Saturday, July 25, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Now The Wackos Here In Canada Are Saying That The Way To Now Practice "Safe Sex" Is By Using 'Glory Holes'? Absolutely Horrendous!

I have been reading some material on the psychological effect that this FRAUD scam-demic has had on so many people.... And I have been especially interested, of course, in how this fraud has damaged so many people with severe mental issues, including depression, to the point that many have indeed contemplated or have already committed suicide..... The information that I have seen so far has 'speculated' into the number of suicides, but I am still looking for the real HARD EVIDENCE of the actual numbers, and when I do I will have a few articles up here concerning those facts....

BUT as I was reading that material, I came across some interesting facts and figures as to how this fraud scam-demic has affected people on a more 'personal' level, which is of course intimacy and the want from people to be with someone to share that intimacy through sexual relationships.... NO doubt, this scam-demic has absolutely DESTROYED any methods over the last few months of being close to anyone through the usage of torture and isolation.. And those effects have most people now unable to, or simply refusing to, be out there and meet someone new and possibly form a relationship that potentially includes sexual intercourse.....

And honestly, I can see this effect being DEVASTATING, especially to young people who are just starting to try to form relationships that can lead naturally to friendships, marriages, and even procreation for having children..... If the bastards in charge of this entire scam were indeed looking for a method of cutting down on the world's population, they may be succeeding by having people refuse to have any sexual relationships through the fear of somehow 'contracting' this bullshit 'deadly virus'!

Well... What I actually found a few days ago was beyond ludicrous... For according to this article from the "Dateway" website, at, apparently the lunatics at the "British Columbia Centre for Disease Control" had just released a new 'guideline' for intimate sexual relationships during this fraud scam-demic, and they are calling for, of all the most ludicrous things, for sexual contact to be done through the usage of "GLORY HOLES"!!!!   I absolutely want everyone to see this report from the Dateway website right here for themselves, and therefore I have the link to that article here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I had to read this over a couple of times myself to see if this was a really bad joke.. But these lunatics are absolutely SERIOUS about this madness!

And for those who are still scratching their heads as to what 'glory holes' are, I will explain (If you do not want to read this information, just skip down to the next paragraph).  A 'glory hole' is basically a hole cut out into a wall or a divide basically in the shape of a woman's vagina opening.... It is usually made large enough for a man to insert his penis as to make contact with a real woman's vagina on the other side of the wall.... I will not go into detail as to how they expect this to actually work (sorry, no video guidance here...), but honestly to me this is SO DISGUSTING and dehumanizing to BOTH sexual partners....

I honestly do wonder how LOW this entire scam-demic will go in terms of dehumanizing people and destroy honest and health relationships between both men and women..... I also do wonder how this disgusting approach to sexual relationships will destroy all intimacy and love between partners... I am beginning to think that this has been part of the plans all along from the fuckers behind this entire 'scam-demic'!

I also wondered what Greencrow has to say in all this madness?  She is of course from southern British Columbia and therefore has had a look at this insanity of "Glory Holes"... And she has indeed several articles up covering this horrendous situation over at her website.. I have the links to those articles here:

And this one from earlier today:

The bottom line is this... Unless we do something to stop this madness now, it will only get worse...  People are having their lives destroyed in so many ways thanks to this bullshit and forced isolation.. And many have indeed refused to even consider any real relationships with the opposite sex thanks to the intense brainwashing and propaganda that they have been subjected to for months... Many therefore have turned away from sexual relationships as well.... BUT to offer this sickening "Glory Hole" idea as the SOLUTION by the criminals in charge for how people are to have intimacy is beyond ludicrous and is IMHO beyond HORRENDOUS!

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greencrow said...

I posted about the Glory Holes earlier:

IMO, releasing this information so soon after the horrific record 175 "Overdose deaths" in BC during June was's like they're trying to distract from that horrific news.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I updated the article to show your other link.. .

My bad, for I have not read your blog for the last 2 days.... And I do need to catch up on the stuff from earlier than today's post..

Thanks, Crow!

greencrow said...

My husband used to work in air conditioning and as part of his work went into men's "steam rooms". He said there were these kinds of holes built into the walls between the steam it's not just men and women. In fact, I don't think women participate willingly in these activities. We're just not anatomically built for "Glory Holes". Or, is that TMI?


Catti said...

Glory holes have been around for hundreds of years, they were invented and used solely by male homosexuals. Gays used to be executed or murdered and had to keep their habits and identities secret, so they'd go to bathhouses or steam rooms for anonymous sexual encounters. One male would fellate the other through the hole. Gay males are notoriously promiscuous and even today, many actually prefer the type of encounters a glory hole provides.

Glory holes are being pushed on today's public for two reasons. First, because a big goal of this coronahoax is to totally destroy natural human relationships of any kind. People with no or unhealthy social connections (not to mention no fun in their lives) are easier to control. That's why they're so frantic about keeping bars, movie theatres and sporting events closed.

Secondly, because jew elites always try to push depravity on everyone else, this definitely includes sexual depravity. Remember that famous photo of Nazis burning books? Those books were taken from a jewish owned "sex clinic" which was pushing depravities like incest, homosexuality, bestiality and pedophilia on German citizens.