Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Canadian Transgender Freak, The MAN Tan Yongshi (Teresa Tam) Ratchets Up The Fear Porn Today Blaming Canadians For The Fake Pandemic/Scamdemic/Hoax!

 I am once again starting yet another home renovations project as of today.... This one should not take longer than the others and it is necessary considering that winter is fast approaching in this, the northern Canadian prairies, and I want to have it completed before the intense cold sets in.... I again want to thank everyone in advance for their patience with me, as everyone does know that family and business comes first and foremost and the writings at this blog secondary....

Meanwhile, I just got back from picking up some supplies from a local hardware store, where I could not help but notice all of the zombies walking the aisles wearing their gawd awful FACE DIAPERS... I on the other hand absolutely refuse to wear one of those health destroying covers, and of course I had many of those RETARDS staring and glaring at me... Honestly I do not give A FUCK what they think, for I know better than to cause myself  brain damage from wearing a fucking face diaper!

And of course here I am sitting down to surf the internet, and I came across a most fabulous article that my fellow colleague, Greencrow, just posted at her website at www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com... This one is  right up my alley for it takes shots at that FREAK that is in charge of fucking up the people of Canada by running this entire scam-demic!  I am of course talking about that hideous MAN, Tan Yongshi, who is a transgender freak and now goes by the name of "Teresa Tam"!

OK, Here in fact is Greencrow's excellent article, entitled "Tam The Man Ratchets Up The Fear Porn Today By Blaming Canadians For The Fake Pandemic/Scamdemic/Hoax" right here for all of my own  readers to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tam the man Ratchets up the Fear Porn Today Blaming Canadians for the Fake Pandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX

Tam the man Ratchets up the Fear Porn Today --
Blaming Canadians for the Fake Pandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX

It's difficult to find words that adequately describe my disgust at the man to the right in the above photo.  Lying to the very depths of his being, Tam is now ratcheting up the fear port exponentially as he blames Canadians for the phony rise in the phony statistics for the phony Plandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX CovID-19.

Here is a the so-called "report" from the Official Liar CBC.  I have added my comments in red below:

Canada's top doctor warns of sharp rise in COVID-19 cases if Canadians don't follow guidelines

Dr. Theresa Tam says Canada is at a 'crossroads' and can avoid 2nd lockdown with good behaviour

Canada is at a "crossroads" in its pandemic battle and the actions of individual Canadians will decide whether there's a massive spike in COVID-19 cases coming, [Blaming the victim is a staple tactic of the Bully] according to the latest projections from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

Federal health officials presented new modelling today [are these "models" like the UK Neil Ferguson models that started the whole plandemic?  Lies made out of whole cloth?] that shows the epidemic is accelerating nationally. They warned that if Canadians don't step up preventative measures, the virus could spread out of control and trigger a wave of infections bigger than the first one. [Bigger so that the Lockdown can be bigger...and so that the DNA altering vaccines can be rolled out "sooner"]

"With minimal controls, the virus is capable of surging into a very sharp and intense peak because most Canadians don't have immunity to the virus,[Most Canadians don't have immunity to the "common cold" - and we've never had lockdowns over that.  Such facile lies that they know the Sheeple will gobble up like turkeys just before Thanksgiving] Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam told a news conference in Ottawa today.

Preventative measures include physical distancing, wearing masks, enhanced sanitization and hand-washing. 

Short-term projections show there could be up to 155,795 cases and up to 9,300 deaths by Oct. 3.

If the current rate of infection is maintained, the epidemic is expected to re-surge — but if that rate increases, it is expected to surge "faster and stronger." [Fear porn spread thickly and indiscriminately...this Bastard has absolutely NO conscience!] That has been the experience in other countries, Tam said.

Rapid detection of new cases and a swift response to outbreaks are both key to controlling the pandemic, PHAC modelling documents show.

Tam said there has been a significant demographic shift in the caseload since June: instead of the virus disproportionately affecting elderly Canadians, most infections are now being reported in Canadians aged 20 to 39. [This is the age they want to target for the vaccinations--no point in vaccinating the elderly...just kill THEM off...but we need to vaccinate the young--so that we can get started tracing, tracking and harvesting their data (and infecting them with diseases that won't show up for years)]

Deaths and hospitalizations are also lower. [We can't completely ignore reality, but we can manipulate it so it supports our lies] But Tam warned that people must take collective action to prevent the spread to more vulnerable populations.

"People don't exist in age group cohorts from morning to night," she said. "In a community, that is going to spill over into high-risk populations. And how we protect those populations depends on all the lessons we learned that we had in the first instance in looking after long-term care facilities."

Tam and her deputy, Dr. Howard Njoo, held a news conference today to present the updated modelling. They were joined by Health Minister Patty Hajdu and Minister of Public Services and Procurement Anita Anand.

The modelling shows that increases in the caseload have occurred in regions west of the Atlantic provinces — but there is still a lot of variation across the country.

In Ontario, the most populous province, three so-called "hot spots" — Toronto, Peel and Ottawa — have been ordered to follow more restrictive measures on the size of gatherings, for example.

Asked if there could be another round of lockdowns, Tam said that will depend largely on the behaviour of Canadians now. [Folks, it doesn't matter how often you wash your hands, how long you wear your health-destroying masks for, or how much you stay at home...YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE OUR CLUTCHES!...We will vaccinate "the entire world"--as our leader, Baal GateZ, has threatened.]

NTS Notes: I once again want to thank Greencrow for this article.... It is indeed right up my alley as I have been watching and waiting for articles that blast that freak transgender psychopath that has had the nerve to destroy this nation with her insane "Health edicts" in regards to this entire fraud scam-demic!

Now apparently this mentally imbalanced  freak of nature who could not get laid if its life depended on it, is indeed blaming us, the Canadian people, for this entire fucking fraud of a 'pandemic'!  Honestly, what a fucking sad excuse for a human being!

Greencrow is so right in her comments that she inserted into this report... This foul creature is to me nothing more than an inhuman freak that is on a 'power trip' and trying to once again scare the Canadian people with an almost scolding attitude of "You all must be good little slaves, and must behave yourselves and follow your orders like the morons you truly are, or the big bad 'virus' will get you"....

And Greencrow hits the nail on the head when she states that it does not matter how much you follow their orders, of they will still shove a vaccination needle in all of us whether we like it or not...

I for one will continue to tear this foul creature, Tan Yongshi, every chance I get, for all I see in that thing is a psychopathic monster that has been on a massive power trip.... Hopefully the day will come that Canadians will see the truth about this evil monster and have it forced out as Canadians "Chief Health Director", for all that position has turned into is a position of dictatorship over this nation!

More to come


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