Friday, July 3, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Seriously? Criminals At Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Are Attempting To Brainwash Gullible Canadians Into ALL Wearing Face Masks!

I had to get a bit of shopping done earlier today... And when I again ventured into the local supermarket, I could not help but notice morons and retards once again wearing those gawd awful face masks that were of course cutting off vital Oxygen to their bodies, destroying their health, and damaging their brain cells (If they actually had any to begin with?)... It was maddening to see such idiocy....

BUT the real sad part is how when I did a general count of the idiots wearing the damn things compared to the same number of suckers that I counted on Tuesday, the numbers had sadly increased by a few!   I am wondering that with this continuing 'in your face' constant round the clock brainwashing by the Jewish controlled media outlets that the morons out there are giving in to the lies and are more and more putting on the gawd damn face masks?   If that is so, then we are in deep deep trouble, everyone!

Well... Here I am surfing the internet tonight, and I see that my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who lives in the  desolate wilderness of southern British Columbia, and writes the excellent blog "Greencrowasthecrowflies" at, has just released a new article that contains a SHOCKING link to a new Canadian Broadcasting Corporation online news article from, where the fuckers at the CBC now have the nerve to push for everyone to wear those gawd awful face masks all the time!  Here is that bullshit article from the CBC right here for all of my own readers to see for themselves, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

How to make COVID-19 mask-wearing a habit: Social scientists offer some suggestions

Protective behaviour may feel embarrassing at first, but changing the rules could help

Toronto public transit riders will be required to wear face coverings on subways, streetcars and buses as of July 2 to prevent transmission of COVID-19. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Mandating, not just recommending, the use of non-medical masks will help convince more Canadians to wear them as the economy reopens, just as wearing seatbelts is now the norm, some social scientists and physicians say.
In Canada's largest city, wearing non-medical masks is now mandatory for people riding with the Toronto Transit Commission, with certain exemptions, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. A bylaw extending the rule to indoor public spaces goes into effect on July 7. Similarly, mayors in Peel Region, which includes Mississauga and Brampton, west of Toronto, and York Region to the north also plan to introduce such bylaws.
In Quebec, Premier François Legault announced that public transit users in the province will be required to wear masks starting on July 13.
Many health authorities now consider face coverings a necessity, and governments are passing laws that require them, but those laws are difficult to enforce. That's why behavioural scientists say it's so important for the public to get on board if the rules are going to stick.

Virus not more powerful than collective will to fight it, says expert

Kim Lavoie, a professor of psychology in behavioural medicine at the University of Quebec at Montreal, is among the experts calling for governments in Canada to consult social scientists on preventive measures like wearing masks as lockdowns lift in the absence of vaccines or effective treatments for COVID-19.
"Wearing a mask is something we control. Washing our hands, staying home, skipping that party are all things we control," Lavoie said.
"People forget that the virus isn't more powerful than our collective will to get rid of it, and there are things we can do. But right now, they're behavioural.

Many aspects of the pandemic are beyond our control. Wearing a mask isn't one of them, experts say. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)
Dr. David Fisman, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health, said masks could help more people get back to business and "regular life."
"We think it's sort of low-hanging fruit and a no-brainer," Fisman said.
Why? Layering on masks on top of hand hygiene, avoiding touching your face and physical distancing helps reduce transmission in small case reportsobservational studies and a preliminary model.
"Me wearing a mask protects you. If I have COVID, you wearing a mask also protects you from breathing in my virus," Fisman said.
While Fisman called Canada "a country of rule followers," there are people who oppose mandating masks, saying it impinges on individual rights and freedoms.
But with COVID-19, one person's behaviour affects the next person — the basis for secondhand smoke laws.
"It's no more [an infringement] than asking you to wear a seatbelt," Lavoie said. "You're not free to drink yourself under the table and then get behind the wheel. If you don't have a PCR test at your house to test yourself negative, then you have to consider the possibility that you might be infected and not know it and be putting us all at risk."

