Saturday, July 4, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday July 4th, 2020 - Once Again, This "Virus" Takes Weekends Off For "Good Behaviour"...

I am not shocked in the least bit that today, Saturday the 4th of July up here in central Canada, that this supposed "killer virus" once again has decided to take the entire weekend off for "good behaviour".    This alone shows that we are indeed dealing with nothing more than a massive farce and a horrendous lie..

And yes, with only 325 CASES IN TOTAL since this scam was forced on the citizens of Manitoba now over 14 weeks ago, the numbers simply do NOT add up to a "pandemic" at all....  I honestly just cannot figure out my fellow Manitobans that continue to allow their brains to be hammered by the incessant propaganda put out by the criminals in charge in the Pallister regime, especially when that  fucking group of criminal murderers continue to TORTURE each and every one of us with their bullshit claims that this "pandemic" is still out there and this "COVID-19" bullshit is out to get us all!

AND yes, I am indeed calling each and every member of the Pallister government a bunch of murderers for they are indeed fully responsible for ALL of those innocent lives that have been lost through the incessant propaganda and fear driving many with depression and other mental issues into such a state of hysteria, anguish, and anxiety, that many of them have taken their own lives through suicides!  

I am still waiting for some reports to surface showing the actual number of deaths via suicide that this province has endured for the last 14 weeks due to this fraud pandemic propaganda, but I can guarantee that number is far greater than the "7" that these morons in charge claim have been killed by this 'virus' itself..... I also can guarantee that the criminals in charge will absolutely suppress any reports about these REAL deaths, for if the people of Manitoba ever woke the fuck up and saw how bad and disgusting this number truly is, they would indeed demand justice from the Pallister regime for murdering those innocent people!

I will of course continue this attack on the daily numbers that these fraud artist continue to bullshit the people of Manitoba with, and the next report is of course this coming Monday the 6th of July.... I will not rest until I see the Pallister regime put on trial for what they have done to the people of this province by perpetuating this massive hoax...

More to come


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