Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Great Comedy Video - Why The Lockdown Should Last Longer!

I was out and about once again earlier this evening, and dare to say but I had to go to the local supermarket to get a few food items... Of course I had to first get by the ass clown standing at the front door wanting to spray my hands with that alcohol based 'hand sanitizer' that to me is so disgusting and unhealthy... I said no thanks and proceeded into the store only to see even MORE morons walking the aisles wearing gawd awful face masks.... I quickly got my items and proceeded to the self checkout where I had to wait of course in a line with all of the arrows and 'social distancing' markers everywhere!  I honestly can NO LONGER STAND THIS BULLSHIT!   BUT of course the fuckers in charge are wanting to ram this crap down our throats now 24/7 here in central Canada and have the fucking lockdowns continue until they unleash their gawd awful "vaccine" on the most stupid and ignorant morons imaginable!

Well.... I figure that I need to have a "breath of fresh air" after going constantly at this blog with articles slamming the entire bullshit "pandemic" and being absolutely serious in everything I have written... For earlier today another reader sent me the link to the following video, that I watched and had a good laugh... And I want to share that video right here with my own readers... It is entitled: "Why The Lockdown Should Last Longer", and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes this video is very comical, but at the same time it does prove the point that I and others have been saying all along in that the propaganda is slamming everyones' brains constantly that we should remain in lockdowns for a "virus" that still has not been proven to even exist, and thus the lockdowns themselves are absolutely LUDICROUS and non-sensical!

And this video does prove one point that I have been emphasizing for the last few months, in that these lockdowns are being promoted as "good for all of us" but in reality they are DESTROYING everyone through the TORTURE inflicted on all of us, especially those who are prone to anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental illness... Those people are indeed taking their own lives through suicides as a result of the fierce and still ongoing propaganda onslaught on their  minds!

I again want to thank readers and commentators for all of the great links to so many articles, and videos, out there.... It is through the combined efforts of EVERYONE that we are hopefully reaching more and more people and hopefully awakening them to the fact that this pandemic is absolutely pure unadulterated bullshit!

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fernbrackensomerset@gmail.com said...

fabulous i love your stuff northern truthseeker but i can ever say " thanks " as you have no contact info

Northerntruthseeker said...

northerntruthseeker@gmail.com is my generic contact... I do NOT put out my private one, due to my 'favorite fan club" of sayanim/hasbara agents would dearly love it as a means to see me destroyed!