Protecting yourself a major motivator

Lavoie is one of the researchers behind a large study called iCARE (International assessment of COVID-19-related attitudes, concerns, responses and impacts). Together with collaborators from Johns Hopkins University's project on cases and Oxford's policy tracker, they're regularly surveying Canadians and people around the world on how they feel about and adhere to policies.
The goal of the research is to disentangle what motivates people of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to change their behaviour to inform health-care policy and messaging.

Awareness, motivation and confidence are important to changing behaviour, says Kim Lavoie, a professor of psychology in behavioural medicine at the University of Quebec at Montreal. (Submitted by Kim Lavoie)
Based on 50,000 responses since the end of March, Lavoie said the findings to this point suggest that concern about getting infected with the virus is a major motivator.
"One thing people don't realize is how contagious it is," she said.
Most people recover at home, but people of all ages have also been severely sickened, some for months, says the Public Health Agency of Canada. Patients say long-term symptoms and consequences such as heart damage are coming to the fore.

An urgent need

While making mask wearing the norm would help prevent transmission, Fisman said mixed messaging and "dithering" by Ontario's government have hindered mask use from becoming commonplace.
"Once the signal comes from our public health leaders that this is the expectation and this is how we're going to move forward, I think people will fall in line pretty fast," he said.

A woman wears a protective face mask as she waits to enter a bank in downtown Vancouver on June 2. (Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press)
Wearing masks could be considered a behaviour that needs to be adopted urgently and collectively, Lavoie said.
She pointed to how behavioural change boils down to three factors:
  • Awareness of the need to wear masks.
  • Motivation, such as protecting yourself, loved ones or neighbours who may be vulnerable to serious complications.
  • Confidence in the ability to execute the behaviour.
Cost can be a barrier. That's why Alberta's government is distributing 20 million non-medical masks at drive-thru restaurants.

Shift from self-consciousness to the norm

Mitsutoshi Horii, a professor of sociology at Chaucer College in Canterbury, England, studied the uptake of masks in Japan during the 1918 flu pandemic. The practice continues in Japan during flu and hay fever season, as well as during COVID-19.
Horii said when the 1918 flu pandemic hit, the Japanese government prohibited traditional folk rituals around health as part of its efforts to promote modernization and to avoid colonization.
"Then the mask came in and that gave people a sense of direction. When you're facing uncertainty, you want to do something. By doing something, we establish a sense of control," he said.
Horii contrasts that with his experience in the U.K. now, where wearing masks is not common.
"Personally, I still feel embarrassed to wear a mask" in the U.K., Horii said, even though they're now compulsory on public transit in England and will soon be required in stores in Scotland.
He said he thinks changing the rules would encourage him and others to overcome self-consciousness.
"At the same time, I bought some masks and we're ready to wear [them] at any time. We just need a bit of a push to do it."


Amina Zafar
Health writer
Amina Zafar has reported on SARS, H1N1 flu, Ebola and other medical and science topics for CBC News.

NTS Notes: This article from the criminals at the CBC is so wretched and vomiting, and I cannot believe that they have the audacity to put up such garbage and propaganda to try to get Canadians to all wear health destroying face masks!

And this "Amina Zafar" calls herself a "health writer"?  I will state that she is nothing of the sort and is nothing but a propagandist pushing this entire criminal agenda!  Therefore to call her a health 'expert' is laughably ludicrous..

And the so called 'scientists' that are pushing this agenda can take their 'suggestions' and shove them up their asses.... These ass clowns are NOT scientists by a long shot IMHO, for all they are doing is as well pushing this criminal agenda of trying to shove face masks on people to ruin their health!

And Greencrow herself has a few "kind words" to say about this trash at her own website, and I have the link to her article here for everyone to read for themselves:

I must agree with Greencrow where she calls these freaks at the CBC nothing but a bunch of insane perps for pushing this garbage...  They are wanting not only to see face masks "mandated" but for everyone to continue to wear those health destroying pieces of shit long after the fraud pandemic comes to an end as well!

