Monday, September 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Doctor Andrew Kaufman's Speech At Trafalgar Square In London, Saturday September 19th, 2020

Every day, I am getting more and more pissed off at the blatant censorship conducted by the criminals that are behind YouTube and other criminal Jewish controlled 'sites'.... It is so obvious to everyone that this censorship is being done purposely to suppress REAL TRUTHS from being seen by everyone, and all that these criminals are doing is showing the world that they are indeed nothing but liars and scoundrels that are helping to drive this fraud 'scam-demic' along..

Well, just the other day I was sent the Brandnewtube link to a most important video presentation at Trafalgar Square in London England, where Doctor Andrew Kaufman addressed the crowd gathered there in protest against the UK government's horrendous 'COVID-19' BULLSHIT restrictions.... I had attempted to load that video directly from Brandnewtube here, but with "Blogger" now doing their own blatant censorship and only allowing 'Youtube' videos to be seen as direct videos, the best I can do for everyone is to provide the Brandnewtube link here.... Watch this video, and I have a few comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  I watched this video several times, and what Doctor Kaufman states is straight forward and absolutely the real truth about this COVID-19 bullshit!

And again, I could not help but notice "Blogger" screwing around with my settings as I was trying to put up this article.... Obviously they do not like anyone getting the real truths out via other video sites, and instead they want their garbage out there from those sites that they 'approve' of!

This is a fabulous video that everyone should see... So please spread it to others to show them the truth that they need now cower in fear of this 'deadly virus' at all!

More to come


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See if this link works for embedding the video:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Addresses Trafalgar Square Protest - London 19/09/20