Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 - 23 New Cases, And STILL No New Deaths? Why Are People Missing The Obvious Here?

I am a bit late in getting this report out today, as I had some MAJOR computer issues happen earlier today on my personal laptop at work... I spent hours trying to fix that problem, but to no avail... It is an ancient laptop that I knew was on its 'last legs' and sadly it finally gave up on me today..... I have one more laptop with 'Windows 10' that I will be replacing that unit with shortly and I am crossing my fingers that I will not have any software 'issues' with that newer one, as I will be doing much of my blogging on that unit for the next while !

Anyways... I DO have today's "Manitoba Official COVID-19 report" numbers, and I do want to share those numbers with my readers.... Once again I have them all in 'alphabetical order' right here:

(a) Now there are "1489" total cases for the province of Manitoba, in just over 6 months since they unleashed their 'state of emergency' on everyone here back in mid-March.... This is an increase of '23' new cases since yesterday's grand total of "1466" cases for the entire 6 month time frame...

(b) Now there are ONLY "9" cases in ALL of Manitoba's hospitals, and only '3' cases in the Intensive Care Units at those hospitals as well.. This is a drop of "3" cases in Manitoba's hospitals since yesterday's total of '12'....

(c) Still ONLY '16' total deaths that they claim are FROM this 'deadly virus' in just over 6 months  time... And there has not been a new 'death' from this 'deadly virus' in just over 2 weeks time as well... AND all of these '16 deaths' had severe underlying health issues as well..

(d) Now there are "1190" recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' which is an increase of '9' recovered cases from yesterday's total of "1181" recovered cases for the 6 month time frame from mid-March..

(e) Now there are '283' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for Manitoba.. This is an increase of '14' active cases from yesterday's total of '269'... And ALL of these 'active cases' are suspect at best as they have been derived from the horrifically bad "PCR tests"...

Well... The manipulation is clearly continuing.. These criminals are indeed trying to drive up the active cases number to continue the illusion that there is this 'deadly virus' out there.... BUT the only number that anyone should care about is the death toll!

OK, time once again to look at each of their 'numbers' and rip them to shreds as I have been doing on a daily basis... And of course in the same alphabetical order as listed above right here:

(a) This total number of cases over a 6 month time frame shows clearly that this 'pandemic' is indeed nothing but a hoax... A REAL health danger with a REAL 'deadly virus' would have tens of thousands of cases for this province EASILY... THIS "1489" number is so pathetic as every other REAL respiratory ailment for Manitoba over the last 6 months is many times in magnitude greater than this sad '1489' figure!  So exactly where the fuck is this 'pandemic'?

(b) I knew they could not keep SUCKERS in the hospitals for too long, as NOBODY in the hospitals is really suffering from this 'deadly virus' at all!   Taking false positive test results from the fraud 'PCR tests' and throwing them in the hospitals to create the illusion that hospital workers are 'fighting' this 'deadly virus' is so pathetic and underhanded.... But the criminals in charge clearly think that people in Manitoba are this stupid to believe this bullshit....

(c) HERE IS THE PROOF THAT THIS IS INDEED A SCAM-DEMIC... Need I say more?   Only 16 deaths in just over 6  months time for this province does NOT even make for the number of those who have died from REAL respiratory diseases during that same time frame!  And of course ALL of these '16' deaths ALL had 'underlying health issues' which were the real cause of each and everyone one of these victims to die......  THIS '16' number should have signalled to every citizen in this province that this is all a massive fraud, and yet the criminals in charge are pushing this number as their "proof' of there being a 'deadly virus' present?   Beyond pathetic IMHO....

(d) As I said for months now, this number of 'recovered' cases is being severely manipulated to cover for the fact that NO ONE is actually 'dying' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all.... Every case is in fact 'recovering', but the criminals in charge will never admit as much.... Pathetic is putting it mildly..

(e) More manipulation... Claiming 'new cases' from the fraud "PCR tests" is such a criminal act, and sadly we continue to see more and more SUCKERS lining up to be 'tested' and putting their lives in the hands of these criminal bastards??  Honestly, this province is indeed full of mutton chomping sheep!

Well.... Mid-week now, and the manipulation of these 'numbers' put out daily by these criminal fuckers is continuing unabated..... All that anyone has to do to see that this is NOT a 'pandemic' at all is to again just look at the DEATH TOLL and study up on what really killed all of those that these criminals are still screaming 'died from this deadly virus'..  NOBODY HAS OR IS "dying" from this 'virus' at all here in Manitoba!

I have also decided to check into the "daily COVID-19 reports" from other provinces, especially next door in Ontario, and I find the manipulation of their 'numbers' is much the same as here in Manitoba!   Using false positive test results from the fraud "PCR tests" to drive up the number of "active cases" and listing deaths from this 'deadly virus' where almost ALL deaths were caused by 'underlying issues' seems to be the normal in Ontario for months now, just like it has been in Manitoba, as well!

Yes, this is such a horrific scam-demic that seems almost never ending... I have been closing these reports with a constant reminder for readers to please remember those who have sadly taken their own lives through suicides due to the brainwashing and propaganda of this entire fraud... We must ALL make sure that the criminals in charge do not escape justice for these sad deaths as they are fully responsible!  Hanging our government officials for this horrendous crime is the punishment that suits this crime...

More to come


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Rose Fox said...

I did some tinkering with Ontario numbers this afternoon. By the way, probably the best place to find different covid statistics is on the provincial websites. Here's the link to the Ontario site:

I wanted to see how the number of tests affects the number of positive cases. I had previously commented on a news website that only reporting new case numbers is propaganda and doesn't accurately reflect the increase or decrease in new cases. They're drastically increasing testing in Ontario [see the graph on their website] and it stands to reason that more tests will equal more new cases. They also do more tests on some days than others. Finally, they often delay reporting and then tack the number on to the total for a given day when they do report it. This happened on June 6 - almost 70 old cases were tacked on to the total. I subtracted those cases from the number below.

I used the graphs on the Ontario site to calculate the following examples:

Sep 12
35,618 tests
232 cases
0.651% positives

Sep 14
29,540 tests
251 cases
0.849% positive

Sep 15
27,664 tests
315 cases
1.138% pos

Jews media: "[Sep 15] is the highest daily count since June 6 when 387 new cases were reported"

Jun 6
23,105 tests
387 cases
1.674% pos

Jun 27
33,492 tests
160 cases
0.477% pos

These numbers show that the actual percentage of positive tests is pretty small - and that's assuming they are even accurate, and we all know that these PCR tests are bullsquirt in the first place. Now you know why the shysters don't report the number of tests performed.