Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Latest Video By Vernon Coleman - The Fraud Is Now Blindlingly Obvious!

I am continuing my attacks on this COVID-19 BULLSHIT, as more and more people are FINALLY waking up to this horrendous fraud, and we must make sure that everyone is armed with information for this fight and to spread it around to everyone that they can reach.....

I was informed just a short while ago that Vernon Coleman just released a brand new video, via the great new AND UNCENSORED video site called "Brandnewtube" and I want to share that video with everyone here... This one is entitled: "The Fraud Is Now Blindingly Obvious" and is a must see by everyone, and especially my readers in the formerly free nation called the United Kingdom.... Here in fact is that video, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I will state exactly what I do believe is happening here... The people are indeed awakening, and thus the criminals are now resorting to the horrendous tactic of attempting to further restrict freedoms in the United Kingdom.... Thus they are now trying to attempt to pass new 'laws' and 'restrictions' there much like they have been using in Australia and New Zealand.....

I figured that eventually these pricks would attempt something like this in other nations besides Australia and New Zealand, and apparently thanks to the 'success' of that criminal activity in those two nations, they feel that the United Kingdom is now ripe for those same restrictions on the people there...

And there is a strong fear that Canada may be next, for there have been rumblings that the criminals in control here may try to use the criminal Jewish controlled media to massage the gullible people's minds here that this 'virus' is now 'more dangerous than ever', which is a bold faced lie of course, so that they can attempt a full lockdown here as well...

Lets all make sure that they do not get away with this... We are indeed having a massive awakening, and these criminals are indeed wanting that suppressed by using desperate and draconian means.... If revolt is necessary to stop this madness, then revolution is definitely a must!

More to come


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Rose Fox said...

>"I fear they want to cancel Christmas this year. Heaven forbid that we should celebrate a religious festival or have any fun. Most retailers rely on Christmas sales. If town and city centres are destroyed for another couple of months then there will be no shops in 2021.

And if cafes, pubs and restaurants are shut for another month or two then most of them will die for ever"

Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks they're going to kill Christmas this year. Fatass Ford is now bitching about Halloween as well.

And I see many articles in the jews media predicting that if things continue as they are, all small retailers, restaurants etc. will be closed permanently by next year.

But fear not, Ontario just reopened its casinos!