Thursday, September 17, 2020

No More Legacy Blogger? This Really Blows!

Well... I knew this would happen eventually... I am toying around with my replacement Windows 10 laptop to replace the one that finally died yesterday, only to discover that I can no longer access the old "legacy blogger" for putting up articles here....

And honestly, this new 'blogger' truly SUCKS and is horrendous to work with... Navigating around with it is beyond atrocious and the settings alone are absolutely ludicrous... 

I do wonder what in the hell the pricks behind "Google" were thinking when they said months back that they were going to 'upgrade' this site, for this is NOT an upgrade at all but a severe downgrade at best...

I am beginning to believe that these fuckers did this on purpose, but I do not have positive proof (yet) that is so.... But it does lead to the famous saying 'Do not fix something that is not broke"....  But apparently this is indeed the case here...

What may happen to this blog now is that I may have NO choice but to cut my association with this "Blogger" site and finally go mainstream with my own Internet website.... I have not gone that route for the simple reasons of COST and the time I would need for setting it all up (I am not an Internet website genius by a long shot..)…..

I  know that others feel the same way about this 'change" for it is to me NOT a "change for the better" by a long shot....  The problem is that I am now stuck with this 'blogger" for the time being and will have to bite my tongue and try to make the best of this situation...

Therefore to the fuckers behind 'Blogger', I have a message to all of you:  WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?

More to come



BuelahMan said...

Wordpress, as you know, shuttered my site. I am amazed that yours has stayed untouched.

When and if you find a host who won't do what wordpress did to me, let me know so I can revive my site. Even if its a paid site.

Or perhaps, we can find a way to host ours (and others) in some way on the same platform?

JT Custer said...

If you would like, I could set up a new website to your specs and then hand it totally over to you, and of course I would be available to help for a couple weeks, all included in the flat fee. Yes, I need some money. I took early retirement late last year, quit my part-time job because of the scamdemic bs in May, and now I really need a new source of a little income.

1. For a website like what you have now, posting articles and just linking to videos: $150. Its basis would be the free Wordpress platform, and you could choose one of MANY "theme" packages available for free (or others for a price) for the look and style of your site.

2. For a website like mine, which can host my own videos, $200. This is a lot more difficult, and it requires the operator of the site to have more knowledge and to install, operate, and update it by using extra computer programs, such as WinSCP and PuTTy.

My website:
(Its basis is the free Wordpress platform. Wordpress has no free video-hosting "theme." I paid $49 to an independent company for the "theme" that can handle the videos. It was a huge pain to install and adjust to work reasonably well, and now I'm just accepting the remaining irritations of it.)

The host-server on which my site resides is -- the greatest for free speech, as shown by my decade there with now my second website saying it ALL vs the jews. The reason it is "NearlyFree" is because they provide only the infrastructure. The customer, me for example, has to know how or LEARN how to set up the database and install the website program, etc. As an example of cost, my video-hosting website currently costs less than one dollar a month. Yeah, "nearly free."

The steps would be these:
1. You would go to and open an account and put some money into it, say $20, to establish it.
2. You would give me your I.D. and password so I could do the installation -- per your desires, as we would discuss.
3. When you're ready, I would turn it over to you. You would change the password (or passwords) so that I would no longer have access. It would be totally yours.

Let me know if you would like to discuss it, or do it. Start with an email to me using the email on my website, .

Jim Laffrey (real name)

Steven Garren said...

I could not find the legacy option today and couldn't find a fix online. So I went to my browser history and pulled up my blog URL history from yesterday. It probably won't last but I am able to access the old design today using the old address. This is for my all posts page. I removed my ID. You need to replace the 5's with your 19 figure ID.

Rose Fox said...

I feel your pain. My site is privately hosted using the WordPress platform. For half a year WordPress has been trying to cram its new "Gutenberg" interface on its users. Gutenberg is for morons, it's a block interface similar to Microsoft's blocks in the Windows 10 start menu. If I wanted to play with blocks I'd put a diaper on and go back to Kindergarten and shake a rattle around. I must have removed it 10 times only to find they put it back again. It's so bad that somebody finally wrote a plug-in app that disables Gutenberg. I was happy to spend the $10 for that plug-in.

