Friday, September 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, September 11th, 2020 - Record Number Of Recovered Cases, So Exactly WHO Is Dying From This "Deadly Virus"?

I continue to shake my head and marvel at the sheer ignorance of the RETARDS here in Manitoba that continue to line up like dumb ass sheep at the local "COVID-19 testing facility"... It just shows that in spite of the overwhelming evidence staring even those RETARDS right in their faces that this is such a massive hoax, they are simply too stupid to live and will continue to live in fear and their own sheer ignorance... These RETARDS will indeed be the first ones to line up and be shot with the deadly vaccines that are coming, and to me all the better for this planet does not need more morons....

OK, I just got the latest 'numbers' from the criminals running this scam here in Manitoba... And the manipulation definitely continues as you will all see...... I therefore want to present those 'numbers' here as I always do in alphabetical order:

(a) Now there are a total of "1393" cases in the over 25 weeks since the criminals in charge declared their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March... This is an increase of  "15" new cases from yesterday's total of "1378" cases for that entire 25 week time frame...

(b) Now there are "12" cases of this 'deadly virus" in all of Manitoba's hospitals.. And there are now '4' of those '12' cases in Intensive Care Units in this province as well.. This is an increase of "1" patient from yesterday's total of "11" cases and "3" in the ICU units...

(c) Still ONLY '16' deaths that they are claiming are from this 'deadly virus'... This is NO change in this death toll in well over a week, and EVERY ONE of these '16' deaths had severe underlying issues that were the cause of their demise..

(d) Now there are "1090" recovered cases of this 'deadly virus'.. This is a massive increase of '88' cases in total who have now fully recovered....

(e) Now there are "287" active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is a huge decrease of '73' cases from yesterday's total of '360' active cases... And ALL of these active cases are 'suspect' at best due to the horrifically inaccurate "PCR tests"...

Yes, the manipulation does indeed continue and is blatantly apparent here once more.... The fuckers in charge tried to prop up their numbers by putting false positives into their active cases count, but they can not stop the fact that everyone is recovering, and thus the record number of '88' cases had to be put into the recovered cases number!

Well... Time again to rip each of their 'numbers' apart to expose the entire fraud once again... And of course I will do so in the same alphabetical order as listed above right here:

(a) OK, We are now fast approaching a full 6 MONTHS of this scam, and somehow they are trying to claim that a grand total of "1393' cases in that time frame for a province of  1.35 Million people classifies as a 'pandemic'... As I stated before, this type of pitiful number does not even classify as an "epidemic", and yet we have so many dupes, morons, and RETARDS, actually falling for this shit???  The brainwashing thanks to the incessant propaganda generated by the Jewish controlled media has done its job so very well indeed...

(b) This is such a laugh and clearly another sign of manipulation... They have to periodically throw a sucker or two into the hospitals for 'good measure' just to create the illusion that the hospitals are actually caring for "COVID-19" patients, but they are failing so miserably with this outlandish lie and deception as shown by this number alone...

(c) Again, all that anyone with common sense has to do is look at THIS number alone and see that there is NO 'pandemic' here at all... ALL of these '16' deaths all died from OTHER illnesses or from extremely old age, and the fuckers in charge have had the audacity to label their deaths as 'from COVID-19'...... But again, they will use deception every chance they get, and have the compliant media continue to scream that there have been "16 deaths" from this 'deadly virus' to manipulate the minds of gullible people...

(d) HERE is the clear sign of severe manipulation, as these criminal fuckers have had no choice but to release a lot of their 'false positives' as "recovered cases", as the fact is that NONE of them were even suffering from this 'deadly virus' at all!   And this high number of 'recovered' cases clearly shows that NOBODY is really 'dying' from this "deadly virus" at all!  BUT until we stop them, this sheer and blatant manipulation will continue!

(e) This is a massive decrease in the 'active cases' count, as I had expected... The "PCR tests" are nothing but a FRAUD and are generating ONLY 'false positive' results.... Basically NONE of these 'active cases' actually have this 'deadly virus' at all, and eventually unless they have other severe health issues or are extremely elderly, they will all 'recover'...

Yes, the blatant manipulation is all there for everyone to see.... These reports being put out by the criminals in charge here on a daily basis here in Manitoba have turned into nothing but a bad joke, and my exposure of their fraud proves that as fact... But again, the fear porn and propaganda continues, as the Jewish controlled media does indeed continue to manipulate the masses with their constant barrage of "COVID-19", "Social distancing", "we are all in this together", and other bullshit!

I constantly am looking at how bad the damage has been to this province and its people, and now nearly a full 6 months into the 'lock downs' and other bullshit, the damage is indeed horrific and nearly irreparable... Thus with Autumn nearly here and Winter just around the corner, the psychological damage alone may turn unbearable to most....

Thus I again want to emphasize here that we all must not forget those who have suffered the most from this mental anguish, and torture, from these criminal bastards through this entire fraud... Again, I cannot even fathom the number of those who have died by their own hands via suicide thanks to this intense brainwashing, and I absolutely want to make sure that the criminal pricks responsible get what is due to them for that destruction... Brian Pallister and his minions here in Manitoba must NEVER escape justice for this crime, and I cannot stress enough that hanging them all is way too good for all of them!

More to come


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Unknown said...

Here is what the assclowns are having do here in SC.
You telephone in your prescription refill and time you
will pick it up. Then, you travel to the pharmacy and
wait in line for your turn. Once there, you are then
told your prescription can't be filled unless you put
on a face diaper. Then it goes...they just happen to
have one they will sell to you.

How clear is that!?

In my case, I just happened to have a full-fledged full-
frontal combat gas mask which I donned and re-entered
the pharmacy. Then I was told I had to stand six feet
away from the person next to me. My response was that
the sign outside said I had to have a face diaper, but
there was nothing posted about having a yardstick also.

Rich, isn't it? Only in America!