Friday, July 10, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Just A Reminder For EVERYONE - Criminals At WHO Have Clearly Stated That "Asymptomatic" (Person To Person) Transmission Of COVID Is Extremely Rare!

I continue to be so amazed at the sheer ignorance of so many of THE MOST STUPIDEST people imaginable, especially in my day to day contact with such morons... Everywhere I have been over these last few weeks (and everyone else can vouch for this themselves..) I have seen so many of the idiots out there wearing those gawd awful face masks that do absolutely NOTHING to stop the spread of ANY diseases, period.. And on top of that, you find these same morons absolutely scared to death to even approach other human beings as they have been brainwashed by the bullshit of "social distancing" as well!

Personally, I have absolutely had it with these morons.. But it gets better, for the criminals in the Manitoba government here in central Canada just announced  the other day that unless this "pandemic" can be brought under control (which they of course control themselves!) by this autumn, they will "consider" (mandate) that everyone here in Manitoba will be forced by "law" to wear face masks when out in public ANYWHERE... I saw that statement by the hideous Health Care "sinister" Minister for Manitoba, and all I could do was shake my head in disgust, for it shows once again how truly criminal and diabolical these monsters are!

So what about all of this FEAR mongering of  people catching this supposedly 'dreaded and deadly" disease  that is constantly being hammered into the simple minds of the most stupid people imaginable by the consummate liars over at the Jewish controlled media outlets on a still 24/7 basis?  Is there any real facts to back up their calls for everyone to 'wear masks" and "social distance" to prevent "catching" this  "deadly virus"?

Well.. I have news for everyone, for I once again want to present the following important video that comes directly from the horse's mouth aka the criminals at the World Health Organization themselves, where they STATE CLEARLY that any "asymptomatic" aka "person to person" transmission of this supposedly deadly virus is nearly impossible!  Here is that video here and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it...Directly from the WHO themselves!

So WHY this now in your face push for "mandatory" face mask wearing?  I have not found anyone that can prove me wrong when I state that this is a plan by the criminals in charge to use 'face masks' to WEAKEN the immune systems of the fools that don those  face masks and thus make them absolutely susceptible to the upcoming "second wave" that they have planned where they will unleash a REAL strain of a 'virus' that may indeed kill millions... And thus these criminals will have achieved their goal of getting the sheep out there to line up like mutton heads to accept their 'vaccine'!

And why do our governments and the "media" continue to lie and not even tell the truth here?  They are part of the agenda, and I do hope that everyone remembers these criminals when this lie is fully exposed...Putting them all in jail may not be good enough for them, but hanging the majority from gallows may be a good start...

And this video information alone BLOWS AWAY the stupidity of "social distancing" as well.. That scam has always been there just to further isolate everyone and to create so much fear in contact of other human beings!   That madness has to stop as well, as we as human beings are social creatures and we are at our best and function better when we are in the company of other human beings...

I again want to present that video as a reminder to everyone that this pandemic is and always has been a scam and is now the second greatest hoax in human history (the genocide of the last world war is still possibly the greatest).... And so many suckers and idiots out there are doing exactly what these criminals in charge are wanting them to do!

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Jody Paulson said...

This is truly Evil. Thank you for working so hard to expose these snakes, NTS!

Number-Cruncher Man said...

The latest update from my neck of the woods:

"West Virginia, look around. Everywhere around us is breaking loose and our numbers are showing our numbers to be moving in a significantly wrong way," [Governor Jim] Justice said in Monday's press conference. "I'm telling you, West Virginia, if we don't do this now, we are going to be in a world of hurt. I know it's going to be an inconvenience, but do it for the 95 that have died."


The word 'shameless' isn't good enough to describe the reptiles in charge.

Fines are being considered for the recalcitrant, i.e., those of us who still have their wits about them AND cherish what precious little freedoms we still have. I have no doubt that in time, jail sentences will be imposed for the insufficiently compliant.

My hatred for the rule-makers and disgust for the sheep around us grow by the day.