Monday, August 31, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday August 31st 2020: Even More Manipulation As I Expected - They Threw A Few Suckers Into The Hospitals To Fudge Their Numbers!

I did wonder why the FUCK the criminals in charge here in Manitoba did not have any numbers in their weekend reports concerning those 'cases' of this supposedly 'deadly virus' that were hospitalized?  I said over the last few days that I saw manipulation taking place and that Monday's report would probably have a few more suckers in the hospitals, and I am again proven right!

OK, first and foremost, I do want to present today's "official" Manitoba COVID-19 report that has just been presented by the criminal Pallister regime, and yes, we suddenly see an upsurge in the number of cases in our hospitals here in Manitoba as I indeed expected!  Thus this proves more manipulation taking place and thus shows once again that these 'reports' are pure and utter BULLSHIT...

Well, lets take a look at their "official numbers" and I have them broken down, as I usually do, in alphabetical order here for all to see:

(a) Now there are '1218' total cases in what is nearly 24 full weeks since the provincial government here in Manitoba declared their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March.... This is an increase of "28" from yesterday's report of 1190 total cases in that nearly 24 week time frame...

(b) Now we have '11' cases in all of Manitoba's hospitals...This is an increase of '6' from FRIDAY's report of only '5' cases in the hospitals... And there still is only ONE of these hospital cases sitting in an "intensive care unit" as well...

(c) Still ONLY '14' deaths that they claim are 'from' this supposedly 'deadly virus' in the nearly 24 weeks since the declaration of the 'state of emergency' back in mid-March... And ALL of these '14' deaths has 'underlying issues' that definitely took their lives...

(d) Now there are "731" recovered cases, which is an increase of '21" from yesterday's report of '21' cases for the entire nearly 24 week time frame.... 

(e) Now there are '469' active cases, which is an increase of '7' cases from yesterday's report of '462' active cases... And ALL of these 'active cases' are of course suspect at best as they are derived from the bullshit and totally inaccurate "PCR testing"!

Yes, the manipulation is so obvious and right 'in our faces' on a daily basis with these reports... The fuckers in charge obviously realized they needed to "up"the number of 'hospital cases' and we can see it so blatantly obvious in this latest report!

OK, time to look at each of their 'official numbers' as I always do, and tear them apart to expose their lies!  And as usual, I will do so in the same 'alphabetical order' as how they presented them, right here:

(a) Yes, they supposedly had some 1500+ 'tests' conducted since yesterday, and I cannot believe how stupid and retarded people here can be!  They grabbed '28' more suckers from those who stupidly had the 'PCR test' and added them to their total case number just to up that number... But even with this blatant manipulation, this '1218' total cases in nearly 24 weeks is still a massive lie and joke and does NOT even come close to REAL pandemic type numbers... 

(b) OK, THIS is where they obviously did some major manipulation.. We saw steadily over the last week how the number of those who were in the hospitals from this 'deadly virus' were steadily declining, and therefore they knew they needed major manipulation and an 'increase' here just to keep the FEAR PORN going... Thus they grabbed "6" unlucky SUCKERS over the weekend and threw them in the hospitals for good measure!  But even with their '11' in the hospitals, this number does NOT even come close to what we we would expect in a REAL pandemic where the hospitals would be overflowing with patients!

(c) OK, even with the hospital number manipulation, THIS is the ONLY number that everyone should be concerned about... And to have 14 'deaths' as they claim "from" this 'deadly virus' in nearly 24 weeks time is still a horrible joke as a REAL pandemic would have seen the deaths of hundreds if not thousands from a REAL 'deadly virus' in that time frame... .And I cannot help but to remind everyone that this '14' deaths all had OTHER real health issues that definitely took their lives... So again, who exactly is dying from this 'deadly virus'???

(d) Still attempting to manipulate the 'recovered' cases number, as everyone does eventually 'recover' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' and NOBODY dies from it at all.... The reality is that this 'recovered' number is actually much higher, but they need to keep it suppressed to keep the FEAR PORN going!

(e) Just like in (a) they are getting these active numbers from the fraud 'PCR tests' that are hopelessly corrupt and totally inaccurate.. But again, they need to keep this 'active patient' count as high as they can to claim that there still is a 'pandemic' out there.... I would not doubt at all that ALL of these 'active cases' do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all as well.....

Well, there you go.. .Again, more manipulation of their 'official numbers', especially where they decided to throw 6 more suckers and idiots that stupidly went out to get that fraud 'testing' done and had they thrown into the hospitals for good measure... It shows the level of desperation on the part of these criminals to keep this scam going..

And I have noticed how they are continuing to target nursing homes and senior citizens especially just to drive up their numbers... It will thus be only a matter of time before they add more 'deaths' to their totals from those seniors that are obviously dying from other causes, and chalk them up as well as 'death by COVID-19'..... I do wonder at times how Brian Pallister and his criminal minions can sleep at night for what they are doing to fuck this province up royally!

OK, I will continue to close these reports with a reminder for everyone to please note the REAL deaths from this scam-demic madness, meaning those who have sadly taken their lives through the horror of suicides... I can guarantee that the number of suicides for Manitoba alone is many times in magnitude greater than this ludicrous '14' that they falsely claim have died from this 'deadly virus'... Brian Pallister and his cronies are fully responsible for all of these very sad deaths, and if proper justice is ever meted out to him and his crminal entourage, hanging them all is too good for all of them IMHO...

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: As I Have Suspected - Mass Use Of Hand Gels To "Control COVID Risks" Is Creating Potential Super-bug Armageddon As Germs And Viruses Build Up Resistance!

I continue to blast away at this scam-demic, and come across so much important information in this fight that I do want to share with readers.... It is now more than ever so important that we ALL get out there and do our utmost to wake the dumb sheep out there up and have this fraud scam-demic END immediately!

I have already tackled at this blog so many important facts related to the scam-demic... I have shown the stupidity of lockdowns, the stupidity of 'social distancing', the retardation of 'face masks', and have gone after the fuckers that want everyone to be stupid enough to line up for vaccines as well... But one issue that I have not bothered to take a close look at is the outrageous usage of 'hand sanitizers' and other 'cleaners' that may actually be doing so much more harm than any good!  At least until now....

