Sunday, September 27, 2020

Don't Trust Your Doctor! Your Life Depends On It!

One of my colleagues in the formerly free nation called the United States of America, John Kaminski, has been an alternative media writer of truth for much longer than I have been, and continues to present some very interesting and truthful articles at his website at  And in fact I received an email earlier today from John to inform myself that he has a brand new article up at his website..

I therefore want to present that new article from John Kaminski, entitled: "Don't Trust Your Doctor" with the subheading of 'Your Life Depends On It!' right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to view for themselves..... I have my own thoughts and comments, as usual, to follow:

Your life depends on it!


American karma: 
Destroy all life on Earth
with all the lies we have told

(For the unenlightened: karma is the emotional reflection of action,
whether good or bad, that produces perfectly appropriate results in the future.)


Apocalyptic propaganda is the basis of western religion. It’s a control mechanism by instilling fear. You instill the fear so people won’t think clearly. Everything is there to disrupt the creative intelligence so it doesn’t flow with clarity and coherence. So fearing the apocalyptic is just a mining tool they’ve been using since they came up with the concept of the male dominator god. 
— John Trudell, Native American poet, quoted by Tamra Lucid

We are a species imprisoned by our own fear. As a result, we are inextricably trapped in our own dogma, unable to see how it is destroying everything we hoped to love, cherish, and, above all, preserve.

No human I’ve ever known has ever been able to explain how the universe came to be or where we go when we die. Yet every religion ever known insists it knows the inarguable answer to both these questions. And most religions, while steadfastly preaching peace and love, will kill you if you disagree with — or worse, debunk — their exclusive sacred formula for eternal life that they — and only they — have invented.

This is the sure guarantee of perpetual conflict in the futile human effort to kill our own deaths, to anesthetize that fear the underlies all our behavior with candy-coated fairy tales that keep us from authentically understanding the dangerous situation we have created for ourselves.

This is the lie we live, and this is the lie we will pay for when we finally destroy life on Earth, which judging by past and present events appears to be our destiny. People don’t actually want the truth; they just want something to keep them from worrying. This has proved to be the path toward the total destruction of our civilization, and the worthlessness of insolubly corrupt human society.


Who is crazy and who is not?

Imagine your doctor is Anthony Fauci. There’s no telling what new disease you will come down with. But there’s one thing you know for sure. The cure he prescribes won’t work and will harm you. And the disease he says you have — if not a total work of fiction — is likely something he and his Frankenstein friends invented themselves.

Fauci, Obama orchestrated
Coronavirus attack on U.S.

Ron Paul: Lockdown
boosts dementia deaths

Paul and Fauci: what a contrast in doctors — valiant obstetrician vs. homicidal functionary. All those people who were classified as suffering from COVID were falsely diagnosed because — as it is known far and wide by now — the disease has never been adequately identified, isolated or purified, rendering its actual status as nonexistent.

In a broader sense for most people it has become impossible to discern the truth amidst all the lies bombarding us from within the deafening white noise that besieges us every hour of every day. It’s all part of the greater picture that American karma is leading us indisputably toward Armageddon, which has clearly begun because the powers that be wanted it begun.

World War 3 has begun. It’s the government against the people in the sorry saga of a species imprisoned by its own fear.

The only way the Democrats can win the next election is to steal it electronically.

They will pay people to take the shot. The shot will be the end of who they used to be.

Consider the mask thing as a way to make criminals more successful and ordinary citizens more cowardly.

Nobody in media is forthright about the Jews because Jews own practically every media outlet in the entire world.

Key unanswered question

A question that has yet to be answered centers around the work of Arthur Firstenberg who is his book The Invisible Rainbow convincingly argues that flu like illnesses are not caused by germs or viruses but by radio waves. The conclusion you must make if you believe his contention is that the so-called COVID-19 pandemic was a cynical coverup of the coming death and disease toll when 5G is operational throughout the world, and people start dropping like flies.

No discussion whatsoever is being permitted by corrupt mainstream media.
More studies are needed. Most important is to ban all vaccines and bring current research on vaccines to a halt, because doctors are misreading the cause of the symptoms — not germs or viruses. Radio waves, which will enable us to see 5G as the greatest killer of modern times before it happens, rather than afterwards.

What the COVID hoax should trigger is a widespread audit of questionable mainstream treatments of various ailments that actually exacerbate or even create the diseases they are supposed to cure.

