Monday, September 28, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Day ONE In The Enforcement Of Wearing Face Diapers Here In Central Canada - Resistance Is NOT Futile!

It is now the first day here in Manitoba with the new 'law' that is enforcing the 'mandatory' wearing of face diapers.... I had to reluctantly pack a few 'disposable' face diapers in my work kit this morning before I drove off to work, knowing that I would have to don one of those disgusting symbols of enslavement every time I went into a 'public place' starting today!

And driving into work this morning, I was so shocked to see some of the biggest RETARDS on planet Earth wearing health destroying and Oxygen depriving face diapers while they were driving their cars!  I could not even fathom the dangers that these utter morons presented to other drivers on the road as they were depriving their brains (if they ever had such things..) of vital Oxygen while they were operating motor vehicles..... I am still wondering if there will be any reports put out, as there should be, as to the effect of wearing face diapers while driving... I can assume it is equivalent to either drinking and driving, and even smoking cannibis and driving....  And thus these RETARDS that are wearing face masks while driving are indeed a danger to themselves and others while driving!   But as I have always said that you cannot fix stupid!

Well, day one of the new level of stupidity... And I can just imagine how the thought police and criminal agents will be out there in full force as of today to watch over the Pions and MORONS to have to put on their face diapers or face 'heftly fines' for belligerency and not wanting to succumb to totalitarianism....  In fact, I do want to present an interesting link to a report that was just put out by my fellow Canadian real truthseeker, Greencrow, who hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia, and has also had to endure the ravages and stupidity of MORONS putting on face diapers as well.... Here is the link to Greencrow's report here, about a fight on a Vancouver transit bus between a person not wearing a face diaper and a moronic passenger that has had his Oxygen cut off and wanted to pick a fight with that non-wearer, here:

I can just imagine this same thing happening pretty soon right here in Manitoba as well...

And yes, it will be interesting to see these same reports here in Winnipeg, and I will definitely have those up here for readers to see how the local citizens here are handling this latest blow to our rights and freedoms...

I have been a "Star Trek" fan for decades now, and I do remember the biggest villains on that Science Fiction show, the 'Borg' and how they would proclaim to any of their intended victims of their 'assimilation' that 'resistance is futile"... I do want to make the statement that standing up for what is right is NEVER futile, and we as  human beings do have our rights and freedoms and our own wills and strengths to never accept 'assimilation' to these criminals and their want to have us all wearing face diapers and to accept their upcoming 'vaccines'... 

Therefore I do want to repeat here, that in terms of our rights and freedoms and standing up to tyranny:


More to come



Howie said...

Hey NTS.Another excellent article.
How is it that you are a mask wearer?
In Ontario my wife and children don't wear masks and never have.
If we enter a place where masks are "Mandatory" if asked we simply state that we can't wear masks and the response is alway something like O.K. and a nod of the head and are treated with normal respect.
This happens in supermarkets, gas stations, hardware stores , everywhere.
Lately, we are the only folks in the stores not wearing masks and have yet to have a confrontation.
And we are not breaking any laws.
It is definitely quite creepy to be surrounded by a population of mask wearing "aliens" and I hate the nightmarish world they live in but it is not the world I and my family chose to live in but like your quote "resistance is not futile"
Best wishes to you and your family.
Please send me a note.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I usually never wear a mask, period... And when I go into most establishments now, I simply tell them the truth that I have a long history of sinus and other respiratory problems (which is the truth, as many readers are aware of by now..) and in a lot of cases they just turn and let me go about my business..

However, I will carry a 'face diaper' in my pocket just in case I run across a moron saying 'no exceptions' as I do not want to have them call the thought police and have me arrested and/or fined for not wearing a face diaper... There will be rare cases where that will happen, I can guarantee it..

And if I am 'forced' to wear a face diaper, I always pull the damn thing all the way down so that my nose and most of my mouth is clear of the damn thing... I have had a few "karens" out there complain and I just look at them with a glare and usually ignore them... In other cases I turn and say "I do not want my health destroyed" to which many just either stare or turn around because they have no answer to that..

You are lucky, for I have had a few confrontations already, and in those cases I have avoided any further conflict.. .But I do want to not cause a serious fight with morons because you cannot fix stupid..

Yes, resistance is NOT futile.... I do hope that more out there are like yourself and are not going to take this bullshit much longer..


Alvearium said...

I have asthma, I have generalized anxiety disorder. I cannot wear a mask anywhere! SO...

Watch this:

The only part Mark Dolan is wrong is that COVID-1984 is NOT REAL!