Saturday, July 18, 2020

WAYFAIR As A Front For Child Abuse, Enslavement, And Abduction - Video By Amazing Polly Shows Evidence, But Misses The REAL Perpetrators Involved!

This article will be a change of pace from what I have been writing for the last 6 months... And I was asked to do this one by several readers and commentators that wanted my 2 cents worth on an issue that they felt had to be critiqued and examined by yours truly.....

I have had some comments and emails sent my way asking me WHY I have not posted the latest video by "Amazing Polly" to this blog site..... I have looked at that video closely and it does cover a lot of important facts concerning the horrible criminal act of Child Slavery, Abduction, And Abuse, that is absolutely taking place at an alarming rate today....

And that video does indeed show strong evidence that the big Internet online sales front known as "Wayfair" is heavily involved in that horrible child abuse world wide ring..... But the video misses a KEY mark that I found so disgusting and thus I did not originally want to post the video at this site....

But, due to so many wanting my 'two cents worth' on this video, I will first present it here for everyone to see for themselves... I have some important issues concerning this video, as well as my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: OK... Does everyone see what is missing in this video?  Well, I will lay it out here...

Everyone that has studied REAL history and not that garbage that we see in the lying Jewish controlled media and so called 'books' is fully aware of the massive Jewish connection for MILLENNIA now to child abductions, child abuse, and their sickness of ritual child sacrifices where they are murdering children that are still going on to this date..... AND when you dig into EVERY child abduction and child abuse ring in the world today, you will find JEWS at the bottom and in full control of those horrific organizations.....

The facts are these last two videos, including the one about "Maxwell, Epstein, and the control of Science" posted by "Amazing Polly" absolutely missed the mark in terms of the Jewish control and connections in both this child abuse ring and of course Polly's last video showing the "German" links to "Maxwell, Epstein, etc, etc".... Polly is either completely ignorant to the fact that every one of those links that she put out in that previous video WERE ALL JEWS....  And yet she claims she is going down the rabbit hole?  Obviously she has not gone deep enough down that rabbit hole to see the 'tribe' at the very bottom!

Honestly, How in the hell could she have missed that?  A blind man can see that "Epstein", and "Maxwell", are BOTH Jews for starters..... And that when you dig deep into that ring of criminals, all you find are Jewish psychopaths and criminals!

In fact a very astute follower to this blog has created his own website that exposes a lot of the Jewish connections to the evils we see... And he in fact did an excellent 'critique' of Amazing Polly's last video about Maxwell and Epstein, and I want to share the link to his site and that video here:

And about "Wayfair"?   Well, lo and behold, but that online "corporation" is run by Jewish criminals as well!   What a coincidence?  And I have been troubled too about how this "corporation" can even operate, for they are always selling JUNK at their website.... And yet this "Wayfair" is supposedly valued at hundreds of millions of dollars at least?  People should be asking "HOW"???  And how does "Amazing Polly" miss the fact that the Jewish criminals run "Wayfair"????

Honestly, I have appreciated a lot of Polly's works in exposing the COVID-19 fraud, but I am so deeply puzzled that she claims that she has been investigating so much of this material for "15 years" and yet has completely missed the mark and will not even see the Jewish connections..... That to me is either sheer ignorance, or we are dealing with complete disinformation...

And one other thing... Polly claims that she is not a 'grifter' and someone that is 'making money' off of her videos..... I for one have operated this website now for 12 years and have never ever asked for a single nickel from anyone..... The truth about important issues concerning our world and where we are headed should not be out there for ANY price IMHO and should be absolutely free for all to see....This is why I have critiqued Polly's stance in terms of always asking for a handout.....

Well.... There you go.. My 2 cents worth on what I see in terms of Amazing Polly and her works.... Some may agree while others may disagree in what I am stating, but the facts are that when you dig deep enough into every major criminal act in the world today (including this COVID-19 scam-demic) you will find the 'TRIBE' always at the bottom weaving their dirty work!

More to come



JT Custer said...

Admirable work, sir. And what a happy surprise for me that you mentioned and linked my article and video. Much appreciated!

