Friday, September 4, 2020

The Awful Truth About Humans

Some people from time to time ask me WHY I continue to write my articles at this blog, especially those concerning the entire sickening scam-demic that we are being subjected to 24/7 round the clock now... I keep telling them that I get NO joy in writing these articles or presenting the links and material that they contain, for it is so aggravating to myself that I FEEL THE NEED to do so!

I honestly had HOPED by this time that the message would be there for everyone that they have been played as suckers, but apparently from what I am seeing, most of the dumb ass sheep out there are simply too stupid to live now and are beyond any hope of seeing the light.... But I persevere, with the hope that the message is being heard and that my material is out there spreading far and wide to reach people with the hope that at least some are waking the fuck up!  Thus I keep going and have not given up hope...

OK, enough of that "mini rant"... Time for the subject at hand... And I do want to present the newest article that comes from one of my best colleagues living in the formerly free nation called the "United States", John Kaminski, who hails from the sunny state of Florida and writes his essays at

John's latest essay is entitled: "The Awful Truth About Humans" with the subheading of "Everyone Knows What's Missing, But Our Leaders Pretend Not To Hear" and I absolutely do have it right here for all to see and ponder for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments, as I usually do, to follow:

Everyone knows what’s missing
but our leaders pretend not to hear
Appealing to people’s better natures
no match for those who are paid to lie
When the lie becomes the truth, hope is just another rubber check stub lying in the gutter, blown away by an indifferent wind. Or another deformed child produced by the bogus research of vaccine makers. Or another innocent life snuffed out by politicians trying to influence ignorant voters, upon whom the fate of the nation regrettably depends.
The reason we are governed by a predator class is because religions don’t work. Approval by the state is their muzzle. Religions have been betrayed by their own hypocrisy, their own stifled sexual impulses. Hope has been erased by the very people who were supposed to be nurturing it. We have fallen from the pure and natural into the polluted and twisted.
Too many people have lied their way to the top. Too many governments have practiced the philosophy of stealing what you can when you can. Too many people who weren’t directly hurt by the crime found it easy to look the other way after all those people were either killed or put in jail for trying to tell the truth.
This couldn’t happen to me, they think. I’ll just keep my mask on and my mouth shut.

The world rattles apart
It used to be that the government arrested people who threw bombs and tried to burn down buildings. Now the government covertly supports these rage-fueled vandals, not only by the inaction of socialist elected officials who dither philosophically while innocent people become random corpses discarded on the garbage strewn roadside of American highways, but also by allowing rhetoric that makes individual people far less important than this frightening monolith formerly known as the American republic, a giant cash register without a heart that simply doesn’t care who it kills.
These are the same medical giants who have corralled humanity into a fearful paralysis over a disease that may or may not exist whose existence is determined by a test that was never supposed to be used to determine disease, but the world is locked down anyway by a boogeyman created by rich and deceptive medical millionaires looking to addict humanity into taking drugs forever.
The stunning thing is that, conditioned by so many palpable lies from the past, the public actually believed them, and willingly went along with their own systemic neutering.
Today, America is to a republic as Walmart is to quality merchandise. But that’s who the people have become. Low budget, unreliable and uncaring. Most people have never heard of collateral damage. Or chemtrails. Or adrenachrome. These folks — all of us, really — are the warped products of Jewish media.
We enjoy the media pretension that America is a force for good in the world as we watch their sons and daughters go around the world and demolish countries, cutting people to ribbons at the behest of our Jewish financial masters, then coming home with rare diseases, missing limbs and incurable contempt for the system we once sought to defend.
Last trip to school?
So under this cloud of paranoia and deceit, America’s schoolchildren go back to school in many places wearing masks and practicing some form of social distancing, fundamentally handicapping the educational process, their social development and their own personal views of themselves.
Observing complaints over the past few weeks I’ve discerned a double-edged whammy awaiting parents who no way suspect there’s a possibility that they may never see their children again if they choose to send them back to school.
Because of the danger of contact tracing, the utter misuse of the testing process and the eagerness of power mad public officials unable to think critically while enforcing quarantines and other draconian penalties, children who test positive for the government’s chosen disease can be removed from their families and removed to quarantine camps.
You’ve no doubt heard about the stories that say the majority of children who suddenly go missing most commonly do so from foster care. So parting with your children for any reason increases the risk they will disappear for good. Remember the children at the border who were separated from their parents? We never knew where they wound up.
The flip side of this potential disaster is if the parents, through the process of contact tracing, must be quarantined because the government, through its faulty testing, has determined they must be separated from their children. In this case, what happens to the kids? What is presented is another opportunity for those kids to be stolen, abused and/or injured in some way that would never have happened without testing for a disease that seemingly shows everyone has it, but according to many doctors not affiliated with the government does not actually exist.
It’s about the ramifications of COVID testing and contact tracing. Why are so many public officials so eager to put people in concentration camps over fears of a disease that kills so few people? Is there any relation to the horrid fact that 800,000 go missing and unexplained annually? And what is the relationship of Bill Gates to the Clinton Foundation and Jeffrey Epstein?
Before any of these things can ever be discussed again, we must get two things straight: the tests for COVID don’t test for any disease, and therefore are completely useless. And masks don’t stop the spread of bacteria, either going out or coming in.
Which means the masks and the lockdowns are complete fiascoes, a profound miscarriage of justice, and a contributing factor to deaths and injuries of many people, whose survivors should all sue the architects of this misplaced social pogrom that has deliberately ruined all the economies of the world.
All those businesses which demanded their employees wear masks can now be sued by those same employees for jeopardizing their health and causing them to get cancer and heart disease as a result of their reduced oxygen intake caused by wearing masks.
Which was the point of the entire elaborate charade? Simply to recalibrate all currencies into worldwide money and eliminate millions, if not billions, of useless eaters.
Their mission is accomplished by your silent acquiescence to these ridiculous restrictions placed upon our lives.
Take off your masks. And get extremely upset at the dodoes who insist you wear them.
The verdict is in
The awful truth about humans? They can’t be trusted.
If the lure or the threat is sufficient, they will take the bribe every time. No wonder police states predominate throughout history. The crowd cannot otherwise be controlled. Reason never rules the crowd. Some ancient author said “the axe is God.” This is the true paradigm that rules humanity.
Sometimes the trappings of civilization reveal random acts of inspirational kindness that temporarily rekindle our so-called faith in humanity, but overall the powers that be have shaped us into a hungry herd forever left on the outside if we don’t participate in the crimes against those we have determined to be our enemies.
We have forfeited our moral credibility to the irresistible power of the bottom line. The typical excuse is thinking we can make up for our prudent pragmatism by being charitable about something else later on. But that never brings back the needlessly dead nor the remaining sick and injured. And then the soldiers who fought bravely for our freedom, maimed and tattered as they try to survive without their missing parts, are sorely and callously neglected for their sacrifices made only to benefit rich bankers who never knew their names nor cared to.
Stop wearing masks immediately. They were never about disease. They were always and remain an indication that you are willing to believe a lie that actually hurts your own health in order to conform to the standards mandated for you by your government.
Those who like wearing masks will really like getting Bill Gates’s new vaccine. It might be the last thing they’ll ever like.
You know what they say. Those who wear the mask will take the shot. And that will be the end of them.
And then there’s the matter of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the latest rendition of Tweedledum and Tweedledee (a phrase invented by Helen Keller). It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose. Either will deliver the latest installment of the Jewish World Enslavement Plan, which includes unlimited jungle refugees burning down what has been built over the past two-plus centuries and then slaughtering those white people whose charity enabled people of color to survive and become the ungrateful savages they always were.
A government you know for certain that you can’t trust tells you to take the shot and your troubles will be over. Remembering that you will never get a chance to reconsider your decision, if you don’t know how to respond to this demand by now you likely never will.

