Friday, September 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Video Where German Doctors Tell COVID-19 Truth - It Is Indeed One Of The Greatest Scams In Human History!

I again am playing 'catch up' here... I have been sent so much material and videos my way over the last few months, and I am always doing my best to put what I see as the 'best of' that material at this blog... Of course all of the other material is just as great, but I do not have the time most days to post everything that I get, so bear with me....

I was sent the following video my way just the other day, that shows a recent conference in Germany where some doctors came forward once again and stated CLEARLY that this 'COVID-19' fraud is indeed one of the greatest scams in human history.... I want to share that video here with my own readers that have not seen it yet, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, this one comes from that awful video site known as "Youtube"... I am waiting to see if the link to this video does become available via either 'Bitchute' or the new video service called "Brandnewtube".. If and when those links are available I will indeed update this article as the criminals behind Youtube are still 'censoring' these type of videos due to their BS 'rules'....

The gentlemen in this video also clearly state that the usage of "face masks" is complete nonsense and does NOT prevent or stop the spread of any 'viruses' at all... IMHO, and from what I have done with my own research, I do look at the use of 'face diapers' as nothing more that the morons and RETARDS wearing them surrendering to the criminals in charge and thus surrendering their very freedoms and liberties.. Thus I cannot emphasize enough the absolute need to NEVER EVER WEAR A FACE DIAPER, PERIOD!

This is indeed a war... And we now have all of the evidence necessary to fight this war and to give those around us the correct information to wake them up from their fear and to join us to eventually beat these monsters..... Spread the message everyone!

More to come


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