I came across the following report from the 'Your Destination Now' website at that has indeed raised a few 'red flags' for me and is one that definitely must be shared by everyone... For according to the following report, apparently some researchers are indeed becoming increasingly alarmed at the outrageously stupid use of 'hand gels' and other 'hand sanitizers' that may in fact be creating new 'super-bugs' that could do FAR more harm to us than the stupid 'hand sanitizers' themselves!  Here in fact is that important article for all to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Mass use of hand gels to control Covid risks creating superbug 'armageddon' as other bacteria and viruses build up resistance, researchers warn

The mass use of hand gels during the coronavirus pandemic may create a superbug 'armageddon' as other bacteria and viruses build up a resistance, researchers have warned.
Dr Andrew Kemp has said that the overuse of alcohol-based hand gels during the pandemic will allow other bacteria and viruses on our hands to adapt and survive gel use. 
Dr Kemp, head of the Scientific Advisory Board on the British Institute of Cleaning Science, added that if this were to happen, it could lead to an 'armageddon situation', according to the Daily Express.
The fear over the spread of coronavirus in the UK led to panic-buying of sanitising hand gels has forced some retailers to ration supplies.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak wearing face coverings and using hand sanitising gel as they arrive for a visit to the Jobcentre Plus in Barking, east London last month as experts warn excessive hand gel use may allow bugs to build up a resistance risking a 'superbug armageddon'
Chancellor Rishi Sunak wearing face coverings and using hand sanitising gel as they arrive for a visit to the Jobcentre Plus in Barking, east London last month as experts warn excessive hand gel use may allow bugs to build up a resistance risking a 'superbug armageddon'
While demand has plateaued as the pandemic has progressed, hand sanitisers are still routinely used, often positioned at the entrance of shops and other public establishments.
But Dr Kemp says efforts should be focused on hand-washing instead which is the best way to rid your hands of bacteria and viruses.
He told the Express: 'Hand gels should only be used as a last resort and as a short term temporary measure or stop gap if soap and water are not available.
'At the moment there is no published proof that alcohol gels killed Covid-19 itself.
'Even if they did kill 99.9 percent of all bacteria, there can be more than a million bacteria on your hands at any one time leaving 10,000 alive after sanitisation. 
'Recent research shows the surviving bugs which are not killed by alcohol gels are themselves highly dangerous pathogens and may increase in numbers.
'This means our routine use of gels could ultimately cause us more harm than good.'
Researchers say there is currently no research showing alcohol gel kills coronavirus (pictured)
Researchers say there is currently no research showing alcohol gel kills coronavirus (pictured)
Dr Kemp will present his findings at the International Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance conference in Amsterdam next October.
The World Health Organisation states the best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus is to wash your hands, ensuring you use enough soap to cover your hands and using the towel to turn the tap off when hand washing is completed.
It states that hand gel should only be used 'if you don't have immediate access to soap and water'. 
The government's Department of Health has campaigned about the importance of washing your hands during the pandemic, and advised: 'You should wash your hands for 20 seconds, using soap and water or hand sanitiser'. 
A Department of Health spokeswoman said: 'The most effective means of preventing the spread of this virus remains to stay alert, follow social distancing rules, wash your hands regularly and wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces.' 

NTS Notes: Honestly, I am NOT in the least bit surprised by the findings in this report...

I have personally seen so many stupid ass sheep out there line up at the entrance to stores and just gooping that fucking 'hand sanitizer' on not only their hands, but some have even put it right up their arms and even on their faces!  I stood there in disbelief and thought to myself "Are these people truly this fucking retarded?"

I have avoided hand sanitizers as much as I can possibly do when I go shopping, for I know that our bodies have a LOT of helpful bacteria on our skin, and all that those horrible chemicals are doing is to STRIP those protective and helpful bacteria away!  Thus my own logic has been that the usage of these 'cleaners' is indeed doing a lot more harm than any good, and this article shows that as affirmative...

I will state that washing hands and using proper hygiene is very essential.. But this scam-demic has created a monster in the sense that most of the dumb ass sheep out there are over-doing it with their want to be 'clean' to avoid this nonsense "deadly virus"... They are in actuality making it much worse for themselves as they are indeed creating new strains of super-bugs and possibly "killer virus" by their own ignorance....

Thus we have another level of stupidity associated with this entire 'scam-demic'..... I do wonder what else this fucking scam is doing to ourselves, and I will continue to research and come up with those facts in future articles here.. Stay tuned..

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Vernon Coleman Video - How The Coronavirus Hoax Has Permanently Destroyed Health Care

I am still out there every day, weather permitting, on my daily long walks just to get some much needed exercise, and of course to get proper sunshine as well.... And usually on the route that I take, I pass by the local hospital where I continue to be so marveled at how ABSOLUTELY EMPTY that facility continues to be!   I have stated so often in my daily Manitoba reports on this scam-demic, that the hospitals are NOT so 'overwhelmed' and the staff there 'overworked' due to this entire scam, and in fact most are now definitely sitting around doing NOTHING.... To me, this is such a travesty for with this COVID-19 scam putting so much false fear into everyone, those patients that desperately need proper health care are NOT going to the hospitals at all, but are suffering quietly at home and in some cases DYING at home as well!

Well, I am not alone in seeing how this scam-demic has destroyed our health care system here in Canada and elsewhere around the world.. For a former doctor, Vernon Coleman, has just released his newest video and this one definitely shows how the "Coronavirus" HOAX has permanently destroyed health care in not only his home country of the United Kingdom, but elsewhere around the world as well.. Here in fact is that important video for all to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Update: This figures as the SCUMBAGS and LIARS behind Jewtube have once again removed this Vernon Coleman video for their lies of 'violating their standards'... You can find the transcript of this video at Vernon Coleman's website, and I am searching for the Bitchute link to replace this Youtube garbage.

NTS Notes: Yes, this indeed has been a horrible 'side effect' from this entire COVID-19 scam-demic... As I have noted previously so many times, the hospitals are sitting there with absolutely NO patients at all, and the workers are still being paid for just sitting around and doing sweet fuck all!

And of course I have a personal important interest in the entire health care scheme, for the fact that my own mother is in a nursing home right now, and I do worry that the criminals may eventually target her with one of their 'do not resuscitate' orders and thus try to have her die off and then have her death marked as "death by COVID-19" which to me would be such a travesty and an outright lie!

Basically, this entire scam-demic has indeed destroyed our health care system, and the damage indeed will be permanent... Right now I do feel so sorry for so many people that are indeed suffering tremendously without getting the proper health care that they need... And I see that as being done PURPOSELY as the criminals do need those who are in critical need of health care die off and have THEIR deaths also listed as "COVID-19" to drive up the fraud death numbers... To me this is beyond revolting and people everywhere should be standing up against this horror!

More to come


Sunday, August 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Statistics Canada Concludes "No Clear Evidence Of EXCESS Mortality Because Of "COVID-19 Pandemic" Opiod Epidemic!

I continue to follow the growing evidence in both here in Canada and the United States of the huge 'distortion' in the numbers of 'deaths' that are stated as being caused by this supposedly 'deadly virus'... I have already put up an article earlier today (that I do recommend everyone read!) that shows that the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has been 'fudging' and "manipulating" their reported 'number of deaths' across America so badly that the actual 'real' number of deaths from this supposedly 'deadly virus' is actually only about 6% of the figures that are put out there by the consummate liars in the Jewish controlled media!  It is indeed as that article states, an "ENRON" style fiasco and level of corruption!