There's a rule of thumb here, as you know, and as I've been saying for a decade and counting:

When the perps are left UNidentified as the jews that they are, the ignorant masses automatically (even unconsciously) fill in the blank with "Whites."

People still ignorant about jews -- and that's most of the population -- think Jeffrey Epstein is White, and the same for the banksters and Hollywood pedophiles and NewYork pedophiles and WashintonDC pedophiles and the gun-grabbers in Congress and the top liars in the Covid SCAMdemic and George Soros funding BLM, and on and on.

We must identify and expose every jew perp as a jew. And when they pretend they are Whites, as Hollywood jews do every year and say the Oscars, etc., are "too White," we have to pounce on them.

Well, you know all this, so I'll stop my little "rant."

I came looking for your Sunday Rant this morning and found this nice surprise.

"JT Custer" (by way of this gmail account)
PS. I'm glad I didn't terminate this old gmail account. Gmail being jewmail, I thought I would never use it again, but it comes in handy here where, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to comment at all.

Cloud said...

JT Custer

Thank you for exposing this all too familiar meme being hot and heavy on the internet right now. There are MANY so-called Christian 'agents' to attract the dumb downed false history of WWII out there. Trunews is another...Chuck Baldwin is one...and sadly there are many more. I am finding out the hard way by believing them only to turn around hearing them spewing 'nazi' every given SCRIPTED chance. I have called many of them out on it...except 'Polly' because 'YOUTUBE' censors anything I comment. All a Christian need do is seek the Truth and then see through the propaganda. The first question I ask is it that 'Polly' doesn't get censored if she is telling the truth? Because she is a disinfo agent that inserts enough truth to bag a catch. In fact the ones who do tell the truth get censored. I'm glad North picked up on it and exposed it for what it ISN'T!!! Nice to meet you and keep up the good work!

JT Custer said...


Thank you. It was my pleasure (though quite a bit of work!).

I agree with you on the many other enemies, tools, and fools out there spewing the jews' lies against Germans and Germany in history and today.

There's one thing I don't agree on, though. How can I say this briefly yet gently? The Bible, including its Jesus, is the jews' biggest hoax of all time. jews wrote the Bible. They corrupted, twisted, and perverted stories from history, naming themselves the "Chosen people."

This, NTS's home, is not the place to delve further into it. If you would like to seek knowledge on this, I invite you to leave a comment on my new website or send an email (the email address is on my website).


safka said...

Hallo, I am a great Amazing Polly fan from Germany. And I saw in her old Videos she exposed Operation Paperclip, which brought a lot german jews to USA and now they have spread all over and occupy media,science, economy and politics. I think she is afraid of loosing her Youtube channel if she speaks more about this point but she knows the problem- sorry, if I made mistakes, my english is not perfect.

efjay said...

I'm just a random visitor who happened upon your website blog while searching for more BG on 'Amazing Polly'. After watching her latest video "The Great Reset is not a Conspiracy", I just had to chime in about what appears to be a HUGE blind spot she has regarding Germany. How can she be hitting all the targets except that one, where she is totally off? I mean, she put Klaus Schwab and the WEF in the same boat as the NS! Wrong.

So I set up a Bitchute account, went to the video and posted a lengthy comment, to politely make her aware of that fact. I spent a good deal of time writing it, and I'm sure she doesn't get that kind of a detailed carefully thought out response too often.

Then something weird happened.

I was reviewing my post for errors - yes, it was online, I was reading it right from off of the bitchute page. Then I refreshed the page after saving was deleted! It had happened once already, which I thought was a website glitch. No coincidence I'm afraid.

So I began searching to find out more, and have already come across a couple of others who have said their comments were deleted by 'Polly'. Seems like it could very well be another case of 'controlled opposition'. I would hope not. But those who know a little more about this heavily falsified chapter of history, see that popular 'truthers' like her can do much damage when they perpetuate the same myths as the people whom they are supposedly fighting against, when it comes to 'Nazis'...

Just thought I'd put that here for anyone else that might be searching.