives destroyed through taking their own lives via suicides..... I will continue to say it here that I will never allow the Pallister regime here in Manitoba escape justice for these deaths, and every one of those criminal bastards must be served the justice they all deserve for those deaths as well... Hanging them all for this crime is too good for all of them, IMHO.....

More to come


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