Friday, September 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: The College Experience In COVIDLand - A Dystopian Nightmare!

It is that time of year when students are indeed returning to Universities, Colleges, and other career training facilities, to try to obtain a higher education and prepare them for working in the real world.... I spent some of my former years at the local University taking Physics courses and enjoyed my time immensely meeting up with other students, socializing, and actually enjoying the life of a University student... But that was long before this COVID-19 bullshit, and what I want to present in this article is so alarming and shows that in regards to Colleges and Universities "post" COVID-19, we are now living in what is the 'twilight zone'....

I have presented some amazing videos produced by "Pamela Popper" who has done near daily reports on this entire scam-demic, and her latest one, that just came out yesterday, is real mind blower and tells the truth about how the criminals behind the entire COVID-19 scam are right now DESTROYING our Colleges and Universities and ruining the lives of so many students that are actually trying to gain an education there!  Here is that video for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I first want to thank my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, for bringing this shocking video to my attention...

Yes, we truly are in a 'dystopian' world, and have turned our Colleges and Universities into nothing more than PRISONS.....  And people are putting up with this garbage treatment???

It has been a known factor that many revolutions and changes started off with those attending Colleges and Universities... It therefore should be apparent that we must have that same revolutionary thinking occur now in those faculties NOW.... Students attending those facilities must rise up and demand that those running those facilities end these criminal practices now, and to take action only if no changes do come about... Student uprisings in Colleges and Universities have always been a trigger for changes in the past, and therefore those uprisings against this criminality may indeed be the only option for many today.

Honestly, I saw this coming... For the criminals behind this fraud have been targeting our children and our young people for this entire brainwashing campaign of compliance.... Thus the need to have that push ended immediately is so necessary to prevent damage that may be with our young people for the rest of their lives...

And, if you are truly considering attending a University or College?  Honestly, do NOT bother ever setting foot on these campuses that are nothing more than prisons.... Home schooling is a viable option and is far better than subjecting yourselves to torture!

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