BUT what I came across earlier, thanks to the investigative work conducted by my fellow real Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, shows that the level of manipulation and corruption in terms of the distortion of the number of 'deaths' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' is not just happening in the United States, but right here in Canada as well... Here in fact is Penny's excellent article, entitled: "Statistics Canada Concludes "No Evidence Of Excess Mortality Because Of "COVID-19 Pandemic" Opiod Epidemic" right here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Stats Can Concludes " No Clear Evidence of Excess Mortality Because of Covid-19 Pandemic" Opioid Pandemic

Stats Canada Concluded  “no clear evidence of excess mortality because of the COVID-19 pandemic”  The CTV headline was misleading. I opted for the facts

As you will read in the article below the “spike”in deaths  cannot be directly attributed to the virus. The spike could have been due to the denial of  many medical services. And Canada's ongoing opioid pandemic. Take a look at all the charts provided in the linked article and you will see, visually, the death rates are flat.

As usual we'll go with the factual statements and ignore the spin
Overall, however, Statistics Canada concluded that there was “no clear evidence of excess mortality because of the COVID-19 pandemic” in most provinces and territories, including Atlantic Canada and Nunavut, based on the provisional estimates.

A late-April spike in the number of deaths recorded in Nova Scotia was likely driven in part by the virus, but also by the mass shooting in that province.
The spike in Nova Scotia’s April death count was due to the mass shooting and/or the virus- But there are no figures cited to differentiate between the viral and shooting deaths? This is also suggestive was no excess mortality prior to the shooting and there has been none since.    
“Quebec reported 1,837 more deaths than normal, even as it reported 2,834 COVID-19 deaths. The agency said that one possible explanation for this anomaly was that older or more vulnerable populations who would normally be at higher risk of dying regardless of a pandemic.”
Sadly older people do die regardless of a “pandemic” therefore there couldn’t be an abundance of excess mortality in that regard.
Alberta had been recording a higher number of deaths throughout 2020, even before the pandemic .... 
Despite the higher figures, Statistics Canada said the total number of weekly deaths remained within the range of non-pandemic expectations, though figures sat on the upper end of the range.
masks don't stop overdoses
What was going on in Alberta? An Opioid Pandemic
Opioid overdoses killed up to 142 people in Alberta during first 3 months of 2020: province
Same as British Columbia

B.C. marks 3rd straight month with more than 170 overdose deaths
British Columbia has nearly matched its monthly record for deadly illicit drug overdoses, with 175 deaths during the month of July.

The BC Coroners Service saw 177 fatalities in June, which surpassed the previous high of 174 deaths in May.
This is young people dying. They would not normally be dying enmasse. These are excess deaths. Still the lying governments act as if Covid is the crisis? It's not. Time to face the reality.
Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe said the pandemic has restricted access to critical harm-reduction services
Destroying lives through lock downs, denying all manner of vital services, excused by a pandemic of lies and profiteering.
 “Some of them (the excess deaths)  could be indirectly attributed to the pandemic, including missing a treatment or other medical appointment due to the lock down.”
Like missing necessary surgeries. Here in Ontario there were a number of deaths attributed to a lack of medical care. Check comments in this previous report
35 Cardiac patients died in Ontario waiting for surgeries that never came.. As a matter of fact the hyped surge in covid hospitalizations did not come...

Citing a University Health Network report, Ontario's health minister Christine Elliott said today that 35 cardiac care patients may have died after heart surgeries were cancelled to free up beds for an anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients.
The skyrocketing deaths in British Columbia, having zero to do with a virus. And everything to do with drug addiction and the despair and lack of services due to the lockdowns.
Surely more patients then just 35 cardiac patients died here in Ontario.. But, we'll never be told.
Canada’s real  health-care crisis: the epidemic of fatal drug overdoses

 The shocking B.C. death rate is a glaring example of the latest public health crisis in Canada: an epidemic of fatal drug overdoses that’s even worse than the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The number of people dying in B.C. due to an unsafe drug supply continues to surpass deaths due to homicides, motor vehicle accidents, suicides and COVID-19 combined,” Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe said this week.
Data also showed that, while Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories saw single weeks of excess death between March and June, there was no ongoing pattern. These occasional deviations are not unexpected, Statistics Canada said.
I’m quite certain the Chief Coroner of British Columbia is being accurate in her statement.
 Not feeling any need to add to the pandemic spin that glosses over the real epidemic here in Canada- The excess mortality is in the drug overdoses. It's not from the virus. Unless we're talking the massive stupid virus that has infected entire swathes of this country. That's an enormous pandemic of epic proportions. Too many people have caught the stupid virus.

 The Fear and Stupid  viruses were talked about way back on April 03/20
 Neither live or dead- Subsisting in between

"I sure as hell don't want to catch stupid and fearful from these zombies. 

 Long term the problems that will arise from all these manipulations will manifest in destroyed communities, lacking trust and having no ability, desire or will to cooperate within them. That's a very bad prognosis. For all of us.
Related- June 2020: “Excess Deaths” Reported in Alberta and British Columbia Not Linked to Covid

NTS Notes: Honestly, nothing shocks me any more in finding more and more corruption and evil criminal activity associated with this entire scam-demic...

The evidence as shown by the links provided in Penny's excellent article shows clearly that the fuckers running this entire scam-demic are purposely lying their asses off and purposely distorting their 'death numbers'... It is obviously being done to generate the FEAR PORN in the gullible Canadian public who do not take the time to actually sit down and research this entire scam-demic, but instead have their heads buried in their idiot boxes where they will believe anything that the liars in the Jewish controlled media present as 'facts'!

And obviously I am right when I show the REAL level of this entire scam-demic right here in Manitoba where there is obvious manipulation afoot for the purpose of driving the FEAR PORN.. AND we can now see that same level of subversion, manipulation, and blatant LYING has been happening everywhere across Canada as well...

Yes, Canada has indeed been suffering a REAL epidemic that could be classified as a REAL pandemic, which is the ongoing Opiod crisis where people are really dying from drug overdoses on a daily basis....And I would not put it past all of these criminals that they are classifying those REAL deaths on the coroner's death certificates as 'death by COVID-19' just to fudge and distort those figures as well...

The bottom line is this... We have been so severely lied to by this entire scam-demic, and those involved in the lies are continuing with their distortions of reality and real facts.... Sadly too many people now on BOTH sides of the border between the US and Canada have fallen for the lies that they can no longer even accept the reality that they have been treated so badly as SUCKERS, and as Penny states have caught the 'stupid virus'.....

