Thursday, September 24, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: A Dire Warning Of EXACTLY What The COVID-19 "Vaccine" Is Really All About!

 I am continuing to surf through a lot of material this evening.. And one article did catch my eye the other day from Jim Stone's website at, and I "tagged" that article in my notes for future reference or to post here at this blog, for it is indeed dynamite and tells exactly what these criminal fuckers are planning for all of us with their new "COVID-19" vaccine....

I therefore want to present that must read and very important article from Jim Stone right here for everyone to see for themselves... It is indeed a DIRE WARNING of exactly what these criminal psychopaths truly have in store for all of us with their 'vaccine' that will indeed destroy our very DNA...Here is that article, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

And by the way, I want to go over that vax again:

The Covid-19 vax is the first DNA based vaccine to be widely released.  This vaccine takes the DNA of a worm and inserts it into your DNA so supposedly "the receptor sites that would accept the virus don't look human, so the virus can't function". GET THIS: They are going to write YOUR DNA over with DNA from a worm - a re-write so extensive a virus can't recognize you as human anymore. How will that taste in bed???

Obviously this is not a vaccine. Let me gues what it is:

The TRIBE, you know, - "THEY" call you GOY - an animal in human form. : "God does not see fit for Jews to be served by an animal, so he created animals in human form to serve them". THE GOY. Only, there's one small problem: There's no difference in the DNA of a Jew and the DNA of a Catholic. Sure, you can take mass samplings and figure out statistically that one group is Jewish and the other is Catholic, but on a one by one basis, all too often it's all the same. AND THE JEWS DON'T WANT THAT SO THEY INTEND TO CREATE AN UNDERCLASS BY CORRUPTING OUR DNA. 

DNA from a WORM??? THAT SAYS IT ALL. "Yes David, they really are worms!!! ANY DNA TEST WILL PROVE IT. Don't let genocide trouble you, we really are just killing and enslaving worms!!!


Hey, maybe that's why THIS happened to someone - probably lots of people but they could not put their finger on WTH happened and a leftist would not notice anyway: (bump to the top here)

"They have killed God. I can't feel God anymore" - Second whistleblower to Coronavirus vax

This is from Hal Turner. And I believe it, after all these types of vaxxes have been in development for 20 years

From Hal Turner:

"AstraZeneca revealed details of its large coronavirus vaccine trials on Saturday, the third in a wave of rare disclosures by drug companies under pressure to be more transparent about how they are testing products that are the world's best hope for ending the pandemic.

The release comes after a second vaccine test volunteer "Developed neurological problems." According to sources who claim to be familiar with the vaccine trials, the second volunteer suddenly started saying "They've killed God; I can't feel God anymore - my Soul is dead" after the vaccine.

Polls are finding Americans increasingly wary of accepting a coronavirus vaccine. And scientists inside and outside the government are worried that regulators, pressured by the president for results before Election Day on Nov. 3, might release an unproven or unsafe vaccine.

My comment: IF YOU SUBMIT TO THAT VAX, YOUR BRAIN IS DEAD. Obviously it is not as advertised, this does not suprise me AT ALL.

NTS Notes: Honestly, Jim is NOT kidding around with what he states in that article, and there is a lot of real truths there for the fact that I have been reading up as much as I can about "CRISPR" technology that will be employed with these new 'DNA modifying Vaccines' and I find it so hideous to even think about..

Yes, these monsters are truly psychopathic and psychotic... They care not about human beings but indeed look upon us all as "cattle" or the "goyim"... Their ultimate plan has been for millennia to turn us all into subhumans, and they may now have the technology available to them by using these new 'vaccines' as their method of delivering those changes directly into our very DNA...

AND, I am indeed horrified when I read up about the 'side effects' that the stupid brain dead suckers that have chosen to be the human guinea pigs for those 'trials' are enduring after being injected with those 'vaccines'.... We are only seeing the 'tip of the iceberg' IMHO about what those side effects are, for many of those stupid RETARDS that went for those  trials are now damaged permanently for life!

The bottom line is this.. DO NOT EVER TAKE A FUCKING VACCINE EVER!  These criminals must be stopped for they truly are this demonic in their want to either destroy us all or turn us into subhumans!

More to come



Rose Fox said...

In Ontario Slug Fraud ordered twice as many "flu" vaccines as there are people in Ontario AND he's pushing everyone to get one REALLY HARD. The JSM doesn't say which "flu" this vaccine is for, and they don't say it's "seasonal flu" either.

Makes me wonder if the Gates DNA altering vaccine is already released, and that's what they're pushing. I sure as HELL won't be taking it, anyway. I advise others to avoid any kind of "flu" vaccine, and any other type of needle as well.

Another thought is that they're happily giving out free needle based drugs to homeless people, and they've become violent criminals as a result. In the old days homeless people were more concerned with survival than murdering passersby. Maybe they're the real guinea pigs.

Johnny Draco said...

"We need an intensified centralization of government to facilitate our control . . . We must so ferment things that the peoples of the world will eventually cry out for one global government. . . Useless changes of government to which we instigated the goyim in undermining their state structures will have so disheartened the people that they will suffer serfdom under us rather than go backward. . . One-third of our subjects will keep the rest under observation from a sense of duty. . . The goyim are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves".

whyamIthus said...

We are told they are giving the COVID vaccines to Health Care workers, all military, government employees etc etc FIRST, also the elderly, those in Nursing homes.....but I wonder if this is true? I DONT DOUBT that these vaccines are tainted or worse and will or could have horrific adverse health etc effects, but if its given to those mentioned first wont the world see these bad effects OR they dropping like flies????
OR could it be the initial recipients will be given a DIFFERENT vaccine than that which the populace will receive????
Anyone else think this or have a.....view????
I also believe the VAX was created long ago, just in time for this current plandemic.....
Godspeed!!! AGIN these demon bastards and this covid PLOT!!!!