NTS Notes: I do agree with John's statements showing that our leaders are totally corrupt and  beyond hope.. .Even up here in Canada, this formerly great nation is basically leaderless, as the totally corrupt Trudeau regime continues to basically steal taxpayer money and the fucking criminals in charge of that corrupt Liberal regime just basically laugh in our faces while they give us the middle finger as well...

And yes, at the top of the 'apex' in terms of who runs this planet are the criminal and most psychotic Jewish elite that have caused the horrible ruination that we see around us and laugh in our faces as well....Sadly too many of the dumb ass sheep out there cannot see this as reality....

I too have been alarmed at what the fuckers behind the entire scam-demic are doing to our children and how they are basically destroying their young lives and their very futures  under the guise of this entire fucking fraud of a 'deadly virus'..... I for one have long been a strong advocate of having children home schooled where available as a vital necessity to stop the damage that these children are being subjected to......

And do not even get me started about my stance in terms of 'face masks'... I have covered that idiocy in so many articles already, but do feel sometimes that my efforts and the efforts of so many others to awaken the sheep and have them take those health destroying face coverings off seems all for naught as more and more stupid and retarded fucking morons out there are putting them on in increasing numbers... And therefore John is absolutely right that these face mask morons will be the first ones to be given the deadly vaccines with dire consequences....

Overall, a fabulous article from John... I will indeed continue to bring forward John's essays if and when they do become available here for all to see and read for themselves, so stay tuned..

More to come



Jody Paulson said...

I'm glad you're doing this, NTS. It can seem like a thankless job sometimes, but know you're really making a difference.

Rose Fox said...

>"It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose. Either will deliver the latest installment of the Jewish World Enslavement Plan, which includes unlimited jungle refugees burning down what has been built over the past two-plus centuries and then slaughtering those white people whose charity enabled people of color to survive and become the ungrateful savages they always were."

A beautiful paragraph, which applies equally to any major "first" world country, especially Canada. Anyone who thinks that voting for O'Toole and the Conservatives will save us should just shut up, put their mask on and line up for their shot. O'Toole even mentioned in his Conservative leadership acceptance speech that he will "protect Canadians from the coronavirus". Plus he's just as globalist and liberal as Trudeau himself. And Canada deifies its "jungle refugees" and ungrateful savages even more than the Americans do.