I am continuing my assault on this entire scam-demic and the more I dig deeper the more I can see that there is no limit to the corruption and LYING involved... Honestly when we finally take back our planet from the fuckers responsible for this mess, those involved with the entire scam will definitely have to have real justice meted out to each and every one of them... And I do hope that there are enough lamp posts everywhere for all the hangings that will take place!

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Sunday August 30th 2020: Still More New 'Cases' But NO New Deaths? More Manipulation Obviously!

Yes, the criminals in charge here in Manitoba continue to push out 'active cases' thanks to the total FRAUD of the so called 'PCR testing' that always gives nothing more than 'false positive' numbers... And they are heavily dependent now on the liars in the Jewish controlled media here in Manitoba to keep the fear mongering going...  Basically no matter how they try to prop up those numbers, there are still possibly ZERO real deaths FROM this supposedly 'deadly virus' and that is the ONLY number that everyone should be aware of!

OK, Onto the daily bullshit aka the 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' that was just released by the criminals in charge, and I do want to present their 'numbers' right here as I always do in alphabetical order:

(a) Now there are '1186' total cases in what is now nearly 24 weeks since the government unleashed their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March... This is an increase of '35' cases from yesterday's total of '1151' and all of these 'cases' were of course derived from the fraud PCR testing...

(b) Once again, NO reports issued by the criminals in charge about 'hospital patients' suffering from this 'deadly virus'.   But they state they will have this figure 'READY' by tomorrow, Monday....

(c) Still ONLY '14' deaths that they say are 'FROM' this 'deadly virus'.. No increase in this figure, and ALL of these '14' deaths had "underlying issues" as has been stated for months now...

(d) Now there are '710' recovered cases of this supposedly 'deadly virus'... This is an increase of '17' recovered patients from yesterday's total of ' 693' patients...

(e) Now there are '462' active patients, which is an increase of '18' from yesterday's report of '444' active cases..... And ALL of these 'active patients' are 'suspect' at best thanks to the inaccuracies generated by the 'PCR tests'....

Yes, another day, and even more obvious manipulation of their numbers...And again, they are so desperate to pump up the number of 'cases', but of course ignoring that the issue is and always will be the actual number of DEATHS.....

Well, lets get this over with.. Time again to take a close look at each of their numbers above and tear them to smithereens here with real facts and figures... And as usual in the same alphabetical order here:

(a) This '1186' is still NOT a 'pandemic' type number that you would see if there really was this 'deadly virus' out there... This number in a real health emergency would be easily in the tens of thousands for a nearly 24 week period of time... And of course this '1186' does pale in comparison to the REAL number of those who are suffering from REAL respiratory diseases such as Pneumonia, Influenza, Tuberculosis, the common cold, etc... We do not have those real respiratory diseases listed as a 'pandemic' or even talked about for all that the criminals want is 'COVID', "COVID", and more "COVID" fear mongering..

(b) I am absolutely not shocked at all that they are avoiding this number, for to have so few in the hospitals during a time of a 'pandemic' makes all of these reports and the entire scam a laughing stock... And of course the Jewish controlled media is still out there talking about our 'overworked' and "overwhelmed" health care workers that are sitting around doing nothing in empty hospitals....

(c) I keep repeating that THIS is the ONLY number that people should be concerned about.. And this '14' over a nearly 24 week period is beyond a bad joke... More people have died from real illnesses or accidents over the last nearly 24 weeks than this fraud 'deadly virus' .... And must I remind everyone that these '14 deaths' were caused by OTHER so called 'underlying issues'.....This one alone is really a horrible joke being  played on everyone  here in Manitoba...

(d) More obvious manipulation... They are so keen in trying to keep this 'recovered' number down and suppressed to try to avoid the obvious that NOBODY dies from this 'deadly virus' at all... This number of 'recovered cases' should be much much higher as a matter of fact!

(e) Just like in (d) they continue to play around with this 'active cases' number to try to keep it as high as they can.... Fear is the reasoning, obviously..... And again it must be noted that ALL of these 'active cases' are indeed 'suspect' at best as they may, or most probably may not, have this 'deadly virus' at all....

Well, there you go... And as I have stated many times, more 'active cases' but zero deaths... So where exactly is this 'deadly virus' that they claim is 'real'???  

Obviously the sinister scum bags in the Pallister government want this scam to go on as long as possible as I can guarantee they had received their 'marching orders' to lie and deceive the good people of this province from the moment they put out their fraud 'state of emergency'.. And the result has been nearly 6 months of ruination of peoples' lives and the entire provincial economy...

Thus we are left with remembering those who have suffered the most from this entire scam-demic and have sadly taken their lives through suicide...   I will not stop reporting or thinking about these sad individuals, and I want to make sure that Brian Pallister and his evil minions pay a heavy price for those sad deaths.... Hanging them all is the only rightful justice for all of these criminals IMHO..

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Bombshell Report - Centre For Disease Control CAUGHT LYING As ONLY '6%' Of Their "Death By COVID-19" Numbers May Have Actually "Died" From This Virus!

Yes, it is back to blasting this fucking scam-demic, as more and more interesting news continues to be sent my way from so many commentators, readers, emailer, etc, etc..... I again cannot thank them all enough for their own efforts and I absolutely do appreciate them all for their support!

One important link to an amazing article was sent to me just a few hours ago (I was of course busy hammering away on my weekly rant..) and I finally got around to reading that article... It is an ABSOLUTE BOMBSHELL and shows once again that the 'number of  deaths' via this supposedly 'deadly virus' are absolutely being 'fudged' and manipulated heavily to generate the FEAR PORN in everyone.... I want to share that article right here with my readers, as it comes from the "Business % Politics" website, at, and is entitled: "Enron-Level Scandal " CDC Reports Just 6% Of COVID-19 Deaths Occurred In People Without Comorbidities"... Here is the link to that most interesting report right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: The most interesting part of this entire report is the 'Twitter' feed link, that I do have right here:

I do want everyone to understand that the term "comorbidities"  is just a a fancy term used for patients that are suffering from OTHER ailments and where those other ailments were the cause of the patients' demise... I have seen other terminology in use, such as ''underlying issues" that have also been used for that term in other articles including the daily reports I see from the criminals up here in Manitoba..

Basically what this comes down to is that the CDC in Atlanta Georgia got caught once again 'fudging' their numbers and have had to admit that the '150000'  deaths that they are claiming in America right now are so badly distorted, and that in fact ONLY around '9000' of those deaths can somehow be attributed to this 'deadly virus'... .My own take of course is that even this '9000' figure is so fudged as many if not all of those '9000' probably died from some OTHER respiratory problems and/or diseases and the criminals just simply wrote them off as 'death by COVID-19' which they seem to always do.

