Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Breaking News: New Blast In Southern Lebanon - Did Israel Just Nuke Lebanon?

 I want to break away from the COVID-19 attacks, as I was sent the link to an interesting occurrence that just happened in southern Lebanon a few hours ago.... Apparently there was a "major blast" at what is claimed to be a "Hezbollah-linked weapons site" and the blast and the damage that was done to that 'site' was tremendous..

In fact, here is one of the "reports" that was released earlier today, from the "Washington Post" (which I usually call the Washington compost for its pro Israel propaganda and bullshit..) website about this 'blast' in southern Lebanon... Here is the link to that Washington Post article here:


OK,  I read this article a few times, and there are MORE questions than answers in regards to this blast.. And once again we can easily surmise that the CULPRITS behind this blatant attack are the criminal psychos in Israel..

AND from other reports that I have looked at over the last hour alone, this blast was MASSIVE and may have been the works of a small scale nuclear weapon... In fact, Jim Stone has an amazing article about this blast at his website at www.jimstone.is, and I want to share that article here:

Another nuclear blast in Lebanon

This one took out either an underground military complex or continuity of government complex (obviously).  Though the cloud itself does not look too huge, the problem with this one that proves it's a nuke is that smoke came out of the ground all over the place, including places that were far from the blast. This blast was FREAKING HUGE. And that's what happens when Israel is not called out for this crap, you know, like after that harbor incident . . . .

Update: this blast is being kept off the earthquake maps, there's no way this did not show up. That proves international complicity with this.

This is on Twitter, predominantly HERE. But the Israelis are also all over Twitter with this, with their bullshit.  If this really was caused by a "technical mismanagement issue" and Israel knows about it, how do they know??? Stuxnet??? Or did they drop a nice penetrator with one of their fancy F-35's?

NTS Notes:  I agree with Jim Stone that this blast stinks to high heaven and may have the trademarks of being a small scale nuclear blast...

We need not go any further to realize that the Israelis are definitely behind this blast, much like the huge blast in Beirut harbour over a month ago...... These monsters are hell bent on having Lebanon reduced to rubble....

I therefore do have to ask the big question here which is "Did Israel Just Nuke Lebanon?".... The evidence clearly shows that may indeed be exactly what happened here!

I will be following up this report with more at this blog when more information comes forward.. So stay tuned...

More to come


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