Saturday, July 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, July 11th 2020 - Once Again, NO Report This Weekend As "Virus" Is Not Only Allergic To Protests, But It Takes Weekends Off As Well!

Well.. This figures once again... The Manitoba criminal government under that heinous Brian Pallister is NOT going to release any new "updates" to their fraud COVID-19 "official reports" this entire weekend, and will instead wait until Monday for any reports...

And once again we are left with the usual that this supposedly "killer virus" not only seems to never attack "sanctioned" riots or "protests", especially those supporting the COMMUNIST insurgency group called "Black Lives Matter", but it also seems to like taking weekends off as well.... My, what a great 'virus', right??

So once again we here in Manitoba are left to ponder what these fuckers will have in store for us come Monday... They have been massaging everyone's gullible minds over these last 10 days with their 'rah rah' reporting that there have  been NO new cases to report yet in the entire month of July... But I am going to stick to my guns and state that this is all propaganda for the stupid, as they will absolutely unleash "one or two" new victims come early this week just to once again say "Oh, well... I guess we spoke too soon, and this lockdown of Manitoba will continue for some time yet"..... Is this stringing the people along?  ABSOLUTELY!

I will be back with these continuing reports come Monday the 13th of July.... It will be interesting to see what these criminals do have in store for the people here in Manitoba, and I will be all over it as I usually am... So stay tuned...

More to come


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Unknown said...

This "mask" BS is just a lead-in to get the
sheeple conditioned to accept mandatory
"flu shots" so that Big Jew Pharma can rake
in even more profits from the shown sheep.
So far, every indication is that the sheeple are
blindly trampling over each other to line up
for their "vaccines." Only a few short steps
away from where they will all love Big Brother.