Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Real Tragedy That Everyone Must Be Made Aware Of: "Elite" Monsters Harvesting Children To Obtain "Adrenochrome"! THIS Is Truly Sickening!

I want to switch gears and tackle another issue that I have periodically written about at this blog... That subject is of course the ongoing child trafficking issue and how the 'Global Jewish Elitists' are kidnapping children and have been do so for the past millennia at least, for their sickening "blood lust" murders and for ritual child sacrifices...   

I had written several articles about this sickening practice that is STILL going on to this day, several years ago... In those previous articles I came right out and called the entire British 'Royal Family' a bunch of child molestors, and child abduction, monsters.... I pin pointed on how that sinister and most evil Elizabeth Battenberg aka ' Queen Elizabeth' was nothing but a pedophile bitch whore who was involved in the abduction for years of a multitude of children RIGHT HERE IN CANADA, under the guise of the issue of Native Canadian orphanages and how that bitch whore was picking and choosing many who were at this orphanages decades ago for 'abduction' and very possibly ritual child sacrifices conducted by herself and others in that criminal "royal family"!   There was some 'investigations' conducted into the disappearance of so many orphans here in Canada at those facilities, and nothing ever came of those investigations and they 'disappeared' as I had expected...

I also was asked a long time ago about what I thought of the chemical derivative of adrenaline that is known as "Adrenochrome" and how that chemical was extracted from young children..... I have looked at Adrenochrome, and I have read many reports about how these criminal 'elite' have indeed been getting their hands on this chemical and possibly use it for what is believed a means of maintaining or re-obtaining their 'youth'..... 

Honestly, the usage of "adrenochrome" by these monsters is something that many have never heard of (of course, as the Jewish controlled media never talks about it..) while others have dismissed it as pure 'bunk'..... I for one with my background in Chemistry and Physics have looked at Adrenochrome and its possible nefarious usage and I am not yet sold on it being this miraculous 'fountain of youth' by these monsters, and knowing its chemical make up (C9H9NO3) and how it is an 'oxidation' of adrenaline itself, I do wonder about its possible horrendous side effects on the human body, especially with so many reports about how its usage causes mental disorders, schizophrenia, and other mental issues (not that the Jews have enough of these issues already!) and thus I would seriously look at anyone that possibly uses this chemical is either already nuts or runs the risk of a LOT of damage to their bodies and minds by using it....But that may be the price that these monsters are willing to pay just to maintain their 'youth'!

My focus of course is on how these criminal pricks have been extracting this Adrenochrome from young children... The 'harvesting' of Adrenochrome would absolutely account for a lot of the child 'disappearances' that are still going on world wide for sure...... And to help understand that this criminal abduction for the harvesting of Adrenochrome in children may indeed be a most serious issue, I want to turn to the following report that comes from Jim Stone's website, at, that shows evidence that this harvesting is EXACTLY what is going on... Jim's article has a lot of important facts about this sickening practice, and I do want to share that entire article right here for all of my own readers to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The following HAS TO stay top posted because it is important. All of today's updates will show up in the combat mode window (scroll down)


This is getting censored INSTANTLY. Google, Yandex and Duck Duck have this topic TOTALLY censored. I found several references to this topic via BING on Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, ALL of the major players, and every last one when clicked went to "account deleted" which left others that found this and posted it in forums hanging high and dry. I then successfully hunted down the original document that was posted to (careful, it's huge and could have a virus) but it could also be huge simply because the scans are very detailed. To get it all more manageable, I captured some of the scans and posted them in a quality that is high enough to remain relevant.

This is the first time this info hit a major web site where it can't be censored, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Here is what I know from what I have:

There are secret detention centers set up inside various corporations where kids as young as 3 years old are tortured and harvested en masse for adrenochrome. They are called "detention centers" so they can masquarade as juvenile detention centers to the public eye, but you don't detain 3 year olds in such centers, nor do you harvest adrenochrome in legit detention centers. As I always expected, it is unproductive to kill the kids just to harvest this stuff, instead they are obviously repeatedly tortured and then harvested, while being allowed to live. The average age is 9 - 10 years.

Obviously, for satanic services they probably kill the kids for each harvest, but on an industrial scale that's not practical.

These captures are taken from the original 44 megabyte PDF which I have saved but won't post on this site (it can currently be downloaded at the link above) because it might have a virus at that size. A whistleblower posted this and it is obviously 100 percent legit.

Images 1-12 - the names, ages, and locations of the kids, as well as how long they have been harvested.



Images 12 - 18 - A few of the retail outlets where the elite can buy this stuff, including the prices, per quality, in milligrams.


          There are a LOT more retail locations than this. They will be posted if necessary.

Image 21: The front names of the companies that have the kids.  from this, you can clearly see they are running the exact same front companies in 4 different countries and have the number of kids per front company in each country listed, as well as the total, per front company name, listed.

The original report, from before I hit the holy grail is below. 

