Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Only Zombies Wear Masks!

 I feel so deflated these days... In spite of my best efforts in trying to reach everyone around me with the truth about their gawd awful face diapers that they are now almost ALL donning without any thought, I am at loggerheads with these morons as they just ignore my warnings or else call me some kind of "kook"... 

I was out and about yesterday night to get a few food items, and I seem to now be the ONLY person that does not put on a health destroying face diaper... I went about my business going down several aisles and all I saw was moron after moron with their face diaper on looking at me like I was from another world!  Most passed by me with those 'deer in headlights' look in their eyes and looked at me with so much fear that I simply had to ignore even having any eye contact with them.... It is so sad to see what has happened to humanity now thanks to this scam-demic....

Well, I am not alone in this war against the face diaper, for many other real truth seekers are out there trying so desperately to reach the masses about how those face coverings are useless and are in fact detrimental to their own health....  I want to say that I am very proud of their efforts and I do want to say that they are not alone in trying to reach people and to not give up this fight!

I want to present here a brand new article from my colleague, John Kaminski who writes his excellent essays over at www.johnkaminksi.org... This one is entitled: 'Only Zombies Wear Masks' with the subheading of 'Is This The End Of The Age Of Natural Born Humans?", and I absolutely have it right here in its entirety for everyone to read for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Is this the end of the age
of natural born humans?

How much faith may we have
in a medical profession
that routinely perpetrates
hoaxes on its patients

Make no mistake about it — the zombie apocalypse is here. You know how you can tell? The zombies are wearing masks!

Anyone seriously following this demonological passion play known as COVID-19 and listening to all these principled doctors trying to fight their way past the censorship of the Jewish communications platforms knows that masks won’t stop the penetration of the substance carrying the so-called disease, and that constant wearing of the mask, because it reduces oxygen intake, can lead to heart attacks and the development of cancer in the wearer.

Remember, COVID stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID — what a strange name for a vaccine, eh? And this yet-to-be-invented Frankenstein injection is actually the real disease we should be fighting. This idea to vaccinate everyone against everything is a mental fixation in the diseased brains of the people who run the world and desire to control everyone with a single inoculation.

If they succeed in this psychopathic mission, this will be the end of humanity, the turning of human beings into robots under the control of a merciless central authority, which is now widely regarded as an artificial intelligence routine. The great fear is that if AI took over (which it apparently has), the first thing it would do is eliminate humans as the most dangerous factor in the universe to everything that lives).

So, the PCR test that declares everyone ill doesn’t work in identifying disease, according to the test’s Nobel Prize-winning inventor, the late Kary Mullis. So all those labeled with this disease have been besmirched by a test that DOES NOT WORK and was labeled INAPPROPRIATE BY ITS INVENTOR.

Yet the public believed in its doctors and its government, and now the world is locked down on the basis of this utterly unreliable test.

The lockdowns have retarded the growth of millions children as well as destroyed most of the world’s independent businesses, apparently triggering the creation of many trillions of dollars which resulted in the ruination of the worth of all the money possessed by ordinary Americans. Now the banks can buy your property at any time with an offer you will not be able to refuse. And the money you receive for your property will quickly erode down to next to nothing as inflation soars to infinity and the government takes ownership of everything.

And yes, the bogus test can help kill old people more quickly, if they haven’t yet been killed by putting them on ventilators, yet another New York medical scandal that will never be investigated. No wonder everyone is moving away from that rancid nightmare megalopolis as fast as they can (which some people say is the true Jewish capital of the world).

Just who did you think you were?

Your life is being ripped from your hands. Powerless to change the channel, in horror you watch your future zoom past you and disappear into history. The things that made you whole now tear you up on the inside while your fondest memories and possessions shrivel in the flames of the premeditated disaster of the day (most likely the killer microwave beams from above that have been tearing up the U.S. West Coast; the perps hire arsonists to cover up the real cause of the fires).

The crap that has metastasized inside your mind from a faulty knowledge base is reflected in the pollution and violence in the world, as herd animals cheat each other and one tribe masters them all in a kind of worldwide cannibal dance that is rapidly consuming the entire superstructure of life on Earth.

When we modify nature to increase our creature comfort, we do so at our peril. The toxic terrain of the planet bears painful witness to this. The landscape we have poisoned accurately reflects the polluted lagoons our minds have become.

No more drinking out of that stream we used to play in. The poisoning of the Earth by humans has gone into hyperdrive. As blacks repay whites for their many kindnesses by murdering them, our puppet masters push their poisons into the brains of our children, making them very different from the people their parents wanted them to be. The kids themselves will never have a chance to be themselves.

Schools turn them into obedient, Beta-class drones.

Plus, everywhere we look for advice is tainted by the shadow of those who change things from their concealed position behind the scenes. Like moves on a chessboard, these shadowy figures — camouflaged by more money than you can possibly imagine — move people around like mechanical ants before they decide, for fun, to squash them.

Dirty country tricks its citizens

Unbridled power produces unbridled atrocity and perversion. When people can get away with anything they wind up destroying themselves. Just ask the Clintons. Only when regulated moderately by an established moral authority can they restrain their savage impulses. Trouble is, the established moral authorities are themselves infected by the temptations of power and the blind passion of the sexual impulses which, when left unregulated, create addicts who destroy everything to get their fixes.

Bill Gates’s quantum dot tattoo has been inserted into in the COVID-19 vaccine, many sources have reported, so if you get the flu shot you’ll get the permanent connection to government snoops that you never wanted. That would figure. Every cure the government has invented seems to have contained some time delayed poison like the SV-40 gene in the Salk polio vaccine or the fatal ingredients in Dr. Fauci’s AZT nostrum deaths from which were all blamed on an AIDS virus that never really existed.