Notable among these questionable procedures are vaccines, mammograms, chemotherapy, ultrasound, statins, and innumerable other products that harm more than they help.

As long as we are not allowed to discuss the perfidious role of Jews in the world, we will never find freedom. Especially today, when our thoughts are profoundly restricted on the Jewish internet platforms (i.e.: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as censored among mainstream media for virtually all of the 20th century.

Today all the independent bookstores have closed yet the highways are jammed with Amazon Prime vans delivering consumer goods to customers who insists on receiving their purchases as soon as they order them. This is an example of how the bankers’ top down Communism eliminates all the little businesses and funnels all the commerce to the billionaires who give the biggest contributions to politicians.

The question of questions

Because of the rank hypocrisy and widespread corruption of our governments, we are forced to ask ourselves the question: Is there really good in the world, or are all these platitudes and religious rules such as “it’s better to give than receive” really lies about human behavior which are employed in the service of religious mind control?

It’s a question we must ask ourselves constantly if we are to be real. I like to use this example on people who think I’m talking smack. When you die and go to meet your maker, he’s not going to be impressed by all the vacations you took and all the money you made.

If you’re only working for yourself you’re just a nobody, somebody who nobody needs.

In case you are astrologically inclined, have nerves made of steel and wonder what October 2020 will be like, check out . . .

Divine judgment

followed by

Near Future Events Have Long 
Been Planned By the Major Players


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


NTS Notes:  I do agree with John's statement that we should never trust doctors... Much of my annoyance with the so called 'medical community' stems from these 'doctors' constantly pushing the dangerous drugs and chemicals from "Big Pharma" as well as their promotion of the fraud of vaccines...

And yes, the linkage between this present 'COVID-19' fiasco and the push for deadly 5G technology is apparent and there is still the question as to whether this 'second wave' that these criminals want for people to be so frightened that they will line up like dumb ass sheep to take their 'vaccines' may be linked to the increasing usage of '5G' technology by the criminals in the telecommunications industries....  There is definite evidence that this '5G' and its usage of 60Ghz frequencies could lead to our bodies unable to absorb vital Oxygen in our blood streams and thus many people will soon be getting very sick or suffocating from that lack of Oxygen!

I therefore do agree that with the impending 'switch on' of this horrendous '5G' network over the next few months, we will indeed see a LOT of people suddenly getting very sick, and the criminals will absolutely try to state that these new sicknesses are "COVID-19" related!

Another great article by John IMHO.... I will in fact try to contact John this week, as it has been a while now since we last chatted and it will be good to find out how he has been handling things down in Florida, especially with this COVID-19 bullshit still going strong!  But in the meantime...

More to come



Howie said...

The wuhan lab story is just a diversion.John in his noble cause is on the false trail.
Viruses do not cause disease.
Germ theory is proven false.
There is no virus pandemic because there is no virus.
The famous picture if a corona virus, the sphere with many spikes, is an artists conception.
The "stacks of corpses" from Covid19 infection and overrun hospitals didn't happen.
People have died from natural causes as they have always have but not from a viral infection.
Doctors have killed numerous people by misdiagnosing and incorrect treatment as they always have.
The elderly in care facilities have died in lockdown from neglect and mistreatment causing a spike in statistics.
The Wuhan Lab story is false.

Johnny Draco said...

Juda is a species imprisoned by their own phobias.
Juda IS the epitome/embodiment of all phobias.
Hence, the reason why they need everyone to be like them....full of fear 24/7.
One of them said "We need to create a world of our own".

Johnny Draco said...

If John Kaminski replaced the word "we" with Juda the "picture" would be complete.
Gentiles are NOT born with phobias Juda is.

Johnny Draco said...

Mind Control - Induced States of Consciousness - Patent 5356368 Monroe & MKULTRA

Johnny Draco said...

Northerntruthseeker, question..........Why do all my comments have a "Delete comment" next to the time and other commenters comments don't?

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have not been deleting your comments, period...

I sometimes have trouble myself in understanding how "Blogger" works and it is ludicrous at times...

That feature I do believe is just so YOU have the choice to delete your own comments if you feel that are inappropriate or you have 'changed your mind"...

I do delete comments from many from time to time if they are either inappropriate or ludicrous... Other than that I let them through..