I am glad this report claims this scandal is on the level of  "ENRON" from back in the late 1990's through to early 2001, for that scandal did indeed ruin so many lives and destroy so many people's livelihoods... Now we have this 'COVID-19' BULLSHIT that is indeed on that same level of ignorance, evil, and stupidity...

So, readers, there you have it... More proof positive that the criminal bastards are lying their asses off when they claim that  there are so many 'deaths' from this 'disease' when the reality is that there are so few actually 'dying' from this disease at all!  

I honestly am sick and tired of the lying sacks of shit out there and their incessant propaganda and fear mongering about this 'disease' that if real is actually very much less harmfult than even the common cold and Influenza!  But of course try telling that to the sheep out there that have turned into mindless mutton heads thanks to the propaganda and are now living their sorry lives thinking that there is a 'killer virus out there  that will get you'... The facts show so much differently...

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Sunday... Last Sunday in the month of August.. And time once again for my weekly rant..

Well, it is now day 2 in the 'face diaper' enforcement criminality now in place here in central Canada, and after taking a long walk this morning to get some fresh air, I had to go out once again to get a few extra food items for my cooking later today (Yes, I cook, and many say I do it very well!) and I had to subject myself once again to the indignity of putting on a face diaper just to gain entry to the local supermarket...

I found very quickly the other day that I cannot fucking BREATHE wearing those gawd awful face coverings and I quickly had to pull the covering down so that my nose was fully exposed so that I could get proper Oxygen into my system... And lo and behold but as I was going down one aisle, a "Karen" was going the other way and screamed to me "you are not wearing your face mask properly"... To which I looked at the bitch and said "I have to breathe, I have to have my nose exposed", and that creature retorted almost angrily "It doesn't matter, you are not following the rules"... I just walked past the fucking cow and went about my business, grabbed the items I needed and got out of that establishment as quickly as I could...  And the moment I got out of that store, I tore off the fucking mask and threw it in the garbage!

Yes, this is the kind of torture we are now being subjected to by the fuckers behind the entire SCAM-DEMIC, and it is getting more and more revolting by the day.... Now that they have new 'enforcements' in place here to have everyone put on face diapers and look like slaves, I do wonder what is next?    I had that interesting little picture attached to an article just two days ago at this blog, showing "Tony Fauci" saying to everyone that they now must lubricate their fingers and shove their fingers up their asses to stop the spread of this 'deadly virus', and the picture afterwards showed gullible sheep lining up to purchase lubricants with their fingers up their asses in that line up!  Honestly, that is not too far fetched at all, for most of the gullible sheep out there will indeed do as they are 'told' by these criminals and if the fuckers wanted people to shove their fingers up their butts to stop this 'virus' most dumb fucks out there would comply without any question....

I was indeed very happy to see some major protest rallies happen in Europe against this entire scam-demic, and I do hope that everyone has taken the time to look at those two videos in the two previous articles at this blog that cover the rallies in both London England and Berlin Germany... Luckily some astute readers to this blog alerted me yesterday that there were indeed other such rallies happening elsewhere in both Europe and even here in North America... But of course none of those rallies were even talked about by the Jewish controlled media at all!  

In fact, I only became aware this morning that there was indeed a small 'rally' right here in Manitoba at the provincial legislative building that had some '80' (?) people in attendance... And I am so fucking pissed off that some of my very few readers locally here in Manitoba failed to even alert me about this rally, for if I was I would have definitely went myself to give support!  And of course that too was never even talked about at all by the local Jewish run and controlled media, that definitely wants to see everyone here continue to be enslaved mutton chomping sheep with no brains at all.... I can only hope that I am informed in advance in the future about any 'rallies' here, for I would definitely post an article or two to alert everyone in the hope that they get out there and lend their support.

And to be honest, after some 500 articles at this blog trying to reach the sheep out there about this entire 'SCAM-DEMIC',  I am truly at my wits end in so many respects.... I am out there putting up article after article every day, and still trying to confront people that I meet everywhere on a daily basis, in efforts to reach the sheep and the few that still have two brain cells to rub together just to get them to wake the fuck up.... And I do feel such a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, as so many will ignore me, call me a liar, tell me to shut the fuck up, etc, etc, that I do feel that my own efforts are indeed all for naught.... Does this mean that I will give up and surrender to such evil?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE, for I do sense that I and others out there that are doing our best to reach the masses have a duty to continue and that somewhere down the line our efforts will pay off..... I do not want to go into my senior years now knowing that I could have just sat back and did nothing, for I know what is right and what is wrong and will NOT surrender to evil.....

Meanwhile, we continue to see the horrendous 'riots' still taking place in America, and I simply cannot understand the black community in America in that they do not even see the reality that they are being 'played' and being used as weapons by the criminal Jewish elite run by George Schwartz aka 'Soros' that are financing and running all of the groups spearheading the riots..... To me, it seems so simple to see that the blacks are just too stupid at times to not even realize that they are being used as pawns against whites and for the destruction of America.... And many of those who think that these riots are for the 'betterment' of their own race and society as a whole had better think again, for if the fucking Jewish elite are ever successful in destroying American society and turn the  nation into a Communist dictatorship which is their end game, the blacks will be the first ones to be lined up and put to death in concentration camps in America by these criminals!

And about this 'racism' and 'social injustice'... I have looked and researched for years myself into many factors in those memes, and I am again deeply troubled.... American society is not perfect by a long shot, but most societies around the planet never are and never will be... The black community in America constantly screams that they are treated as inferior somehow to whites, but from what I see in terms of modern society I do not think so.... Many blacks and minorities today are absolutely treated BETTER than most whites and are given special grants, money, and training, to further themselves and make their lives better if they choose to do so.... Many however continue to be brought up and brainwashed by their previous generations to believe that they are somehow underprivileged and that it is 'us against whitey' when it is absolutely not... All that most have to do is just take advantage of so many things, such as educational programs, that are available to them at nearly zero cost and they can indeed further themselves in our society for the betterment of all.. But again, most simply ignore those programs set up to further themselves and make them better human beings and instead turn to lives of crime and continue to subject themselves to poverty....  Heck, even up here in Canada, so many minorities are given better treatment than most whites, and some do take advantage of the programs, money, and other things handed out by the government to further their lives, while others do not... That is their choice of course...

I for one do not give a crap about the colour of one's skin in terms of their 'stature' in our societies... I judge everyone by their MERITS and their abilities to function in society, and that should be always what everyone must be judged for... If you are evil, I do not give a crap if you are white, black, yellow, orange, pink, striped, polka-dot, etc, for you are EVIL, period.... Thus again it is so puzzling to watch those so heavily brainwashed into the belief that everything must be blamed on 'whitey' when in reality they should be blaming themselves for their own lack of wanting to better themselves and show their merits in terms of their places in society.

