Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Criminal Canadian Freak Tan Yongshi (Teresa Tam) Wants ALL Canadians Vaccinated To "Return To A Pre-Pandemic Life"!

Many long time readers to this blog are aware of how I feel about that sickening trans-gender freak Tan Yongshi aka 'Teresa Tam" and her COMMUNIST agenda of evil... That man was made Canada's "top health officer" by the criminals in the Trudeau Liberal regime way back at the beginning of this year and thus that freak was given 'life or death' authority over all Canadians in terms of this entire scam-demic.... And for the last 7 months that freak has indeed destroyed Canadian lives and the Canadian economy by her criminal agenda of propagating the entire fraud scam-demic and pushing for its World Health Organization sickening plans of having all Canadians eventually 'vaccinated'!

And now, that freak has indeed upped the ante once again, for according to the following report from the MSM online news service at, apparently it wants to see ALL Canadians 'vaccinated' very soon as a precursor to any 'return to a pre-pandemic life"!  Here is that article for all to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

High vaccine use urged by Tam, Njoo to beat COVID-19, restore pre-pandemic life
OTTAWA — Canadians will need to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated in large numbers to finally corral COVID-19 before life can return to a semblance of its pre-pandemic state, Canada's top public health officers said Tuesday.
"Widespread vaccine uptake is the best shot Canadians have in regaining some of what we've lost and returning to things that we cherish — things like holding family and friends closely, having community events and living our lives without the fear of contracting the disease," said Dr. Theresa Tam, the country's chief medical officer.
Tam and her deputy, Dr. Howard Njoo, offered that assessment one day after the Trudeau government announced the latest instalment in its plan to pre-buy tens of millions of doses of potential vaccines, signing deals with two American firms.
The newest deals will allow Canada to buy as many as 76 million doses of a vaccine candidate from Maryland-based biotech company Novavax, and up to 38 million doses of the vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical company Janssen Inc

Last month, the government signed similar deals with U.S. companies Pfizer and Moderna that would give Canada access to up to 76 million more doses.
Njoo said it is not clear what percentage of Canadians will need to get vaccinated to achieve broad immunity but "the more Canadians that take advantage, the better."
Both physicians evoked the dark days of forced quarantines, school closures and bans on public gatherings during the measles and polio outbreaks of the 1930s, '40s and '50s.
"Most of us are lucky. We have not had to live through these types of measures because of safe and effective vaccines for these diseases," said Tam.
"What Canada and the world needs to have for the best shot at normalcy is safe and effective vaccines."
Tam suggested that the threshold for effective immunization is a moving target because understanding the science around COVID-19 is itself a work in progress.
For regulatory purposes, she said, that level has to be continuously evaluated.
"The international consensus is that we should at least look at around the 50 per cent vaccine efficacy mark," said Tam, adding that there simply isn't a "yes or no" answer.
More will be known when the data from ongoing Phase 3 clinical trials become available, she said.
"It's a matter of remaining open to the evidence and being flexible."
Right now, there appears to be low immunity to the disease around the world, "so getting a high enough vaccine uptake is going to be quite important," said Tam.
Njoo said a vaccine could be available sometime in 2021, perhaps as early as the spring.
"We're very optimistic here in Canada and because there are number of vaccine candidates being evaluated," said Njoo.
"There could be an effective and safe vaccine, perhaps in 2021. We don't know exactly when. Perhaps in the spring, maybe a little bit later. But it's a very good thing to stay optimistic."
As for whether such a vaccine should be mandatory, Njoo said it is better for people to educated about the benefits of immunization rather than have it forced upon them because that's the best way to increase the number of vaccinations.
"I think it is more important to maybe change people's attitudes who may be more reticent about getting vaccinated rather than having regulations to make vaccination mandatory," Njoo said.
While vaccines have never been made compulsory in Canada, the practice in hospitals and long-term care facilities that have had outbreaks of respiratory illnesses has been for health-care workers to be vaccinated before being allowed to return to work, he noted.
As for testing for COVID-19, Njoo said the gold standard remains the so-called PCR test, or polymerase chain reaction testing which relies on a sample collected from a person's nose or throat.
Asked about the possibility of a home test for the disease, Njoo said: "It's quite complicated but the bottom line is: we're open to examining all types of testing technologies because the more tools we have in the toolbox in terms of different types of tests available to use in different types of contexts, the better."
This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 1, 2020.
Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press

NTS Notes: I do want to thank my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, for alerting me to this article... She in fact does have her own article about this travesty at her website, and I have the link to that article here:

 Honestly, this foul transgender freak has ALWAYS had this agenda of pure evil and is right now pleasing its sinister masters by now pushing for all Canadians to be forced into mandatory vaccinations for them all to 'return to a normal life".....And sadly, as most Canadians are now too far gone after being brainwashed and propagandized for the last 6+ months by this entire scam-demic, most will indeed accept this horrible idea without any thought at all!

And this horror looking creature claims that 'normalcy' is all dependent on 'safe and effective vaccines', and yet here we are with this sinister COVID-19 bullshit 'vaccine' that is absolutely neither safe or effective and in fact in all preliminary testing has shown horrible side effects to the suckers who have already lined up and allowed themselves to be injected!   Therefore once again this fucking horror is spewing nothing but pure lies.

But we all knew this was coming.. The damage has now been done and these fucking criminals will get away with this poisoning of the general public and most probably never suffer repercussions for this criminal act...

 I and others have been trying our utmost to awaken Canadians to this danger, and I do hope that there is still time to what indeed is coming next...

More to come



Thinking....... said...

There is a story at the bottom of the post, from the Montreal Gazette. Tam strikes again.

I laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants, when I read it.
Then I thought, how many fools would follow that advice? Now that thought is scary.
Tam can stay the hell out of everyone's bedroom. What next going into homes to make sure you are wearing a mask while..........................???????
I think that one needs, a stay at the Royal Ottawa, for a while. For a long while.

Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit. This has dragged on so long now I doubt thete is a single Canadian that has not either had it with no symptoms. been exposed to it through their kids etc etc add in the numbers who vaxxed and the math says we should have been back to life as usual quite some time ago! Strange that Trudope, Fathead Doug FUD