Thursday, July 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Seriously? Criminal Fauci Now Says We Should All Wear Goggles Along With Face Masks To Prevent COVID-19! How Much More Bullshit Must We Endure!

I was out and about earlier this evening running some errands and getting some food stuff from the local supermarket.... And of course I once again had to endure the insanity of going through the supermarket and watching so many RETARDS and MORONS wearing gawd awful face masks.... I have long given up in even bothering to try to knock some sense in those stupid sheep, as I know they are now beyond hope.... I can only think about how these retards are so stupid that they will be the first ones to be totally fucked by the body and mind destroying vaccines that are coming!

I continue to get a huge amount of links, articles, and videos sent my way, and I am continuing to put some of the best of them up here at this blog every chance I get.... And in fact earlier another astute reader to this blog alerted me to a brand new video that comes from Scott Creighton, aka the "Nomadic Everyman" that I watched and is absolutely a MUST SEE by everyone here... This one is entitled: "Fauci Wants YOU To Wear Goggles To Keep From Shooting COVID Death Rays From Your Eyes" and I do have it right here for everyone to see for themselves the level of insanity that is happening in regards to this scam-demic insanity... Here is that video, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, this scam-demic is indeed totally out of control now and the level of insanity has reached new levels...

I agree with Scott on the aspect as to how in the FUCK do you get COVID-19 from your eyes?   And here we do have that Fauci bastard pushing this insanity knowing that so many people are now simply too stupid to live and will actually believe this stupidity that they must now wear goggles as well as those retarded face masks!

This is getting nuts now... People are so GULLIBLE and RETARDED that they will do exactly what these fuckers in charge of this scam want them to do, and without any questions at all... The criminals could indeed soon ask everyone to jump off a cliff to 'fight COVID-19' and sadly too many stupid people out there will comply without any thought!

People so desperately need to wake up and NOW..... THIS scam-demic is getting worse by the day, and the time for rationality to fight back may soon come to an end... Revolution may be next and sadly that may be required to end this insanity and to force these criminals to face charges of crimes against humanity!

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