OK now, let's go over this:

(on the first 12 pages, posted above, In order, from left to right, the columns give first name, last name, birthday, age, blood type, how long they have been in custody (being harvested), the quality of the adrenochrome, what detention center they are in, the expected year they will be disposed of, if there was a suicide attempt, I don't understand what the next two columns are actually referring to, (probably what country they are being held in and how much adrenochrome they produce each session) and the last column is inmate number. INMATE NUMBER. THAT'S RIGHT, THEY HAVE THREE YEAR OLD "INMATES".

page 21 above shows the location of the detention centers, how many kids they have there, and the average age of the kids at each location.

Oh, but this is fake, RIGHT? NOPE. 

There is damning emperical evidence here that proves this is legit. Look below page 12 at the top. You can see below the clear print that the scanner scanned through the page to the next page behind it. It's not readable entirely, but if you enhance that section you can clearly see it is a totally separate sheet of paper that does not line up with page 12. This was not hoaxed with "fade".  Here is the enhancement of that section:

UPDATE: I also discovered, once I found the original PDF, that the pages that have the retail locations all have the page before them reflected faintly in reverse from when the scanner picked it up through the paper. That is complete confirmation no one hoaxed this, it's a legit scan of the actual document.

LOOK AT THE AGES ABOVE. As you can see, Wooten, Rashad V, has "been in custody" at the "detention center" since he was THREE YEARS AND THREE MONTHS OLD. 

HERE IS WHAT IS GOING ON, OBVIOUSLY: The state is stealing these kids via CPS, Hiding what they are doing by calling where they are going "youth detention facilities", - after all, you can't go to one if you're three years old) and then, under the cover of "caring for kids" they are being used to produce adrenochrome until they are finally used up and disposed of. So THERE IT IS.


It's a free market and there is competition.  There have to be more organizations doing this, the total output of this particular organization could only jack up between 500-800 "good people" most likely.

I am also wondering how on earth this got posted. Cracks forming??? They probably believed their censorship engines had this covered (and they did) until today. Looks like the server is picking up steam . . . .

NTS Notes: Well... There you go... The setting up of 'secret detention centres' just for the illegal and most evil practice of 'harvesting' those children to extract Adrenochrome, and the evidence is right there for everyone to see for themselves...

And honestly, nothing surprises me any more......I look at this as so sickening and may indeed give further evidence as to exactly what has been happening to so many young children that do indeed continue to 'disappear'... These monsters are basically milking them for their Adrenochrome and then when their usefulness and their youth is no longer possible, they have very realistically been KILLING THEM.....

I know it is shocking to think about how these monsters are stealing children for ritual child sacrifices that have been going on for thousands of years..... And I wrote a report way back nearly a decade ago about how some of them would also abuse children by having them hunted down at their 'estates' for sport.. And now you can add the harvesting of "adrenochrome' to that long list of crimes as well..... I only want people to see what we truly are up against and how these monsters at the top are truly SICK freaks and not even human beings!

More to come



Johnny Draco said...

The ONLY solution to Mans problem is to exterminate Juda gene pool.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

NTS this is so serious and this piece excellent. I saw the first of those forms earlier this morning and was stunned but not shocked. After all China has been doing this with their prisoners for as long as the technology existed. As I have mentioned before, the prisoners are worked up, put to labour, kept in minimal health, then if a wealthy one needs whatever they have "to offer", they get picked up and operated in en route to the hospital or airport.

Organs was bad enough. THIS, to the children. It is so truly satanic that the world NEEDS to know even if it ignores the evidence.

I am also thinking Biden has been a recipient of these thefts of bodily fluids...

Cloud said...


THE CYM CORP HQ: 725 5TH AVE NY, NY as listed under 'retail outlets' in Jim's report...

IS TRUMP TOWER,+New+York,+NY+10022/@40.762461,-73.9760587,825m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c258fa601ff11f:0x60a054da05023e9a!8m2!3d40.762457!4d-73.97387

Cloud said...


And according to same document of CYM CORPORATION HQ

they list at the bottom...'Deliveries' @ 200 Forbes St. #200 Annapolis, Maryland,-76.5081388,847m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b7f7002ad83eeb:0xdd9b4150faef8c61!8m2!3d38.9898223!4d-76.5059501

Which is Annapolis Pediatrics Anapolis

Cloud said...

Absynth Biologics BioHub at Alderley Park (as noted on same CYM CORPORATION

apparently they make vaccines. Their web site is

but there is no web site at that address...

Cloud said...

Apparently 'adrenochrome' is made from:

Learn to pronounce
a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, especially in conditions of stress, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion.
"performing live really gets your adrenaline going"

Cloud said...

Adrenochrome A pigment which is generated in vivo from the oxidation of epinephrine, and allegedly linked to schizophrenia. This assertion formed the basis for the "disciplines" of orthomolecular medicine and orthomolecular psychiatry, which claim that schizophrenia, alcoholism, and other mental disorders can be managed by improved nutrition and megavitamin therapy.

In vivo refers to when research or work is done with or within an entire, living organism. Examples can include studies in animal models or human clinical trials. ... Differences between in vitro, in vivo, and in silico studies.Aug 19, 2019

adrenochrome ə-drē′nō-krōm″, -nə-►
n. A naturally occurring chemical formed during the oxidation of epinephrine.
n. An oxidation product of adrenaline or epinephrine; its semicarbazone is used as a drug to reduce bleeding.