Think about this. The new Bill Gates vaccine will spread out and deploy an array of abilities once it’s inside your arm. I wonder how you will feel as you observe it growing beneath your skin. But then I wonder now if anybody anywhere feels anything anymore. We are all, to some extent, put to sleep by the phony propaganda of those identifiable billionaires who surreptitiously rule us.

Our government has never told the truth about anything, not about 9/11, AIDS, JFK and the other assassinations, all the phony wars to prop up corrupt dictators and steal valuable minerals, how FDR stole everyone’s gold in 1933, and exacerbating the Great Depression and causing millions of Americans to starve. This last mention provides a telling tangent to the present time, where a controlled famine is one of the subplots of the COVID scam-demic.

Our country was officially taken over by Jews in 1913 with the treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve act, which allowed 13 Jewish families to take control of U.S. finances in perpetuity. Ever since then it has been the boom-and-bust cycle, let everyone borrow what they want and they at the most unpropitious moment call in all the loans and destroy millions of lives.

Now that the population has been significantly dumbed down and children are being both sexualized and infected in first grade, things will become a lot easier for the puppet masters and harder for the average American to continue to insist that his deteriorating condition could actually be something called freedom.

An evil, all-encompassing wraith

The massive amount of lying by government officials forcing a lockdown on the entire world still remains unnoticed by the majority of the semiconscious population. They dutifully wash their hands incessantly never realizing that the so-called disease from which they flee in terror has a worldwide death rate of virtually zero.

A lot of people you thought were honorable were in on the scam. Hospital administrators slapped the COVID label on whomever they could — dead or alive — in order to receive whopping bonuses from the feds for participating in the scam.

People die every day, but that is no reason to run and hide from the world.

A wholesale investigation of allopathic medicine would reveal the fraud of chemical medicine and the concealment of proper nutrition as the key to all health.

You know how you can realize this plan-demic is a total fraud. Simply consider this: the government wants to know every single secret detail of your life. Just ask yourself to consider the opposite — about how the government strives with all its might to prevent you knowing all the unconstitutional, illegal and evil things IT does to keep the money flowing to the Jewish power brokers who run the show . . . the show? . . . I’m talking about the whole world.

The government has become an evil, all-encompassing wraith of our own misgivings which we created to protect us from untimely death but instead has accelerated what it was supposed to reduce. Why? Because it is owned by foreigners who have no desire to protect anyone except their own demented clan.

As long as society runs on the basis of secrets we cannot know or see, we are simply not free and never will be free, no matter what disingenuously noble rhetoric they try to shove down your throat as they put you to sleep permanently.

Incarceration by suggestion

It now can be revealed and understood that the poisoned landscape reflects the poisoned condition of our minds. The public reaction to a contrived epidemic plan has shocked even cynics, because people have knuckled under to draconian pathological measures with a robotic willingness few would have expected.

Masks make people anonymous, which is just what the Commie bankers want. They only want customers with numbers and no other complications. Everywhere in society you see people being turned into numbers.

If you don’t fight for freedom, it will be stolen from you by those who are smarter than you are. This is the history of the human race.

The noble platitudes used to sanctify governments are specious at best as they lull the multitudes to sleep during the wholesale theft of everything they own.

Change the channel! Before it’s too late. And don’t say it’s never too late. Because after the Bill Gates quantum dot tattoo, it will be.


NTS Notes: I agree with John on everything in this latest essay..

I used to love watching the zombie apocalypse show called 'The Walking Dead' years back before the premise got a bit ridiculous... And I do remember watching how the actors playing the zombies did such a great job of simulating dead people walking.... But now with these RETARDS out there wearing their face diapers, all I see is the zombie apocalypse now coming to reality in real life!

I agree with John about the fraud PCR tests that absolutely do NOT work and even its 'inventor' has come forward and stated clearly that it should NEVER be used for this 'detection' of this 'COVID-19 virus' that to this day has NEVER been isolated and thus still has NEVER been proven to even exist... The fuckers basically behind this fraud are obviously well aware of the fraudulence of the "PCR tests" and therefore are obviously using it to get their 'false positive' results to push their criminal propaganda of this 'big bad virus' out there!

I also agree with what John states about the vaccines that these fuckers are definitely about to unleash on all of us... Those poisonous chemicals will not only fuck up our very DNA, but will place marker chips in our bodies for these fuckers' want to have everyone surveilled and turned into mindless drones... And yet we find so many people so filled by the bullshit propaganda and lies via the Jewish controlled media that they are actually clamoring and wanting to have these vaccines in their bodies at all cost in spite of their dangerous nature, which to me is insanity!

This scam-demic has indeed been well planned and in the works by these monsters for decades.. They ran a few trials for the last few years, especially with the "SARS", "Swine Flu" and even "Zika Virus" to test the masses' reactions and to use those tests to perfect their methodology so that they were ready to unleash this fraud on the planet at the beginning of this year... And it has worked out beyond their wildest dreams as most people are simply too stupid to live and have indeed turned into mindless zombies..

The bottom line is simple... DO NOT put on a face mask, period.... It is a sign of not only the destruction of your own health, but shows your servitude to these monsters behind this entire scam... I for one will resist to my dying day and will find any excuse possible in my daily life to not put on a bacterial filled, health destroying, Oxygen depriving, face covering.  Hopefully others will get the message and not turn into mindless zombies!

More to come


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