Monday, September 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, September 14th, 2020 - 21 New Cases, But Still NOBODY Is Dying FROM This Virus!

I continue to be so ashamed at watching so many stupid and RETARDED people going out and lining up like dumb ass sheep at those 'testing facilities" for the fraudulent COVID-19 PCR tests that are nothing but absolute garbage and ALWAYS give nothing more than 'false positive' results... Many have claimed that they are just fearful and wanting to have their lives returned to 'normal', but I look at them as disgusting idiots that will indeed be the first ones to line up to take the deadly 'vaccines' that are definitely coming!

Well... I just got today's "official Manitoba COVID-19 report" details, and I am not in the least bit shocked that they continue to try to add 'cases' to their numbers, but that NOBODY IS DYING from this supposedly 'deadly virus'.... Therefore this report continues to be nothing but a load of hogwash and falsehoods...

Anyways, here are their 'official' numbers for today, and I will as I usually do present their 'numbers' in alphabetical order right here for everyone to view for themselves:

(a) Now there are '1449' total cases in a full 6 months since this province issued their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March... This is an increase of '21' cases from yesterday's total of '1428' in that same time frame..

(b) Now there are "12" cases in all of Manitoba's hospitals... And there are  '3' of those '12' cases in Intensive Care Units at those hospitals as well... This is a decline of "3" cases in Manitoba's hospitals and a decline of "1" in the ICU units as well....

(c) STILL only '16' deaths in what is now 6 full months since the ' state of emergency ' was declared.... No change in this figure of '16' in what is approaching 2 weeks time now, and ALL '16' deaths had severe underlying issues that most definitely were the cause of their demise....

(d) Now there are '1176' recovered cases in Manitoba from this 'deadly virus'... This is surprisingly only a small increase of '3' recovered cases from yesterday's tally of '1173' recovered cases for the last 6 full months...

(e) Now there are '257' active cases for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of "18' active cases from yesterday's tally of '239' active cases.. And every one of these active cases are once again 'suspect' at best due to the huge fraud of the "PCR tests" that always give false positive results..

Well, the beat goes on.... Another day of adding more 'cases' to their tally but what is glaringly obvious is that NOBODY is dying from this supposedly 'deadly virus'... Manitobans should be looking at the low 'death toll' and be asking serious questions of this province's crooked government indeed!

OK, Time once again to look closely at each and every one of their 'numbers' as I always do.. .And of course I want to present my analysis of their 'numbers' in the same alphabetical order right here:

(a)  Honestly, it is now 6 full months since the criminals in charge here in Manitoba declared their idiotic 'state of emergency' and the best they can do is '1449' total cases in that entire 6 months???  The fact is that if this was a real 'health crisis' and a real 'deadly virus', this total case tally would be easily in the tens of thousands for Manitoba alone!  In fact, the actual number of those who are suffering from REAL respiratory problems over the last 6 months is multiple times greater than this ludicrous "1449" figure!  Pandemic, my ass!

(b) This is so laughable, as once again they are manipulating this number severely and on a daily basis.. One day they will throw in a few SUCKERS who were stupid enough to be 'tested' for this 'deadly virus' into the hospitals, only to have them released within a few days because they absolutely do NOT have this 'virus' at all!   But they need to continue this manipulation to create the illusion that the hospitals are 'fighting' this 'virus' when the reality is that they are NOT and the hospitals sit generally empty much like they have for the last 6 months!

(c) THIS AGAIN is the ONLY number that matters in this entire scam-demic.. .And the fuckers here in Manitoba prolonging this fraud have failed miserably with this pathetic '16' death toll that they got by claiming elderly people in old folks homes as dying from this 'virus'.... It is beyond pathetic and down right criminal.....But they keep throwing out this '16' number of deaths in the Jewish controlled media as propaganda to try to generate fear, but the reality is this low number is blowing up in their faces as clear evidence of the entire fraud.

(d)  MORE manipulation right here... They had several days before the weekend where they had some 50+ daily number of recovered cases, and now suddenly they are down to only "3"????  This manipulation is so right in our faces here, but these criminals know that most people are too stupid to figure it out for themselves!

(e) Now they are trying to pump up the 'active cases' number to generate the fear porn, definitely... More active cases and less recovered cases is another sign of the in your face manipulation indeed... And once again I will remind every one here that these 'active cases' were derived from the fraud PCR tests that are hopelessly inaccurate... Therefore we can safely say that most if not all of these active cases do not even have this 'deadly virus' at all!

OK, there we have it.. .Their daily report of falsehoods, and lies... I for one am not surprised in the least bit, for the criminals in the Pallister regime running this province have definitely received their marching orders from the criminals at the top to keep the people locked down and living in fear.... I do hope that Brian Pallister and his criminal minions do realize that if and when the fuckers at the top decide to unleash their 'vaccine' and try to kill 7 BILLION people world wide, that many of them in the Pallister regime that stupidly went along with this insanity will be the first to be exterminated!

Yes, we are now a full 6 months into this entire scam-demic and its lock downs and restrictions imposed on the people of Manitoba that has stripped them of their civil rights, and destroyed their very livelihoods.... I continue to watch with deep anguish at how most people living here continue to cower in fear, and do not even fathom that they are being played and treated as nothing more than suckers!

And I am continuing my assault on the Pallister criminals for allowing this scam to go on way too long and causing the deaths of dozens if not nearly a hundred people through suicides..... Every one of those REAL deaths have been caused by Pallister's sheer audacity with going along with this scam to begin with... Thus he and his cronies must pay the price for these real deaths for they are indeed the equivalent to murders... Brian Pallister and his minions should face proper justice for this crime, and as I have been saying for months now hanging them all is that proper justice IMHO...

More to come


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Someone left a truck load of information in the comment section.
I did find two that caught the World bank importing, exporting of Covid test kits in 2018 and 2017 before they changed it.
Those two were right on.
I haven't had time to get through much else today. Looks like some good information so far.

Anyway there might be some information there you can use too.

It is all in the comments here.