And about this 'slavery' thing that I see again and again the blacks in America constantly blame on the white people  and are still using as a 'crutch' to prevent themselves from actually helping to further themselves and society?  Most blacks still are not even aware that 'slavery' was a Jewish invention and that the slave owners and those who brought the slaves from Africa across the Atlantic to America were in fact ALL JEWS..... It is so interesting to see that some blacks have the gall to say that they should be reimbursed for the centuries of slavery in America by their forefathers, while not even realizing that it is NOT the whites that they should be targeting for some kind of reparations, but the Jews themselves..... But of course the propaganda is out there again and again that it is all "whitey's fault" for all that ails them...

And of course we have the propaganda of so many professional 'sports' leagues showing their 'support' for the frauds of Black Lives Matter that is nothing more than a COMMUNIST insurgency group, and of course in support of the 'racial riots' that are stupidly happening across America as well... I decided a few days ago, once I saw 'leagues' such as that disgusting NBA, decide to 'suspend' games just to lend such support, that I have had enough of these fucking idiots that are simply too stupid to live.... This 'support' by these professional athletes is to me just another level of stupidity as all it will do is further brainwash those out there that watch their garbage  and lead to more racial unrest and tensions.....Yes, there have been a few 'athletes' out there that did not fall for this garbage, but of course the Jewish controlled media was all over them for  their 'defiance', instead of respecting their decision to speak their own minds and give their own thoughts.....Has this caused me to turn away from such garbage sports?  Absolutely...

But of course we have the Jewish controlled media continue their brainwashing and propaganda showing 'evil whitey' shooting and killing 'innocent blacks' as part of their plans for the destruction of the white people... And of course you never ever hear, read, or see ANY reports about the massive black on white violence happening on a day to day basis right across America that causes the deaths of whites at a much higher magnitude than the deaths of blacks... Further, what is never told is that the majority of blacks being murdered across America are of course due to other blacks! Heck, I watch and read the reports about massive gun violence in America all the time where blacks are constantly murdering other  blacks, especially in cities such as Chicago, and you will never find one iota of such reports ANYWHERE on the Jewish controlled media as it does not fit their criminal agenda of  constantly vilifying whites.....  I pointed out earlier this week the incident where 5 year old Cannon Hinnant was gunned down in cold blood by a crazed black guy in North Carolina, and very few out there have even heard of that horrific incident at all.. .NOW, if it was reversed and it was a white guy gunning down a black child, it would have been all over the 'news' and there would be riots continuing right now in North Carolina and across America to 'remember Cannon Hinnant'.... This again only proves what I have been saying all along that there is indeed a criminal and evil agenda to have the whites in America destroyed!

Well, here we are now watching the American presidential campaign now get into full motion as the Jewish controlled Republican Party convention just ended the other day with of course President Donald Drumpf  starting his campaign for re-election... At the same time we have the Demon-rat Communist run 'party' of misfits and trolls controlled by "Joe Biden" going full swing in their campaign to have America destroyed...... I continue to look at the American political system with such disgust for here we have only two 'parties' both heavily controlled by criminal Jewish interests with their agendas of pure evil for the American republic... If you re-elect Donald Drumpf, you get 4 more years of that criminal doing nothing more than sucking Jewish dick and giving everything to that criminal and most evil entity called "Israel'... On the other hand, if you are also stupid enough to vote 'Demon-rat' you get proven criminals with their twisted agenda of rupturing and destroying the entire American republic....

Thus once again Americans are stuck with having to choose between two evil entities, and some may say that they are stuck having to vote for the 'lesser of the two evils' meaning the Republicans and Drumpf, and therefore stuck with the same wars, corruption, and twisted policies that we have seen for the last 4 years continue... And again, voting for Demon-rats are just as twisted an option as creepy Joe Biden and his gaggle of evil misfits are hell bent on rupturing American society entirely... If I was in America and was offered these two, I would probably spoil my ballot and not vote at all.. But knowing how the Demon-rats are hell bent on stealing the 'election' this November, should people go and absolutely overwhelmingly vote for Drumpf just to try to prevent a Communist take over of the republic?  Yes, it is indeed a horrible decision that Americans truly do have to make, and sometimes I think "thank god, I do not live in America right now'....

Many have been wondering what has been happening in this equally twisted nation called Canada, where the fucker in charge, that criminal Justin Trudeau, did indeed decide to "prorogue" Parliament in Ottawa until later this fall just to prevent a vote that could indeed have toppled his evil Liberal regime.... And basically since that suspension of parliament in Ottawa, Justin himself has 'disappeared' and I would bet anything that is being done on purpose just to prevent that fool from further sticking his foot in his mouth and further damaging the criminal Liberals' reputations thank to his never ending list of corruption.... And just last week the main "opposition" party to the Liberals, the Conservatives, just replaced sickening Andrew Scheer as their leader and put another supposedly  equally weak individual named 'Erin O'Toole' in his place... I have not had the privilege yet to fully dig into this 'O'Toole' character, but from some of the 'news' online put out by "political observers and pundits" apparently this clown is just as weak as Scheer every was.... Thus, we may have a situation where the criminal Liberals in charge will just lay low, and allow the gullible Canadian electorate fully get a dose of 'Scheer II" and then if an 'election' is called, the people will still vote for either Justin Trudeau or (I shudder to think..) Chrystia Freeland, in spite of the never ending corruption.... Thus when most Americans and other nations look at Canada's political system right now and compare it to the circus in America, we definitely do give the Americans their run for  the money in terms of sheer ignorance and stupidity!

