Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, July 15th, 2020: No Shock That There Are NO New Cases - Criminals Just Extended State Of Emergency Another Month!

Well... Today is the province of Manitoba's official 150th birthday!  On this day, back in 1870, the Dominion of Canada made Manitoba its 5th official province and the first in what was then the Northwest Territories....

But of course there is nothing to 'celebrate' as this province continues to be royally screwed by the criminals in the Pallister regime... And lo and behind, but yesterday that heinous "Health Care Minister" had the gall to announce that 'due to the 5 new cases' in this province he has had "no choice" but to extend the draconian "state of emergency" for this province another full month!  This is no shock to me at all, as those fuckers pulled those new "5 cases" basically out of their asses and wanted that as their excuse to lock down the citizens here for another fucking month (at least...)...

Yes, it is truly criminal in regards to what these fuckers are doing to this province.... They should ALL be locked up and have the keys thrown away for the rest of their miserable lives for the horrendous damage that they have done to Manitoba and its people..... But are the people of Manitoba listening and seeing the real facts about how they have been screwed?  Not a chance as most are nothing more than dumb ass sheep with NO brains at all!

Anyways... Onto the 'daily Manitoba official COVID-19 report' that these bastards just released today.... And lo and behold other than those bullshit '5 new cases' the other active case has now "recovered" and we are now down to 5 cases in total!  Here are the 'official' numbers put out earlier today, and I will of course have that report in alphabetic order here before I rip the entire report to shreds:

(a) 330 cases in total as claimed for the entire nearly 16 weeks since the province of Manitoba issued a "state of emergency" back in mid-March and then proceeded to lock everyone down..... NO change in this number from yesterday's report of "330 cases" as well...

(b) No one is in any of Manitoba's hospitals as well as the  intensive care facilities in those hospitals.. No change in this now for 2 and 1/2 months now....

(c) STILL ONLY 7 "deaths by COVID-19" as they claim in the entire 16 weeks time... NO change in this figure now in what is fast approaching 3 full months time....

(d) Now there are '317 cases' that have 'recovered' from this 'deadly virus'... A change of 1 from yesterday's official report of 316 recovered cases...

(e) Now there are 5 "active cases" in the province of Manitoba, and ALL five are from the "new cases" that were "discovered" yesterday... A change of 1 from yesterday's report of 6 "active cases"...

The beat goes on... The official numbers alone show proof positive that there is and never has been a 'pandemic' at all for Manitoba!  But again the Jewish controlled media has done its magic, definitely, in having gullible Manitobans believe otherwise....

OK, Time to rip each figure apart as I always do... And of course in alphabetic order as well right here:

(a) How many times must I repeat myself that "330 cases" in 16 weeks definitely DOES NOT make for a "pandemic"?    I have repeated so many times in the past that if this was a real pandemic, this number alone would be in the TENS OF THOUSANDS.... Heck, "330" does not even classify as an "epidemic" as well... But again the people of this province have had their brains turned to mush by the propaganda of the Jewish controlled media that has been incessant!

(b) I continue taking daily walks by the local hospital and I continue to see that facility operating as a ghost town... There have been zero cases of this 'deadly virus' in the hospitals here in Manitoba for  nearly 2 and 1/2 months now, and if this was a REAL  pandemic, those hospitals would be brimming with patients!   This zero number alone proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that there never was a pandemic here in Manitoba, period!

(c) The criminals continue to harp this "7 deaths" figure as somehow a means to convince the public that this "killer virus" is somehow real?   This is indeed such a bad joke as well.... And I must remind everyone that ALL SEVEN cases that they claim "died from this deadly virus" actually died from other serious issues, including one patient that had TERMINAL CANCER!

(d) The criminals continue to try to manipulate this figure purposely, for they need to have active patients to keep the fraud going as long as possible.... Another bad joke on the people of Manitoba...

(e) Anyone else notice how the 'active cases' that are left for Manitoba is just by chance ALL of those '5 new cases' that they magically pulled out of their asses yesterday?    And ALL 5 of these 'active cases' are absolutely suspect at best as the PCR testing for this 'killer virus' is in itself a complete fraud and always gives false positive results..... But they do need this "active number of cases" pumped up to keep the scam going and their excuse to continue to lock everyone up here in Manitoba.

Well, there you have it... Another day in paradise here in central Canada as we continue to be fucked by the criminal liars in the Pallister regime...  I for one am not surprised, as they have their 'marching orders' from the criminals who launched this fraud pandemic in the first place, and must use any kind of manipulation imaginable to keep everyone locked up  until they get their 'vaccine' going!

Yes, the people here are definitely and without any shadow of a doubt being stringed along by these lying  pricks... Every member of the Pallister regime here in Manitoba should be in JAIL or worse for this incessant crime against the people of this province for destroying our economy and ruining so many lives in the process.....

I also will continue to repeat here that this unmitigated disaster and fraud pandemic has done its horrible damage to the most weak in our society, which are those who suffer from mental illnesses and depression....Many of those innocent people have taken their lives already through suicides while there are possible hundreds more that may choose to end their lives horribly over the next while as well...... Brian Pallister, as premier of this province, must be held fully accountable for these senseless and needless deaths, and I do want to make sure he and his cronies do not escape full and swift justice for all of those deaths... A full public hanging may be too good for them all!

More to come



WretchedHope said...