My only advice to you is to make sure your blog is hosted on servers OUTSIDE OF CANADA. Websites are subject to the rules of the country where the server is located. There have been many cases of people not only getting their sites taken down but also ending up in jail for hosting pro-White anti-jew content on Canadian servers. There's a piece of rat dung called Richard Warman who has made a career trolling Canadian hosted sites and message boards so he can sue the owners in human rights courts. He even got one couple's kids taken away from them. Most of us use US hosts, but many people are using hosts based in Iceland because their censorship laws are even less strict than the US.

BuelahMan said...

NTS, nothing against Laffrey, but using the free Wordpress site is a no-go for your content, unless you want to lose it all like I did.

JT Custer said...

Dear BuelahMan,
Please read my descrip again. It's NOT a "free Wordpress site." A "free Wordpress site" is what's hosted on Wordpress's own servers,, where they can delete a site at will.

Wordpress also offers the website software for free to be used INDEPENDENTLY on a host-server of our choice. This way, we can make our own website, and if it is on a trustworthy host-server, the site is fully independent and shielded from the jews of .

The ONLY trustworthy host-server I know of is the one I have used for the past decade and counting: . MyWhiteTV is my second Wordpress-software-based website during the decade of which I speak, and not a single glitch, and not a single complaint about content has ever been directed to me or affected my sites.

My previous site was, which I let die in 2017 after I, myself, caused a technical problem related to the domain name. I let the domain expire, thinking I didn't need it. That was a mistake, and the fix was beyond my technical knowledge then. (Also, I had long regretted putting "party" in the domain and site name.) Now, I don't even buy a domain, I just use NearlyFreeSpeech's offer to do without a domain. I simply have to include "" at the end of my site URL.

And now let me imagine one last possible concern that someone might suggest. "Maybe Wordpress puts a backdoor in all their software so that they can hack anybody's site anywhere." Sure, maybe. But I have NEVER heard of a site on a trusted server being harmed due to a "Wordpress backdoor" of any kind. has MANY Wordpress-software-based sites. No such problem reported.

Furthermore, what website software is guaranteed White-made and totally safe? I don't know of any. If you do, offer it up.

My WhitesWillWin site and my current site are the strongest, fact-based (not "opinion infested") sites fully pro-White anti-jew and saying we must kill the enemy. That's the maximum of responsible Free Speech.

What could be better?

If anyone has an answer to that question, please provide the name of the software, the price, and the supposedly better host-server. And if you really want to be convincing, provide links to makers and owners along with your conviction that they are Whites not jews.

Jim Laffrey
real name. no cowering.

James R said...

WordPress did a similar thing, created this truly awful editing page but I found that if I turned off as many windows features as possible, it had no choice but to revert to the old one as the features needed to support the new one were no longer present. Might be worth a try and all the windows features are horrible anyhow.

BuelahMan said...

The wording got me.

"Its basis would be the free Wordpress platform"

I am no web expert (I assume you are), so I am not arguing with you. Just explaining what the free hosting Wordpress did to me after 14 years of no problems.

JT Custer said...

I know very well. My first TRUTH site was a free Wordpress site hosted by Wordpress, and they deleted it. They said I was inciting violence. YES, of course I was -- violence to counter the violence being done to us, as proved by my articles. So, that's when I decided I had to learn how to be a do-it-yourselfer.

BuelahMan said...

When it first happened, I couldn't believe it. I had never incited violence. I call out the jew with every word, tho. I even had jews tell me they were going to have it removed a few weeks beforehand... and it happened. Almost any video I do is culled, if it gets to close to the subject.

I inquired at various places and people I trust but I could find no help in re-establishing it in a way as you describe. I am no expert. I just rant and rave and its likely not even worth my time and effort.

But after all that time (It was since 2007, so 14 years is off slightly), I hated to lose the labor of love I had created. I did save the backup file.

Perhaps we could discuss some details via email?