Friday, July 3, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, July 3rd, 2020 - No New Suckers To Test Positive? So Again, WHY Continue With This Fraud?

It has been a very hot day here in central Canada... And of course with the hot weather, there are demands on citizens to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the warmth....But look out, for big brother in the criminal Pallister regime here in Manitoba is ruining it for everyone by still demanding people not to gather in 'groups more than 100' and of course to put up with the bullshit of "social distancing".... Honestly, this entire scamdemic is still ruining it for everyone to actually enjoy themselves!

Well... I just finished reading over today's "Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report" that the heinous and brutally stupid "Health Minister" for this province spewed within the last hour at his daily "briefing" that is indeed nothing more than TORTURE for the citizens of this province... And the glaring "highlight" to today's ridiculous conference was the fact that once again there are ZERO new "patients" anywhere in Manitoba!

OK, I may as well get onto the so called "numbers" that these criminals are stating as "official"... And once again I want to present them here in alphabetic order:

(a) STILL '325" total 'cases of Coronavirus' since this entire scam-demic started in mid March... And this is over nearly a 15 month period of time!  NO change in this "325" number in now the last 3 days running...

(b) STILL ABSOLUTELY NOBODY in any of Manitoba's hospitals and nobody in those hospital's "intensive care" facilities at all... NO change in this status in nearly a month and a half now.....

(c) STILL only "7 deaths by COVID-19" or at least what they claim....No change in this number now in almost exactly 2 months time..... And of course ALL seven has "underlying issues" meaning they died from those other issues..

(d) STILL (!) ONLY '302 recovered patients', and surprisingly no change in this status from yesterday....

(e) STILL (?) 16 "active patients" that have "tested positive" through those false PCR tests for all of Manitoba... No change in this number from yesterday, but of course ALL 16 are "suspect" at best!

If anyone sees that these are the exact same figures as yesterday, you are right, and I am not at all surprised...The numbers prove there is and never was a pandemic here at all!

OK, Now to take each alphabetic part of that official report and tear it to smithereens here once again:

(a) I continue to shake my head in amazement that these fuckers in charge of the Manitoba government can still claim this entire scam to be a "pandemic" when this laughably ludicrously low number of "325" proves otherwise..... Heck, more people suffered from the common cold (estimates in the +20000 range for Manitoba over the last 3+ months alone) than this fucking ludicrous "killer virus"!

(b) Again, what does it take to get the fucking idiots in this province to see by this number alone that there is absolutely NO pandemic here at all?   I keep hammering home this fact with this number of ZERO patients in the hospitals, and sadly most Manitobans are just simply too brainwashed now to even bother to deal with reality!  And the lies via the Jewish controlled media are still out there that we should "support our front line hospital workers" which just makes me want to puke!

(c) I did a bit of checking.... Over the last 3+ months, there have been (a) 12 deaths via shootings in Winnipeg Manitoba alone... (b) some 30+ deaths due to injuries ... (c) 10+ deaths due to auto accidents.... and possibly 100-150+ that have died from real respiratory diseases!... .But you do not see any of those REAL deaths being called a "pandemic" at all, right?   This "7 deaths by Coronavirus" is also a fucking joke!

(d) I knew I was right when I stated the criminals would do their damn worst at keeping this number suppressed as long as possible... For again, once everyone is recovered, what will the sick bastards do to perpetuate their fraud?

(e) Same as (d) They are trying to keep this number pumped up as long as possible to keep their claim that there is a "killer virus" out there going for a bit longer.... But since it has been proven that the 'tests' for this supposed "virus" are completely FALSE, then every one of these "16" are actually suffering from something else rather than this fraud 'virus'!

Yes, there you have it... Today's official Manitoba report, and I am not in the least bit surprised that they cannot find a sucker out there to increase their numbers..... And again, it does not matter for the fact that the "PCR tests" for this "virus" have been proven (I have many articles out showing this as fact..) to be absolutely false!

And of course tomorrow starts the weekend here in Manitoba, and the criminals in charge will go into hiding until Monday and put out no reports tomorrow or Sunday because this "killer virus" does seem to take weekends off, right?

IMHO, I still want to see Premier Brian Pallister pay dearly for this scam... He has ruined this province's economy by locking people down and putting them through horrendous torture as a result.... And the result is dozens of innocent people have taken their own lives via suicide, having suffered the horrendous effects of suffering from brutal isolation... Pallister and ALL of his criminal cronies must  be brought to justice when this scam is finally revealed as fact, and I for one want to see no mercy on these  bastards for the death of all of those innocent lives!

The bottom line is this... There never was a pandemic here in Manitoba at all.... The numbers alone speak for themselves and show that we all have been played as suckers.... I do hope the proud people of Manitoba remember this when the fraud is finally exposed.....

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