The bottom line is this... I wanted to present this article for everyone to see what we are up against in terms of the lying sacks of shit at the Jewish controlled propaganda outlets... They are filling people's empty heads everywhere 24/7 with this bullshit that 'face masks are good to wear' and sadly too many idiots out there are swallowing that crud without any thought at all.....

Absolutely never ever wear a health destroying face mask, period... And get the word out to everyone around you about how those face coverings do nothing more than destroy your health!

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

No desire to wear a mask despite my advanced years. I have also observed an uptick in them. What I don't understand is wearing one as you walk alone down an empty street! Well, I understand far too much about social conditioning, masks, loss of face, etc.

However, generally, rather than get worked up about people wearing them or not, I have simply stopped caring what they do to themselves. If they ignore medical honesty and insist upon virtue signaling, who am I to correct them? I have asked people in lines why they wear them and they all give the same wrong answers. I nod sagely and quietly ask them why they are breathing their own dirty air when there is clean air "on the other side of the mask". That usually produces a shuffle and some fluffy excuse.

I am also now accustomed to folk looking at me strangely sometimes because I don't have one on in a store. Heck, I am trying to observe that anti social distancing thing but not great at it. I keep forgetting it until I look at my feet and see the space markings. My daughter was shocked to hear that the mask they gave me is still in the box waiting to be actually necessary! You know, nuclear war or something.

Canada, under the twit, is now a globohomo paradise so that we are mandated to follow whatever the WHO fraudsters declare. Instead of using batons to enforce the things, they are instilled into the brains. We old farts they don't care about. They would rather we did not wear masks and kicked off actually. Or, wore masks and kicked off. Same difference.

It is the KIDS they are working on. I noted yesterday that masks are primarily worn by millennial women and seniors of both sexes. Very few men wear them. Unless they are in a workplace and how unhealthy is THAT, wearing a mask in recycled air in a nice enclosed space?

Oh I remember what I was going to say. When I lived in Toronto I was a cyclist for as late into the year as possible. So around November when the sleet begins, I would pack the bike and ride TTC. Body to body jammed tight usually. Although I was healthy all year round, within a week of TTC I was usually sick. It usually became bronchitis & eventually cost me my singing voice which was pretty good. Being young and foolish I did not make the connection; I do now.

If I were to ride TTC now, I would wear a mask. The thought of getting onto a TTC train almost nauseates me now. Sort of like the public sauna at the pool; I call that people soup and never ever used it. Anyhow. I would not think twice were I subjected to public transit. The few times I have used it in Victoria, I wear gloves. Just leather but I don't touch anything. Always been that way.

I rambled the heck off, just turned 72 and getting wordy!

But still, Happy Canada Day to you. I hope yours was still enjoyable. We KNEW it was a hoax the minute JT cancelled celebrations, like almost his first announcement.

FreakedOut said...

A really good video from Del Bigtree with his 11 year old son Everett:


He uses a CO2 sensor instead of O2.

Catti said...

Well, at least one jewsmedia propaganda sewage pipe is carrying an article that expresses concerns about forcibly muzzling the public. It's a start:

When this draconian forced muzzle law was announced, the criminal liars stated that there would be no punishment for not wearing a mask, and that people who have health problems will be "respected". Here's the latest:

"Toronto's medical officer of health, Eileen de Villa, said Thursday that the city has filed an application to levy fines in connection with the mask bylaw, but could give no details on what a possible penalty could be.

“The focus is on education and encouraging people to adopt the right behaviours rather than enforcement,” she said."

Application to levy fines? How is that "not focusing on enforcement"? "The right behaviours"? If you didn't feel a chill yet, you should, because this Orwellian bullshit will spread across the country very soon.

"However, some say these rules will disproportionately penalize marginalized populations - including people living on low incomes, people with disabilities and racialized people - who lack access to masks or are more likely to be targeted by enforcement."

Ya think? In Ontario people on social assistance got almost zero in coronahoax aid. Disabled people like me got exactly ZERO. Now they expect us to go out and buy masks in bulk from our meagre incomes just to shop for necessities, to enrich China's economy? Not to mention my health doesn't allow me to wear one in the first place. In general, disabled people are more likely to have health problems that prevent muzzle wearing.