330 cases can easily blow to 100,000 if not a million if nothing is controlled. Look what happened in the US and UK and Spain and France and literally every other country that was severely effected. They all say "a few 100 cases is not that bad" -- and then a "few 100" because a "few 100 thousand".

Northerntruthseeker said...

I would like to see HOW '330 cases' accumulated in nearly 4 months now can "blow to 100000' as you commented... That is not logical and nearly impossible..

I have had so many detractors come up with this kind of illogic over the last few months, and I decided to let your comment go through as a reminder to everyone that there are those out there that have zero common sense....

And yes, we are watching what is happening in the US closely, as they are FUDGING the numbers so grossly as to create this fear panic state... Look at my last article where the numbers in Florida (and from commentators elsewhere) that are badly distorted to create more fear propaganda

Peter said...

Covid-19 is BS. There is a monumental distraction in play. Something else is happening. Economics is in crisis mode. Derivatives? Fragile institutions screaming, "dawn is nearly here, I need my night’s blood, my funding, funding, ahh more, more…"
Epstein revelations also in play.
We are living in interesting times maybe end times.
Technologies dictate a massive culling of the herd? (bio weapons, chemical weapons, radiological weapons, electronics all capitalize the T on technology, deify it if it’ll make you feel less responsible—but it puts you in with the neutered, brother, in with the eunuchs keeping the harem of our stolen Earth for the numb and joyless hardons of human sultans, human elite with no right at all to be where they are—”
International relations also in crisis.
My 2 cents

AL said...

There are no rules for a terrorist attack on humans.

WretchedHope said...

Hey, NTS, thank you for leaving both of my comments up. Please look at my other comment. This comment was made quickly in like less than a minute, while my other comment is a researched argument for masks.

(My other comment is on this blog post: )

Also, I hope you don't block my comments in the future. I want to see if your arguments stand up to my scrutiny.

NTS, lets do some maths.

Let's assume, that every person spreads the virus to one other person. (this concept is known as the "R0", look it up).

Let's say we have five cases.

5 -> 10 -> 20 -> 40 -> 80 -> 160 -> 320 -> 640 -> 1280 -> 2560 -> 5210 -> 10240 -> 20480 -> 40960 -> 81920.

See how? Viruses are contagious so they spread. This is a very BASIC, common sense mathematical concept known as EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.[1,2] So, your claim that "it's not logical and possible" is not true.

Studies from the Diamond Princess Ship estimated the R0 number is 2.28. This means every person on average infected roughly 2 other people.[3] Remember on that ship, preventing spread was too extremely hard, so it represents what could happen if we let this virus go free.

1 -> 3 -> 9 -> 27 -> 81 -> 254 -> 762 -> 2286 -> 6858

I can keep on going, but I have shown that it is "logical" and "definitely possible" using common sense maths. (Something you said I didn't have).

Why is it not going to go that high? Because we are taking preventative measures. (and so the R0 number can be kept below 1).

So if you think "330" is not that much, think again. No trust in "data" is required to realise that number can blow up. Only common sense and a bit of maths.


Exponential growth:

Here is a mathematician explaining how exponential growth works in terms of epidemics/pandemics, such as COVID-19. (And yes, I know china's numbers are lies, but that does not change anything he is saying).

R0 prediction on Diamond Princess:
[3]: "Estimation of the reproductive number of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the probable outbreak size on the Diamond Princess cruise ship: A data-driven analysis." - International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Northerntruthseeker said...

I let your comments through, "Wretched Hope" as a reminder to everyone that there are still those who are so heavily indoctrinated with the BS that they will want to promote the fear propaganda..

I have looked at your figures, and those are based upon assumptions and extrapolations only... Few have actually worked when applied in the real world, and even the original extrapolations as put forward by Ferguson and Fauci have proven to be enormously WRONG!

IF you want to live in fear, that is your choice.. I and others live in reality and the reality is that they still have NOT isolated any of this 'virus' and therefore we are living in assumptions as generated by the fear mongering of the Jewish controlled media... I prefer to look at reality and the reality is that when you state that your figures are based upon "common sense maths" that is a complete falsehood as again the criminals are living with extrapolations based upon FAULTY computer models that have not panned out at all...

That and we must again look at the reality of the death numbers which are being heavily distorted and found to be false also since they are listing EVERY death as "death by coronavirus" which is just another lie.....

You can live in fear all you want... I prefer to look at logic and not be fooled by fear mongering..

Northerntruthseeker said...

And again.. If this was an actual "pandemic" then the figure would be WAY BEYOND this "330" number which is a joke...

And you cannot now try to extrapolate in saying that the numbers will suddenly grow... They have NOT grown at all in 4 months here and therefore that attempt is out the door and false!

Catti said...

Here's a very disturbing story I just found on CP24:

A man in his seventies was shot dead by cops yesterday. His crime? Trying to shop at a grocery store without wearing a mask. The first story claims he "assaulted" people at the store, but there are no details of the so-called assaults and no video. He was ejected from the store, unable to buy groceries. The man was hunted down at his home by police who found him using his license plate number. He was gunned down by two officers - a firing squad.

The second story was added later, it claims that guns "were found by investigators" - AFTER the victim was murdered. Not illegal guns, just guns. There is no claim that he tried to shoot cops or anyone else with those guns. This is an attempt to justify executing a man for not complying with fascist face covering orders.

I didn't think we had the death penalty in Canada. Apparently I was wrong. You can now be executed by firing squad for not strapping a diaper to your face.