Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Are The Criminals Behind This Fraud Now Backtracking? New York Post "Admits" That Lockdowns May Have Been A Huge Mistake! (No Kidding!)

I am like so many out there that have been trying our best to reach the masses with the truth about this entire scam-demic, where I have been waiting for the criminals behind this entire scam suddenly start to ' back track' and have to start admitting that this whole 'scam-demic' is indeed a massive fraud and a "huge mistake"...

Well... Apparently some 'kinks in the armor' for these criminals are now appearing, for according to the following report that comes from the New York Post online news service at, apparently these fucking bastards are possibly beginning their 'back tracking' on this entire fraud, for the fact that they are now having to admit that the stupid and idiotic 'lockdowns' that they forced on most of us almost 6 months ago were in fact a HUGE MISTAKE!   Here in fact is the link to that article from the NY Post for everyone to see right here for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am absolutely NOT shocked at all by this report, for apparently some in the Jewish controlled media are now seeing that there is a severe backlash of opposition to this entire scam-demic, as people are finally waking the fuck up and seeing that it is and always has been probably the greatest hoax in human history.. And therefore rather than have the masses out there go after them with flaming torches and pitchforks calling for them all to be hanged for this horrendous crime against humanity, they are instead 'slowly' admitting piece by piece that they were 'mistaken'....

Thus I am expecting more of these type of reports to become widespread over the next while as the criminals that have run the massive propaganda campaign of FEAR for this entire scam-demic are now beginning to back-peddle and rather than admit that they were absolutely criminal in this scam, try to cover their tracks by slowly admitting that they were wrong all along....

Honestly, I do hope that the general public does not accept this type of excuses from these bastards.. They have wrecked our lives, our economies, and have caused so many REAL deaths via suicides... They are absolutely responsible for all that and so much more, and we should never accept the fuckers claiming that they did not 'know better" and that this was all just a massive 'mistake'... .Hanging them all is way too good for the lot IMHO....

Lets see where this goes, and if other criminals in the Jewish controlled media outlets now attempt to cover up their guilt and crimes by saying "OOPS... It was all a mistake!"... It is way too late for that now...

More to come



Freeborn said...

Right on NTS!

I so agree with u and share your fury 100%.


No way should these SCUMBAG SCAMSTERS get away with turning our lives upside down with their deceitful Satanic agenda.

Seems even Kiwis are singling out the muzzle-wearing robots who went along with this INDECENTLY THREADBARE SCAMDEMIC:

Here in UK, since this nightmare began, I've been pointing and ridiculing anyone in my area who is obviously wearing a mask by choice.

The shops e.g. Oxfam who put up signs saying NO MASK NO ENTRY deserve what's coming when the people wake up to this DUMB SCAM and go ape-shit when they realise they've LOST EVERYTHING FOR NOTHING!


Rose Fox said...

I am hoping that they overplay their hand as the holidays approach.

I think the monsters are underestimating both the public's attachment to holiday traditions, and how sick and tired the average person is with following nonsensical rules. People have been slavishly following the mask mandates, social distancing etc. all year, but the numbers are now supposedly going up again. Eventually they will wake up to the fact that these rules mean nothing and the numbers are being faked.

Already Mayor John Toady of Toronto is belly-rumbling about cancelling Halloween trick or treating despite the fact that local "health officials" say that social distancing would be possible.

Next Thanksgiving is coming up, and the tyrants will try to stop families from getting together for dinner. I think they will enact their manufactured food shortages just in time for Thanksgiving to curtail celebrations. I suspect that's also when they'll begin their next lockdown which (Tam has stated) will be worse than the last one.

Finally, Christmas will be targeted. First they will vilify it in the media, claiming it's wasteful, environmentally irresponsible, racist and not diverse enough. The paid rioters will be out in force so the streets won't be safe for shopping. They may even institute a curfew. Christmas parties and pre-holiday parades and celebrations will be cancelled, especially if the food shortage is in effect. People will be fined for putting up lights and decorations on their homes. The cancellation of Christmas will kill the last few remaining small retailers and restaurants, which fulfills their agenda to destroy all but the biggest corporate businesses which the monsters own. Even Walmart is closing stores in the US.

I'm hoping that people will finally draw the line and won't allow Christmas to be cancelled. Christmas has survived two world wars, a depression, and several more serious flu pandemics so far.

>"Apparently some 'kinks in the armor' for these criminals are now appearing"
I laughed when I saw this, because the original expression is "chinks in the armor". Given the origins of this scamdemic I found the irony amusing.