Thursday, September 3, 2020

New Video By Vernon Coleman: A Conspiracy Of Silence!

Well... The push for "mandatory" face masks to be imposed on ALL citizens here in central Canada has now reached new levels of stupidity... The Jewish controlled media was at it again today with a couple of articles in the rag that they continue to pass off as a 'newspaper' with blaring headlines that the provincial criminal government here in  Manitoba MUST impose 'mandatory face masks' on everyone to 'save us all" from a "deadly virus" that STILL has never been isolated and thus proven to even exist!   I looked quickly at those 'headlines' and then proceeded to throw that rag in the garbage where it belongs.... BUT most people here are so heavily brainwashed now that they will believe this trash as it is written and accept this 'face mask mandatory law' without one shred of using their own rationality and common sense to see that it is all wrong!

OK, I have ranted enough for the moment... I want to present here the latest video that comes from Vernon Coleman aka the "old man in a chair" out of the United Kingdom, that is entitled: "A Conspiracy Of Silence' and tackles once again the issue of criminals wanting to inject us all with their poisonous vaccinations... Here is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I absolutely agree with Vernon Coleman that the criminals behind Youtube are working their worse to have his and other video makers down for trying to tell the truth about the entire COVID-19 scam as well as the horrible vaccines that the fuckers in charge are pushing so hard now to have us all injected with!

He does touch on so many subjects that I have already covered at this blog in previous articles, including how the criminals behind the CDC have had to admit that ONLY some '6%' of those deaths that were originally classified as "from COVID-19" were actually from that disease.. That of course means that rather than some 150000+ deaths as originally reported by these criminals, only some 9500+ can actually be said from this 'deadly virus'.... And my conjecture is that even this '9500" deaths are absolutely wrong as they were dependent on the fraud "PCR tests" and on the basis that there actually IS this supposedly 'deadly virus", that yet has no evidence of actually even existing!  I therefore challenge these pricks to prove that their "9500" number of deaths from this supposedly 'deadly virus' is accurate, as I am stating that even that figure is grossly overestimated and inaccurate!  I doubt that even several hundred have actually 'died' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' in the US alone...

And I of course have been covering the fraud vaccines for years now, and have been a staunch anti-vaxxer for over a decade at least... And we do find that the criminals are stating that their 'COVID-19' bullshit 'vaccine' may not  be 'ready' for this year, and yes they are now out there pushing for everyone to accept the 'Influenza vaccine' for this season instead!

I therefore agree with Vernon Coleman on his statements about 'vaccines'... People should never trust these so called 'experts' that they are safe, when those experts themselves are in the entire scam for nothing but the money and therefore can NOT be trusted, period...  I therefore stand behind my long standing statement that NOBODY should go out and be 'vaccinated', period!

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Freeborn said...

More people In the anti-vax and holistic medicine fields than we will ever know have lost their accredited medical status and their very lives for telling the truth and exposing scientific fraud.

For example, Kary Mullis, the Nobel winning biochemist who insisted that his PCR test could not be used to determine a patient's exposure to a virus conveniently died in August 2019 just before the COVID epidemic simulations got started. He had been a vocal critic of scientists who sold their souls to Big Pharma and denounced the AIDS/HIV "virus" scam. He was also a climate-change "denier". He would obviously have had a lot to say about the abuse of the PCR test by governments involved in the current SCAMDEMIC.

RIP Kary

Likewise, Eva Lee Snead was one of the doctor foremost in exposing the truth about AIDS. She wrote a book: Some Call It AIDS - I Call It Murder. The title is self-explanatory I think. Eva Lee was also a brilliant advocate for anti-vaxxers over decades. She died "suddenly" aged 66 in 2008:

Her delightful smokey Argentine accent and charismatic delivery are particularly evident in this presentation on vaccines:

RIP Eva Lee.