Thursday, July 2, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: How The Bullshit Social Distancing Rules Are Created!

The assault on this fraud scam-demic continues.... I have been attacking this fraud now for over 4 months at this blog, and I will not waver from absolutely getting the real truths about the entire scam out to everyone.....

One subject that I have been hitting very hard over the last while is of course the fraud of "social distancing".... I have already shown clear evidence that the whole concept of '6 feet' or '2 metres' distance is basically a number that a "researcher" out of the UK came up with over 5 months ago by basically pulling that number out of his ass!  That and the fact that 'social distancing" is in itself nothing more than psychological manipulation of everyone and is indeed actually a form of TORTURE to boot!

Well.. Just earlier today another reader to this blog sent me a video that actually pokes a bit of humour at the entire concept of "social distancing" and I do want to present it here for all of my own readers to watch for themselves.... This one is entitled: 'How Social Distancing Rules Are Made' and I have it right here for everyone to see... I have my own thoughts and comments as usual to follow:

NTS Notes: This video may be humour, but the facts are that everything that it states in terms of how they came up with the fraud of social distancing is actually based on fact!

And lets face reality here.. The entire premise of this 'social distancing' is in fact a horrible joke on everyone... There is NO scientific basis at all for this '2 meter' distancing between people, period... And all that this 'social distancing' is really doing is damaging people psychologically and forcing them into 'isolation' which in itself is again nothing but a form of TORTURE....

And I again want to remind everyone that the new satellite surveillance network that is being built in low Earth orbit does require individuals on the group to maintain a distance of 'separation' from each other for that network to work... And lo and behold, but the 'minimum distance' that is required is (no shock here..) approximately 2 meters distance!   A coincidence?  Absolutely NOT!

I for one will never ever adhere to this nonsense of 'social distancing' and I do hope that the message is clear to  everyone that they also should never abide by its idiocy.....  Let the morons out there live in fear and stay separated from other human beings, but I will not!

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Spike said...

How do we contact you? Can't find your email address.
perhaps you should call Covid 19 Chi-Com 19

Spike said...

Perhaps we can start calling the virus Chi-Com 19.
How do we contact you. Can't find a contact page or email.

Northerntruthseeker said... is my generic mail address.

My personal one I only give out to those who I TRUST and are not part of my "favorite fan club" of Jewish scoundrels!

Unknown said...

What a series of events set up to condition the masses and so many are falling for it, hook line and sinker...