And it won't just be law enforcement picking on us. I've already been hassled by Karens, the super of my building and store employees for not wearing a mask. They are such brainwashed zombies that they actually believe that someone without a mask is a threat to their lives! It's like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers except it's Mind Snatchers.

What am I supposed to do if the grocery store refuses to let me shop there? What am I supposed to do if some Karen starts assaulting and threatening me in public? What am I supposed to do if I need to take a cab or a bus and they won't let me on? Call the cops, and then get ticketed hundreds of dollars for not wearing a mask? Or put a mask on and pass out flat on my face 15 minutes later, as has already happened once?

"Laverne Jacobs, associate dean of research and graduate studies at Windsor Law, said many people with disabilities fear that they'll be asked to share their health history with a stranger every time they enter a store in order to “prove” they fall into an exempted category."

Indeed. And despite the fact that, at least for now, Toronto's muzzle by-law

...instructs people to be "respectful" of those who can't wear a mask, it's crystal clear that Karens whose heads have been filled with coronabullshit will go on the attack when they catch someone without a mask. And the city still maintains a coronasnitch line which they will be sure to make use of.

Another very important point which is not covered in this article: Toronto is NOT allowing citizens to wear a face shield instead of a mask. There is NO scientific basis for this decision. That tells me that this whole charade has nothing to do with public health, and everything to do with Marxist control of the masses by power mad politicians.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Catti... I always knew that there was much more to that horrendous Toronto "bi-law" than meets the eye...

But Toronto is just the beginning, for now the criminals in the Federal Communist Dictatorship in Ottawa is once again contemplating pushing for "mandatory" face masks for ALL Canadians!

Catti said...

>"Catti... I always knew that there was much more to that horrendous Toronto "bi-law" than meets the eye...

But Toronto is just the beginning, for now the criminals in the Federal Communist Dictatorship in Ottawa is once again contemplating pushing for "mandatory" face masks for ALL Canadians!"

I've heard talk on social media from people in rural areas saying "thank God I don't live in that Toronto cesspool!" They haven't figured out that the prancing piece of shit in Ottawa is hell bent on making Canada his personal communist dictatorship aka cesspool, and to achieve that goal an important step is to muzzle the public and strip them of all of their personal freedoms - no matter where we live. Read the histories of communist dictatorships for plenty of other examples. And since we're effectively disarmed, we have no means to protect ourselves or assert our rights.

People who think they can get away with noncompliance are in for a shock. It will be very easy to force compliance in the following ways:

- assaults from brainwashed vigilantes willing to commit violence because they believe they will die if exposed to someone without a mask
- essential businesses and public transit refusing service to non mask wearers,
- and/or expecting people with health issues to publicly divulge private medical details to get service.
- hefty fines of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for not wearing an "approved" face covering - no alternatives like face shields or masks made of breathable material allowed.
- public snitch lines and covert surveillance, with forced phone surveillance via "contract tracing" apps placed on our phones without our consent.
- forced removal of offenders from families and forced removal of children from parents "to protect others from exposure" to a non-mask wearer -> Toronto is already setting up a re-education gulag for "people having trouble self isolating".

People who are unable to wear or unable to afford masks will be in for a very rough time, as they will become an underclass with limited or no access to essential services. There is NO talk of helping the poor afford these godawful sheep muzzles, nor is there any talk of protecting people with health problems from harassment and prosecution.

Cloud said...

Edward Bernays American Jew

[Bernays pioneered public relations
Often referred to as “the father of public relations,” Bernays in 1928 published his seminal work, Propaganda, in which he argued that public relations is not a gimmick but a necessity:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind...]

[Drawing on the insights of his Uncle Sigmund – a relationship Bernays was always quick to mention – he developed an approach he dubbed “the engineering of consent.” He provided leaders the means to “control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it.” To do so, it was necessary to appeal not to the rational part of the mind, but the unconscious.]