Well, I have rambled enough about the major issues on my mind once again.. But of course there is SO MUCH that has been happening elsewhere around the world this last week that I and others have missed as we continue to blast the scam-demic.. I will try my best to give my 'two cents' worth here on those other subjects in my usual 'last minute tidbits'....... I continue to laugh when I see Jewish controlled media reports claiming that Kim Jong-un in North Korea has 'died' once more, only to see him surface again and again later on in reports at the end of the week.  Sometimes I think this is just more fluff and distraction, for the  real issue with North Korea is their ongoing famine that people should be paying attention to!  Millions could die in North Korea, and the fuckers in the news are spewing Kim Jong-un crap instead?.........Well, the sickos in Israel apparently are indeed now working with the United Arab Emirates and have been exchanging 'delegations' this last week between the two nations.  Is it not amazing though that their first order of business rather than actually work on economics, is instead to work on coordinating their 'intelligence' forces?   I will state it clearly that this  exchange of 'intelligence' is for nothing more than to coordinate efforts against Iran!.......Meanwhile, in nearby Iraq comes reports that the US will FINALLY 'withdraw' some of their forces from that nation.  But it is obviously not enough, as the Iraqi people have had enough of the criminal US occupiers that continue to fuck up the country and many are indeed screaming more and more "Yankee go home"!.........And in neighbouring Syria, we find reports that the US is bringing in some Saudi forces into their occupied region in northeastern Syria.  I honestly had thought years back that when the US claimed they would 'withdraw' from Syria, they would have done so.  But once again, the US can never be trusted and now we see them upping the ante by bringing in the Saudis as well...... And meanwhile, in terms of the ongoing Syrian 'civil war' there continues to be sporadic clashes between US run rebels in Idlib against Syrian government positions. Basically that area is still in stalemate as the Syrian government continues their onslaught against the last vestiges of US run "ISIS" forces operating in the southeastern Syria desert.   It is now approaching 10 years since this "civil war' was started by the US, and the end is still no where in sight...... Further south, we find the Saudi criminals continue to launch air raids against civilian targets in Yemen, and now we find the Israelis and the UAE get more embroiled in the Yemen fight by setting up 'listening posts' on the Yemen island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea.  I had honestly thought that the UAE was indeed abandoning the entire war in Yemen, but I am proven wrong by this move by these criminals.  Thus the war in Yemen will not be over for some time soon, and the genocide of the Yemen people will only continue...... I did not mention it before, but Kamala Harris absolutely gives me the creeps and to me is even more evil than dementia filled Joe Biden.  I honesty can say that if Biden 'does win' this fall, then he will probably step down shortly afterwards and this evil bitch will be the US President.  And considering her want to strip Americans of guns and her twisted 'green policies', I do hope the American people are ready for true hell on Earth.......I did notice that the rhetoric and the push for 'war' on China did decrease just a bit this last week.  But the American government is still out there 'rattling their sabres' by running Aircraft Carrier battle groups through the South China Sea as a 'show of force' against China.  And we find reports as well about how both sides in this potential conflict are now getting a bit 'trigger happy' and may 'accidentally' take a few shots at the other.  Full scale wars have started throughout history on such 'incidents' and the prospects of open war with China does indeed sicken me.........Has anyone else noticed that there is now some talks going on between Venezuela and Iran to form a new 'alliance' against the evil machinations of the United States?  I say good for both and I do hope that other nations join that alliance as well, for the days of America pushing their will on other nations must end now.....  I read a report last week about criminal NASA's latest 'mission to Mars' called 'Perseverance' and how that probe is to 'land on Mars' this coming February 2021.  Good luck to that one, as it will probably be running on either Devon Island in the Canadian arctic or the northern Arizona desert.  NONE of NASA's so called 'probes' to Mars have ever landed there since conventional parachute landings on Mars are impossible in the nearly non-existent Martian atmosphere and therefore all we have are scams.  But NASA does need money, right?.............Again, I am so turned off by the fuckers in professional sports bowing to Communist insurgency that I have turned off the idiot box for a while and turned to actually getting some real exercise.   Maybe others should be doing the same until that stupidity does end...........I see the useless eaters and air breathers named Meagan and Harry are out there again, with the so called 'Duchess of Sussex' trying to make a few bucks by riding the coattails and usage of her 'title'.  I would say to these two ass clowns to get some real jobs and quit fucking around with continuing to be freeloaders!....... And finally in the twisted and sick world of Kardashian, supposedly there is word out there that skank #2, the trollop called 'Khloe' has now made amends with her 'ex' Tristan Thompson.  I have five words for Tristan Thompson, which are 'run for your fucking life", and get away from those skanks as far as you can for they will only once again fuck up your own life!  Yes, apparently anyone that gets involved with these brain dead morons loses their  brain cells as well and do eventually turn into drooling idiots!

More to come


Saturday, August 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Amazing Speech By Robert Kennedy Junior At Anti- Pandemic Protest In Berlin Germany! A Real Must Listen!

This indeed has been a fabulous day for everyone who needs to have this scam-demic defeated...They has some 40000 to 50000 people (some say even more..) gather at Trafalgar Square in London earlier today to oppose the fraud scam-demic, and the KEY speaker at that gathering was none other than David Icke who I see as a true warrior for justice against the monsters responsible for the entire fraud...

Heck, the fucking liars in the Jewish controlled media tried their best to try to dismiss that gathering in London by claiming that it was run by 'anti-vaxxers' and "conspiracy theorists" and that there were only some 5000 (!) that gathered AND that everyone that went there were 'wackos' and 'liars'.... This is typical and should show everyone that the fuckers in charge are now realizing they are running out of time and are reduced to SLANDERING and insulting everyone that opposes their criminality..

But there was also a MASSIVE rally in Berlin Germany, and some 30000+ (some say a lot more gathered in Berlin as well) gathered in sheer DEFIANCE of the criminal dictator Angela Merkel's warnings that anyone that went there would be arrested... Obviously that sick bitch was put in her place as many brave and proud Germans did indeed go there to DEFY her criminal edicts and stand up for REAL justice against the fraud scam-demic...

In fact, the KEY speaker at the German rally was none other than Robert F Kennedy Junior, who I also look at as another true warrior against this fraud scam-demic... And I do want to present the video of Robert Kennedy Junior's fantastic speech at that Berlin rally here for all to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I listened to this speech by Robert Kennedy Junior several times to catch ALL of what he was saying, and it nearly brought tears to my own eyes... The man spoke of the REAL facts behind the entire scam-demic and hopefully opened up the eyes of the listeners to the facts that there is a definitive link between the entire COVID-19 bullshit and the introduction of horrific 5G electromagnetic fields that will cause people to suddenly get very sick and even drop dead on the streets soon!

This to me is TRUE democracy and something that EVERYONE should be doing to defy these criminal pricks and restore our freedoms..... Throughout history, revolutions have always started by those who are brave enough and insightful enough to stand up to tyranny and let their voices be heard AND try to rally everyone through their leadership... We do need this type of action and the bravery of the few that are wanting to lead the charge today....

I surely want to see rallies such as this now EXPLODING everywhere.... We must protest and rally the people to rise up and stand up against the tyrants that are ruining our lives with their fraud scam-demic... That time is now, as the criminals are moving onto their next phase of forcing their poisonous vaccines into everyone to turn them all into mindless drones..... Our very future is at stake and the time for action is indeed NOW!

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Video Shows Today's Protest Rally In London England Against This FRAUD Scam-demic, David Icke Gives A Fabulous Speech To The Masses!

I just got a few emails sent my way from colleagues stating that there have been massive protest rallies happening right now, today, in Europe against this entire fraud 'scam-demic'....

I finally sat down a while ago and pulled up several videos on these rallies, especially the ones in the United Kingdom and Germany, and I am so amazed..  We here in North America need these type of rallies right here against these criminal bastards, for obviously the good people of Europe have had enough of the bullshit and are out there in the streets protesting today!

