Saturday, September 19, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Hilarious Video - The Pandemic Hotline

I have been busy with a wide assortment of projects and family business needs that needed my attention, but now everything has finally been caught up... I now have some time to sit down and do some 'catching up' on what I have been missing over the last while especially in regards to the continuing scam-demic... I again want to thank everyone for being patient with me!

I was sent a most hilarious video earlier today from one of my readers, and I absolutely want to share it with everyone here... This one via that horrendous 'Youtube' network and is titled: "The Pandemic Hotline".... Here in fact is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments as I always do to follow:

*IF this video does not come up automatically (which seems to be an ever increasing occurrence with this new "blogger" mess) for viewing, here is the link to that video here:

NTS Notes: I got to hand it to this 'JP' character that has been making these videos.. They are indeed very hilarious and definitely do take shots at the sheer stupidity of this entire scam-demic...

I do wonder of course how long this and other of "JP"'s videos will remain up at Youtube considering how that horrendous 'channel' has been censoring so much material that does not fit in with their criminal agenda of supporting this entire pandemic scam... 

If this video does disappear from Youtube, I am hoping that it comes up on Brandnewtube where there is NO censorship and I will update this article accordingly with that video link...

More to come


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Johnny Draco said...

We bombard one another with the current news until most of us become information overloaded and can't decide which issue to tackle. Continuing to 'stick a finger in the hole in the dyke' will eventually lead to nothing. Picture, if you can, the few millions of us who are awakening and attempting to stem the tide hoping and praying that enough of our sleeping brethren will awaken... picture us with our faces pressed against the wall, unable to move because all ten digits are stuck in holes. Our hands our tied.

So much of the opposition to the political program of World Dominion is controlled by the Dominionists themselves. The symptoms are widely discussed, one symptom at a time and too numerous to count... and the source of the program is never addressed. Nor the solutions.