In fact, I was sent the link to a video that was just released earlier today of the protest rally in Trafalgar Square in London England that has none other than David Icke as the feature speaker for the masses... Here in fact is that amazing video of David Icke speaking, and I do hope that everyone pays heed to what he is stating for the fact that it is absolutely the truth... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, the Europeans are indeed waking up and have had enough..... I am so ashamed that this type of rally is not going on right now here in North America, but instead we have those gawd damn 'riots' by that Communist Insurgency group called "BLM" instead!

I for one want to see this spread, and to see people everywhere finally say enough is enough and if necessary force the capitulation of their crooked governments... This scam-demic has gone on far too long and the criminals responsible must not be allowed to escape real justice for their crimes...

And as usual, since this one is via 'Youtube', I am assuming that it will not last too long thanks to the horrific 'censorship' conducted by the Jewish pricks that run that disgusting platform... If Youtube has the nerve to pull this one down, I will find the bit chute link and have that in this one's place ASAP...

Please share this video with everyone and show them that there is indeed resistance to this fraud scam-demic and that resistance to such criminality is NOT futile!

More to come


Update: If you find the above video too 'garbled' and hard to even understand, I have another video of that same David Icke speech here thanks to Peekay Censored out of Australia right here:

As far as I am concerned, this and what happened in Berlin on the same day may indeed be a day when future generations look back and say that the start of the end of tyranny began in London and Berlin!

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday August 29th 2020: A Lot More Cases, Most From Nursing Homes, And NO Deaths!

I have already explained in my previous articles that these sick freaks running this entire scam-demic have been purposely TARGETING nursing homes and senior complexes to get new 'cases' AND to get THE most important number which are 'deaths' from this supposedly 'deadly virus'....  And sadly too many of the dumb ass sheep out there do not see this as obvious at all!  SADLY most of them are indeed too overwhelmed now by the constant propaganda of FEAR and cannot see that they all have been scammed for months now..... I  have said that many of them are now too stupid to live and should take the deadly vaccines coming as they are indeed brain dead mutton chomping sheep!

Anyways...Many may say I have some 'anger' in my writings these last few days, and they are right... I am so pissed off now and I am not going to hold back on my feelings or how I interpret what is going on right now... If people cannot handle that shock treatment, then they are useless to our efforts and should just go back to their dream world....

OK, enough of my ranting.... I got hold of today's "official Manitoba COVID-19 report" that was just issued about an hour ago by the criminals running the entire scam here in Manitoba, and I do want to share those 'numbers' right here as I always do in alphabetical order:

(a) Now they claim in the report "1155" total cases, but their 'math' is wrong as usual, as they state "55" new cases, and if you add that to yesterday's total of '1096' you get "1151' total cases... This '1151' total cases are of course over the entire 23+ weeks since the criminals declared a 'state of emergency' back in mid-March..... And all come from the "PCR testing" ....

(b) NO figures today in this 'report' about the hospital cases... Therefore I am going to go back to yesterday's report of '5' cases in all of Manitoba's hospitals and assume that there is nearly NO change in that figure at all....

(c) STILL only '14' deaths in the 23+ weeks since the 'state of emergency back in mid-March, which is no change from yesterday's report...And ALL of these '14' deaths all had 'underlying issues' that almost definitely caused their demise..

(d) Now there are '693' recovered cases, which is an increase of '29' cases from yesterday's report of '664' recovered cases.....

(e) Now this province supposedly has '444' active cases of this 'deadly virus' , and ALL are 'suspect' as usual as they have been derived from the "PCR tests".....

Honestly, this 'report' is exactly as I have expected it to be... MORE 'cases' and ZERO real 'deaths' from this supposedly 'deadly virus'.....  The push obviously is now to use the numbers of 'cases' to drive the FEAR factor and to scare the gullible idiots in this province into the false belief that this 'pandemic' is real and is still out there....

OK, Now I will do as I usually do, which is to take each of their alphabetical numbers listed above and tear each and every one of them to smithereens here:

(a) Yes, more 'cases' thanks to the FRAUD of the 'PCR testing' that is an absolute abomination and ONLY gives 'false positive' results.... But beyond the fraud of the testing, they are still trying to claim that this '1151' total cases in 23+ weeks is considered the numbers to claim this is a 'pandemic'.. But the reality is and has always been that a REAL 'pandemic' would see tens of thousands of 'victims' in that 23+ week time frame and not this joke of a '1151' number.....

(b) This I found interesting that they could not get the number of those in hospitals for today... What? Are they that afraid now that if people actually sat down and rationalized all this, that to have some 5 'cases' sitting in Manitoba's hospitals right now does not make for a pandemic at all?   I will bet anything that they will simply throw a few suckers of that fraud 'PCR testing' into the hospitals for good measure and claim tomorrow that this number is suddenly up!  

(c) Again as I have always said THIS is the ONLY number that should concern anyone living here in Manitoba... For a REAL pandemic would have HUNDREDS OF DEATHS at least in that 23+ week time frame... And of course each and every one of these '14' deaths were caused by OTHER health issues, and almost ALL of these deaths were very elderly and thus with weakened immune systems...Yes these pricks are definitely going into nursing homes and picking on the elderly to up this 'death count'!

(d) This number has been showing severe manipulation for months now, and will continue to do so for the near future... The pricks in charge are stuck knowing that if this recovered number went up dramatically, the gullible sheep here in Manitoba may actually figure it out for themselves that NOBODY really 'dies' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all...

(e) Again, just like in (d) just above, they want to keep pumping up this 'active cases' number so desperately to create the illusion of this scam-demic... But the facts remain that these 'active cases' were derived from that FRAUD "PCR testing" that continues to throw so many false positives into the mix on a daily basis... I will continue to argue here that every one of these 'active cases' do NOT even have this ' deadly virus' at all......

Well, there you go... More cases as I have noted and zero real deaths......I am just so flabbergasted and troubled that the good people here in Manitoba simply do NOT get it and just LOOK at these numbers for themselves over a time frame to see the manipulation and the scam in all its glory...

And of course today is 'day one' in terms of ALL major businesses here in Manitoba forcing its patrons to don 'face diapers' for them to gain entry and services... I will bet anything that we will suddenly see an upsurge in people getting really sick over the next while here in Manitoba as the 'face diapers' do their damage to everyone's health....

And I continue to ask everyone to take note of all of the sad individuals out there that have indeed taken their lives now through suicides due to the constant FEAR propaganda from this scam-demic... I do absolutely hold the Premier of this province, that disgusting Brian Pallister, and all of his minions fully responsible for every one of these sad and unnecessary deaths, and these criminals all deserve their day in court for this crime, before we hang them all from gallows, lamp posts, and what ever is available at that time.... And that time may yet come soon as more people hopefully do wake the fuck up!

More to come